Trollheim's Grott
Aligned with the True Death

1. Aligned with the True Death

Worlds are shifting
Words are lost
I have no regrets
fueling the change

Steel eagles (and) blood flowers
Carved from rust
Syndicate judgement, a paradise lost
Layers of ash, layers of lies,
milk, honey and flies

Fath uncovered, life to dust!

Revolt, evolve
Don't stand still
Like a spear of the sun
shine through the hollow core

Arithmetics of life
justified by false mechanics
To be devoured in a spraling void,
aligned with the true Death

Poisoned words from a broken mouth
Hearts empty, eyes hollow
Stripped down to bare bone
Aligned with the true Death

Shattered mask, burned garment
Naked and shivering
Temple without fire
Aligned with the true Death!

2. Deathless Form

The depths and traps
of self induced void
Woven from muted prayers
Deathless dreams

Cold chambers
of self inflicted darkness
An inner war
the sacred gallow

And there he hangs
from the strands of his blood vessels
Dancing the final dance
above the ground

The stains you left
cannot be cleansed

Not with means you have
Soaked deep in these pillars

We will let the Sun come
to scorch the rusted surface
We will make the stars collide
and the cosmos implode

We suck in the last breath of humanity
and start to ascend
To become the creators
of the utopia once lost

And when the final pillars fall
Melting to our molds
We start hammering
to conceive a Deathless form

3. Omega Angel

Man made himself
an Omega angel
The icon of self destruction
A genocide triggered from within

He chose to walk in shadows
and feast on lies
He chose to live as a slave
denying the true knowledge

Will of gods? Will of Gods!
The will of man

Their vision blurred by the shine of reality
and lifeforce drained by their Ego

We won't submit
We have become Death!
The silent womb and ethereal illusion
The rusty blade and gnawing teeth
We have become Death!

The Serpent coils arouna a black hole
Like a hungry lion it devours
the life as we know
Transforming the existence
and even Death itself

4. Holy Black Sun

The life itself trembles
as we hold the dagger
Against the Sun dyed black
Veiled by the hopes of man

Let the stars fall
let the equality soak
in the blood stream
of dust, regret and dreams of immortality

Let the anger control
Let the hate speak

Denial of faith burns the ideal
of everlasting life and paradise
Nothing to offer in return
we are willing to walk among the weak

Storm of the Black Sun
blinds the unfaithful
Mutes the dreamers
Resounds the voice of the Flame

You try to chain the Sun
but we will set it free!

5. Twilight


Endless turmoil
It's captivating motion
Swirling Sun
Life giving illusion
Cosmic chaos
violent storm of creation
High kings
drowned in their delusions

Deceived by the will of others
Stoned to death by nursing mothers
Man made wolves among the brothers
Among gods the Syndicate conquers

Deviant lovers
Ecstatic humiliation
Intoxicating passion
Deceiver of reality

An altar and a sacrifice
of steel and of blood
Creation and destruction
Fierce and primal tribulation

With kings aside, here we stand
Lucifer with Syndicate on His side
Crowned and hailed

7. Earth's Last Stand

Listen to the sound of the world below
Like a loud wailing chant without words
Listen to the sound of your earthly core
It withers and distorts in a pulsing disgust

Feel the aura coiling your weak vessel
Crushing the false strength of human essence
Feel the bloodrush and endless fury
Fill the empty vessel clear of all false knowledge

Hail the Fire of purification
And it's carrier eagles
Hail the nomads that shall inherit the barren existence
Hail the ultimate sacrifice of hearts of Black

Degeneration of man
Fall of Kings
Denial of faith
World under a blanket of ashes

Wail and weep, drown in Fire
Inhale the lies, breathe the smoke
In a whirlwind of past
Glorious wisdom, Fiery salvation!

Ocean of bones, ocean of Death
Sanctuary of true Light
and a silent womb
of rebirth and illumination!

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