Aeons in Tectonic Interment

1. Sunless Deluge

Hammer of the ages fell on me
Ringing the air
Around the arches looming above
Roots of the World
Stratas of earth press around me
a Cascade of subterranean animosity

A thousand leagues upon me
from fathomless deep below
a Strained, subdued gasp
Faltering light bled from the world

Darkness seeps from the deep corners
From mortar mized of marrow and blood
Corridors frrozen in rictus of horror
Draining the black ichor of the earth

Enldess dungeon
Consuming burden
Monolithic pulse
Hammering below

The depths echo, a thunderous beat
Driving on the boiling night
Ethereal torrent wash awareness away
A cavernous breath in fathomless deep

2. A Voice Given Unto Ruin

Astride the leagues of ash
Wind-driven thousand dunes
I raised a totem against the sky
Weeping a torrent of ash
A pillar of thousand skulls
Rearing towards the sky

I howled into the wind
until my voice dried
my throat hoarse
lips cracked on the words

The sand filled my eyes
Quenched my thirst
Murmured of secrets
I inhaled the timeless lore

I tasted of nameless monuments
Worn to wind-borne dust
The salt of inhuman monoliths
Distilled of antediluvian seas
Tang of blasphemous altars
Seeped in oceans of blood
Conflagration of wisdom
Incinerates the self
A greater knowledge bestowed
Assumed a guise of ancestral
Mantled in ancient ways

Wind rose from the east
drove the dunes due west
made a way for me to pass

I gathered debris of the past
to be recast in a truer form
secret history of the world

I shed my blood for mortar
Bled dry under accusations of the sun

blackened husk of a hollowed ruin

enduring beyond demise
A sum of eroded relics
Interred into obscurity
made whole again

a thousand catacombs yawn
primordial hysteria dawn
the Void within Domus Mundi

Recast shapes of forgotten past
where untold centuries remain
writhing in wordless disdain

3. Preparation Of A Vessel

I held aloft two chalices
Cast them together
A prepared cauldron
A dormant offering
Stirred into motion
ravenous awakening
bubbling dissolute equilibrium
all-hungering effluvium

in reduced essential salts
I traced hateful mandalas
afflictions arose from the boiling sea
clotted in oil of aegean ancestry

amidst the cloying clouds
I plunged my whitened hands
steeped in thickening bile
into elusive intangible shapes

I forced the formless into a form
amassed the amorphous
tenfold molded into being
shackled to my will

I bided my time
and the moon withdrew
while the shrouded form
quivered and grew

in a ritual circle of blazing heat
vessel of iron for altar of skin
coated in shredded flesh running red
I draw the knife from its sheath

4. The Stygian Enclave

In my footsteps and furtive tread
The galleries awoke with sound
Echoed the unspoken words
Dead litanies drip from the walls
Black language laden with venom
Syllables best left unuttered
They are woven from the marrow of night
under the Monstrous pall of unguessable ages

weathered and beaten
from aeons long gone
centuries beyond centuries
they etched into the stone

Voice from the earth
Echo of the depths
in Eternal discourse, Remains
To Abyss, they call

Choked with dust and shadow
Embrasures seethe unseen
suddenly revealed, Visageless effigies
seemed to shrink from the light

Mouths frozen open, eyes staring blind
Flickering bleeds into the shapes
Wrack the immovable with motion
Thousand arms reach from the darkness
Light-drawn from suggestion
caught between movement
Resolving after I pass

The light grows dim, the hours late
but the passages before me stretch
I move in naught but intent, reduced to dust
a shadow cast by no light

5. Bells Of The Black Basilica

Bound of Black Rings in the Waiting Dark
Tongues Hanging from Open Maw
Prowling Through Inestimable Time
Half-alive with Emanations of the Primordial Chime

Contained within Corroded Tombs
Black Susurration scrape the Blistered Halls
Expectant and Hungry, Coaxing the Sound
of Decaying Elements in Unraveling Snarls

Intense, the Quickening Strike Unwound
Resonant to the Cosmic Coaxial Turn
Approaching Paroxysm of Funeral Knell
Star-shorn, Star-born, Matter Reform

Their Tones Beat in an Empty Chest
In a Billowing Gale of Ground Bone
Withering Clouds borne on the Leaden Wind
They Howl through the Hollowed Throat

Iron-wrought, tempered in gore,
Iron-tongued, clarion of hate
sonorous they call for abject bathyal thrall

Cascading notes, their black tongues speak
atonal syllables suffuse the sky

Acid-etched, sigilled of death,
this virulent arcana
Ring the bells of the black basilica

Tectonic oath, abysmal hail
A cauldron, core, furnace spawn

Matti Mäkelä: Guitars, Vocals, Samples
Lauri Lindqvist: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

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