Tyranny - Tides Of Awakening (2005)

Coalescent Of The Inhumane Awareness

In my dreams, sinking into cold depths
Dragged downwards the bottomless by the oppressive weight of water
Through this languid hour of ever yawning abyss
I journey the expanse of R'lyeh

The listless chant, crippling my thoughts
Calling from below, echoing in the
Cyclopean Halls of green-veined stone
Loathsome in its redolence of spheres and dimensions...
Unearthly aesthetic in disturbing ways

With malicious intent the Sleepers lies
Undying in dormancy with the will to arise
And the stars are key, slowly turning in the lock
Grinding in awakening motion

In my dreams, sinking into cold depths
Heeding an ancient clarion unbeknown to me
Through this languid hour of ever yawning abyss
Return to the ancient R'lyeh

Sonorous Howl From Beyond The Stars

Obscured by falling moon ghoul-haunted black catacombs prowl in ashen deserts
As the sands stir uneasy with the cold of abysmal winds
Howling from nether-gulfs and from the onyx monuments of subterranean unholy caverns

Nighted winds of prehuman times still burdened with eerie voices of antediluvian aeons
Horrid ululations, echoes of precambrian dawn

Discordant keening without meaning or rhyme
Indescribable howl of the tunes to which dance the formless idiot gods

Vast majestic sidereal fabric of universe resounds to the clarion
Echoes of creation
Echoes of before the beginning of time
From before the throne of Nuclear Chaos

Upon The War-Torn Shape Of Cold Earth

Bleak solar glow blind eye of the sun
Abandoned in the sky seeking to pass the withering earth
Lost in its are as the horizons bend in inverse motion

And the dying earth groans stretching in war-torn shape
Strange images trailed in the dust

Oceans are a mire growing with ancient stones
Weed-grown bones of the older earth reaching from the churning swamp

Star-fire of putrescent hues linking the spheres
Expanses of space compromised by the ageless glyphs
The gate yawns to black nebulae
Corpse-palloured ancient suns
Space-faring comets
Teeming with inhuman life

Cold earth turns unheeding 'midst the fire of nameless stars
Cold earth turns unheeding on black timeless gulfs afar

In The Arcane Clasp Of Unwritten Hours

Like a bliss of malaise this tainted air compels me
The unwrit hours pass again unheeded

Stillness, like a cold vengeance, no life shifts...
Grey ghost painted to the halls of ennui
Falling dust weaves bleary torpid scenes through a bleak day
In this drifting miasma sore eyes staring through the weary schemes of death

Strain of a stranger will bound me from within
Grip devoid of strength and the weight of dying stone

Forlorn, torn wisps of malady seethe... and entrance me
This picturesque scene fragile or so it seems, still unchanging beyond endurance.

Vagrant shadows tire of motion and abandon the empty halls harvesting the decay of the centuries past

Arcana of darkest kind this bleary sentiment unceasing like lying awake without will dreaming without dawn.

And the strength slowly drains, lay still and cease in the strenuous grasp of sloth

Entreaties To The Primaeval Chaos


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