1. No Fire, Only Smoke

Wherever sought in this maze,
among them all, the senses rebel.
The architects of all we hold dear,
desired, only to be left alone.
Whenever the light takes hold
only the night will answer.

From nocuous hands to a bloodless mouth,
timid steps to awful ruins in
a heart more empty than the sun.

Whatever sown just withers and dies.
A harvest of defeat and defilade,
whenever words fail.
A wound of its own making.

From inmost sense to languid hope,
to speak of love in solemn tones to
a heart more empty than the sun.

But nothing is given for nothing:
I can take ending alone
like I began. Just please,
don't ask me to remember.

2. Constructs of Separation

“You had your chance”
the stillness answered,
and my heart broke
like everyone else's.
“In the state that you're in,
it all adds up to nothing”.
Escapes within,
where you can see perfectly in the dark.
Where distance doesn't matter,
because you're chained inside.
From speak to spoken,
from break to broken.
Ubiquitous neglect,
shape shifting through time,
invalidates intimacy
in these desperate moments of life.
“These eyes will deceive you!
Can't you feel it breathing?”
Oh yes, I do –
and I remember everything.
But nothing heals and hurts like time,
until names are just a broken sound.
“To hell with our lives”
spoke a silence within the silence.
And with a knife of silver it released my heart.
With not one promise left to break,
it all came down to this:
A nightmare you keep waking up into.

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