Dismal Ruins Pt. 2

1. Vitrescent

No sound eye may grasp,no sound mind shall remember.
Cursed grounds, alive anew, restrained by fools more lost than our paths.
You've been waiting for this, lurking behind glass,
vulnerable and blind to everything but your own pleasure.
A self-reflecting image of an avarice mind.
The devils work in ways so things which aren't appear to men as if they're clear to see.
You've fallen so low!
There is no fine line between good and evil in a place where captivity is a mentality.
And upon this final moment of your eternal glory you realize you're in a world without salvation.
Cursed grounds with dead thoughts, oddly bodied and viciously crawling.
The very soul of rumors turned you into the very thing we all despise so much.
You may be done with hell, but it sure as hell ain't done with you!

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