The Great Maddening (as Le Grand Guignol)

1. Circus Lausenheyser


2. Degenesis

Wiseman they call me, elder and sage
I have always been there, through all time and age
I am the essence, the visionaire
Hear my words, dear listener, dare
For with thee my story I share:

Once upon a tragedy our knights returned
With triumphant euphoria from their quest
In lands forgotten and forlorn
And entered our citadel, but not alone...

From the plateau of the battlements I espy
Black flowers on the skin depicting their cloth
An absurd legacy of the subdued
Lurks in their honorable hearts
...The precursor of a latent drama

Virgins, bards and fools await their scene
As teeth are chopped in muscle tissue
Voluptuous fusion of saliva and sperm
Phallus and flesh, hunger and lust
Infernal orgy of decadent meat
Yersinia Pestis - unveiled

High above the feast, hidden in the clouds
Moon's sickle waits, threatening to behead
Succulent odors swallowed by the stench of decay
The dancing scythe joins the carnal play

"Such as I was you are,
And such as I am you will be
Wealth, honor and power are of no value
At your hora mortis"

"Were my eyes not hollow, would I perceive
Your untouched beauty and angelic grace
My dear lady, so dainty and cold,
Oh grant me this dance and your life shall end old"

A wave through foul bodies
Culmination of the sick
Life's defloration
And the Dead overcome the Quick

"Your bright red lips grown deathly pale
As you listened to the dying men's wail
I have done my work well, now I will depart
What I leave behind is called macabre art!"

3. Dimension: Canvas

Never before was I to delight a suchlike chef d'oeuvre
Its mere presence imposes a taciturn remaining on me

Myriads of galleries I have walked, indeed
But which master could brandish a palette of equal birth?
A fragile colour scheme scattered upon the canvas
Shapeless in its sublimity and meant to endure

An insidious urge embraces my psyche
To haphazardly drown me in a spiral suction
Disgorged and spawned from the deviant
The frame now resembles a coffin for the gist
Impiously mounted in disgust
With fever being the artistic medium

An apathic journey towards delirium:
Indispensable knowledge to interpret this cryptichon

" Dismal relique,
Hideous parody of anthropoid contours,
You are far too monotone in your expression!
So cease, obscure phoenix, cease to rise..."

Morose, I scrutinize each and every feature
And endeavour to focus beyond the blatant
Still, deranged I am forced to give up
To languidly regret all of those "whens" and "whys"

In a final writhing with pain
I try to summon the significance of this allegory

Queer aftermath, confound me not!
On the spur of the moment I become aware
That I peer at the ridiculous effigy of the painting's creator
I am left to discern in frantic turmoil
That the draughtsman has worked his canvas in glass...!

4. Mens Insana In Corpore Insano

"Native to a narrow space, I crave for anautonomy
Darting more than just a glance into this mind of mine
Errata-footprints witness my trespass
Srorrim fo tenibac a hguorht sdrawkcab koma gninnuR

The idle heir is oozing
And with on overdose of innate aspiration
I delve into you!"

"As for whether I daydream or not, I cannot tell precisely
Yet numb fever relieves me of every doubt
My corporeal entity - assailed!

A let-off calamity noxiously roaming
To dastardly interfere in my synaptic crevices

Wraith, loathsome one,
Don't you try to entrench yourself
Into my stamping ground!
Squatter, be off with you!

The here and now slides out of focus
While the sun reappears at my vernal equinox
But it sears the delicate fields teeming with growth
My dazed wail to soothe but the plainest distress
Reluctantly conceding the soil to this paramount bane"

"Control - I am the valve that controls the flow
Alternate - The query to the binary response
Delete - Replacement thrives best on the void

After all... it's just a matter of life
It was... just... a matter... of life!!"

[Gasping for air, gloating...]

5. Madness And Her Thousand Young

Oh no, she's awake!

As a pristine cupido she dwells in her abode
A repellent nimbus secures her scarcely uncouth brains

Thither goes my sanity!

The narcotic deluge leaves me in parched dismay
Whilst I realize the nigh vortex only from afar

Led astray to dance like a wincing spasm,
I am trying to elude the roaring maelstrom, drawing nearer

I tumble and fall into my unfathomed mind

Thus it has finally arrived,
My reckoning moment of truth
And I am willing to do penance

In every wish you speak,
In every thought you think they hide
On every move you make,
On every breath you take they ride
They are the pupils of Great Mistress Nausea
They are the children of dementia,
If children they are ... ?

Her unhinged kinship entices my abysmal zest
As with diligence I ascend the close apex

She will harass again!
... mother?

6. I, Who Brought Forth Myself

In deceitful hours my thoughts are threatening me
Encoffined in my mind they choke my will
Entwining my inherent they change my brain
To the womb that incubates insanity

My inner voice: A screeching, scraping choir
Performing in a cranial theatre
The end of act sick's a rebirth,
A climax of feelings restrained
In contractious pain I give birth
To my sombre self, finally unleashed

Bewildered and numb I gaze at my corpus
Beholding a wry cavalcade of remains
At last I am victorious
Over me, who brought forth myself!

7. In Ardent Vendetta

8. An Entrance To The Epic Within

9. Alsuntia

10. Lucilinburhuc

Um Fiels do steht se an stolzer Pracht
A geheit hieren Schiet iwwer Bierg an Dall
De Wopen démonstréiert hier Macht
An hieren Numm kennt een iwwerall

Et as eis Buerg a Steen geschlo'n
Mat Stolz däerf s'eisen Fändel dro'n
963 erbaut
Veréiren mär eis Hémecht nach haut

Mam Ro'de Léiw gin ech Hand an Hand
Uechter mäin schéint Lëtztebuerger Land

Daat Ro'd steet fier de Buedem
Daat Wäisst fier eiweg Trei
Daat Bloot, daat as eis Uelzecht
Eist lëtzebuerger Blutt

Dräi Foarwen eis an d'Häerz gebrannt
Dräi Foarwen un der Spëtzt vum Land
A wann vun den Zënnen d'Fanfare ertéint
Dann as de Ro'de Léiw gekréint

Castellum Lucilinburhuc

11. Pallida Mors: A Requiem


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