Primal Massacre

1. Primal Massacre

[Music: T. Gustafsson, Lyrics: E Rundqvist]

Warmongers, a race of total genocide
Domination, a crusade to cleanse the world from Lies
The stench of Christians, screaming, burning, dying
A world in chaos where evil germinates

An impenitent world where evil grows
A world in putrefaction where malice takes command
Like a cloud that consumes all hope
A world in darkness where all good will die

Reborn chaos
Eternal Death

Profane their world of lies
Primal massacre into the end
Disgrace their sacrifice

End of days originate from Lies
The final judgement falls upon
Burn forever Jesus Christ

Illusion of the future, already a dying past
Light becomes darkness, pain becomes all
No more resistance, a growing fear of death
Scream for mercy when everything dies

Reborn Chaos
Eternal Death

2. Gore Apocalypse

[Music T. Gustafsson, Lyrics E. Rundqvist]

Screams surround everything, anxiety-ridden fear
Hundred piled corpses
Mixed with those alive, a rotten mess
Penetrated by death

In sludge of body parts crawl those who still breathe
Cold dead corpses
Crushed beneath still screaming bodies
Bowels gushed from wounds

Stream into pools of blood
Floats into a sea of death

Dead or buried alive
The skin burst underground
Suffocated by a hundred corpses
Broken bodies decompose

Stream into pools of blood
Floats into a sea of death

3. Stray Bullet Kill

[Music T. Gustafsson, Lyrics E. Rundqvist]

Suicide, a march across the red coloured soil
Battles that no one will ever win
Charge through death into enemies land
Obey the chain of command

Charge through a bullet rain
Honour and glory
No time to think of death

The fallen ones are left behind
Knee deep in blood in enemy land
Eye to eye in a charge for death
One last attack, reload and charge

Bullet screams fill the night
Forward against
A symphony of

Surrounded by human guts, blood everywhere
The last of days for many, the final stage for humanity

Reload, charge will full force
It is time for the final carnage
Contact, reality in blood
No honour for the cowards who flee.

When all pride is gone
Life you knew has past
No more ammunition left
Towards death they march

Bayonet charge, attack
Climb up from the ditch
Engage through enemy terrain

4. Epidemic (Created To Kill)

[Music T. Gustafsson, Lyrics E Rundqvist]

Contagious, a breed of disease
Aiborne created to kill
Boiling intestines, flesh eating plague
The skin is covered in wounds
Parasite, an infectuous spice
Screaming from deep within
No more pain, no more whispering voices
Sanity a conquered illusion

Carrier of world destroyer

What once were will never be again
A breed to inflict mankind
Nervous system close to collapse
Respiratory arrest creating panic
The skin falls apart, flesh decompose
A mind possessed by itself
Blood from the ears, blood from the eyes
Melting into a pile of gore

Carrier of World destroyer

Gastric juice drops
From the hollowed body
The bowels fall to the ground
A smell of recent slaughter

Clot of coagulated blood
Process of slaughter, Limb by Limb
Muscles stretch until they burst
Mind explodes into madness

Eyeballs turn inside out
Brain activity turns to zero
No blood left inside the body
Everything bursts into pieces

Morbid ending for a morbid infection
Fed by the taste of mankind
Dismembered ina thousand ways
To be a host to the plague

Visceral contents, pieces of flesh
A branded human covered by death
Human experiments out of control
Infections now rule and destroy

5. Demon's Divine

[Music/Lyrics : Dalegren]

Maimed souls in an empire of dirt
Heaven or hell, it's your creation
Preference for a pendant corpse
Death is meant to last forever

Defiled purity turns to perdition
Spellbound by a Lie so old
Preachers quote the world of Lies
Sermons to induce mayhem

Demon's Divine
Disguised as Messiahs
Demon's Divine
Inverted abhorrence

Demon's Divine
Disguised as Messiahs
Demon's Divine
Inverted abhorrence

Puppets in shape of Shepard's
Battling the throne of darkness
A megalomania showdown
Faith at the gallows ends

6. Autopsy Extravaganza

[Music: T Gustafsson, Lyrics: Dalegren]

Enter the Casket Inn
At the Body Farm mansion
Vacant coffins
Or body bags
Obituaries done in blood
No graves or crosses
Funeral orgies
in flesh and blood

Bonesaw, scalpel, pliers and a corpse
Bonesaw, scalpel, pleirs and a corpse
Carrion, body bags, caskets and blood
Carrion, body bags, caskets and blood

Perverted obsessions
Life eternal

Impaled torsos
As garden statues

A grotesque feast
Of human flesh and pus
Arouse by pain
A gateway to death
Madness reigns
At the climax of carnage
Life now ends
At the Body Farm mansion

7. Retaliation

[Music: T Gustafsson, Lyrics: E Rundqvist]

Embraced replete with sinister wrath
Paralyzed, close to collapse
Consume everything into darkness
A world so unreal and dying

A perverse possessed mind
Senses sins long time gone
Far from salvation
Confused by the smell of blood

The last sense of purity
Crushed by the impulse to kill

Punish to be punished
Justice for a mind in chaos
An unforgiving feeling
Surrounded by flesh and blood

Through the mind of growing fear
Final moment of purity
Sadistict intent to kill
One final victim must die

The last sense of purity
Crushed by the impulse to kill

8. Condemned By Pride

[Music: T. Gustafsson, Lyrics: E. Rundqvist]

Forsaken in no mans land, far beyond the point of no return
Fury passing into panic, elimination until the bitter end

The fallen ones will never wake to witness victory
Indispensable for the cause, a mortal's unavoidable choice

Forgotten, expendable, sacrificed for honour

Emptiness, what is left from a growing fear
Only pain in every breath, charge towards death

All alone, crawling forwards through human blood and guts
No more voices will answer now, impious in foreign land
Every movement is critical, exterminate all memories of life
Conquered left to die, the final breath will end it all

Memories passing by clouds the mind
Memories of war, to serve and die.

9. Cursed Revelations

[Music: T. Gustafsson, Lyrics: E. Rundqvist]

Revelations, an illusion swallows all existence
All religions have to die
One mans god, transformed into a worldwide god
Prophecies replaced by other prophecies

Possessed leaders reign in terror
All accomplishments in god's name
Madness finally rules everyone and everything
The last dawn for mankind

Born of madness
Confounded into lunacy
Generations after
Generations of disease

From the beginning
Cursed utnil the dying end
Rotten wills
Created to obey

10. Chainsaw Surgery

[Music: T. Gustafsson, Lyrics: E. Rundqvist]

Feel the razors tickle the skin
A hundred cuts release the blood
When the scalpel carves the flesh

Chainsaw the instrument for pain
Use the saw to cut the limbs
Body parts float in blood

Through the flesh, into the bones, total mutilation in blood
Carnal pain opening the skull, the crushed head starts to burst
Mangled skin falls apart, flesh-like human waste
A death enclosed with suffering until the final breath

The eyeballs leave the face
Skin falls to the ground
In a mixture of human mush
Saw straight through the chest
Fractured ribs collapse in dust
Intestines squished from the wounds

Fleshy butchery, inhuman carnage

Strip the skin off the dead
Saw the muscles one by one
Complete the chainsaw surgery

An operation filled with blood
Total mutilated corpse
Implements covered with gore

Through the flesh, into the bones, total mutilation in blood
Carnal pain opening the skull, the crushed head starts to burst
Mangled skin falls apart, flesh-like human waste
A death enclosed with suffering until the final breath

Erick Rundqvist - vocals & bass
Urban Gustafsson - guitar
Ulf Dalegren - guitar
Tobias Gustafsson - drums

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