White Ward
Riptide (digital)

1. Drowned in Cold

Befuddling fog hangs low on water
Concealing faces of the mossy drowned men

Children of thy Gods, all misbegotten ones
Gained their peace in dance of black waves
In disregard they look towards the skies
Wrapped up with silt and mellow seaweed
Salt water brood, immune to Love or Blight
Nonfluctuating whole point of life

Veins without blood, lifeless shrunk containers
Tie up the bed of the exhausted world
Drowned in cold, ancient plains and mount ridges
Hide from all eyes dead shell of days

2. Nautical Child

I am the breath of breeze
Over rippled stars' reflection
Ageless child of the Sea
Sculpting waves until perfection

I am roar of the surf
The lullaby sang by the Ancients
Only the Sea I serve
All drowned men - my immolations

3. Depths of Arcane

Where sky meets the ocean, where wind is standstill
The lonesome blue whale awaits for reveal
Principal of planet, Leviathan of Deep
Hovers in darkness in millennial sleep

Circled by narwhals, spearmen of Gulf
Sire of mammals is safe on behalf
Coldness and pressure, depths of arcane
Shelter blue giant, save God from men

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