White Ward
When Gift Becomes Damnation / Inhale My Despair (demo)

1. When Gift Becomes Damnation

Crunch of stained-glass windows
Under bare feet
Luminescent anguish
Of everyday retreat
Of discrepant wills
Breaks against mortality
Forces me to knees
Punishment of being old
Till the end of time
Everlasting pain and cold
Rational decline

Here I stand, obsessed old man
Blinded, on the very brink
Downpour is whipping me
With indelible ink

My gift became damnation
My incarceration
I'm stuck here for the ages
I'm doomed to be old man

Sentinels on guard of death
Cannot let me in
I'm deprived of their excuse
I've invented a new sin

I am doomed to be old man
Old man

In susceptibility
To the flames of guilt
Made me perfect innocent
My emotions (are) sealed
Physical infirmity
Continual decay
Two centuries of suffering of living every day

2. Inhale My Despair

Seeking after the oblivion
After end of masquerade
Roam about the broken bridges
Over rivers full of blades
Gloomy silence reigns in ether
Soul answers the same way
Nothing leaves us scanty hope
There's no reason to withstand

Mocking voices
Stinging laugh
These walls are driving mad
Hateful silence
Fills the streets
And Moon turns into red

Gargoyles watch me from the rooftops
With ancient evil in their eyes
I'm completely consent to them
If you're guilty - pay the price

So tear me to pieces
For I go mad
Inhale my despair
And make me dead
...make me dead

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