1. Balance 0:40
2. Ten Bridges Burning 6:00
3. Rain 6:12
4. Thelena 5:40
5. Elsewhen 6:52
6. Judas Kiss 6:11
7. Gentle Nova 5:29
8. Monument 8:03

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

Monochrome is dedicated to Greet v.d. Ven
Love is eternal



The leaves were falling early, the year fortune looked away
Gold and green looked brighter then, gold seems grey today
The hands of the clock never went my way, nothing ever did
So in the arms of indifference is where I'm going to stay

Set the burning sails (horizon)
Time weighs more than gold (a heartbeat)
More than shoulders can bear
All the years aflame (we're yearning)
Burnmarks never fade (though we are)
Going nowhere fast

Have I lost you for the first time, it won't be the last
For I'll lose you everytime my dreams fall apart, to dust
I may have questions, I may have answers but I sure don't have you
No one shakes an empty hand, let alone embrace the man

Set the burning sails (horizon)
Time weighs more than gold (a heartbeat)
More than shoulders can bear
All the years aflame (we're yearning)
Burnmarks never fade (though we are)
Going nowhere fast

Never walk away
Never turn your back on me
Never walk out on me

Set the burning sails
Time weighs more than gold
More than shoulders can bear
All the years aflame
Burnmarks never fade
Going nowhere fast

Breathing barely audible while I watch you fighting sleep
But somewhere in the empty land, wolves among the sheep
And all the promises I've ever made seem to break at first touch
But that was then and all we've had is shattered for ever

Never walk away
Never turn your back on me
Never walk out on me


And I was so much younger then, there where the young men were
I had it all and more... so much more...
Until the clouds came in
And I watched from a distance how they touched the shore
Of my island, of the laughing sea
I saw them climb my walls and I was frightened

And I gained nothing besides the rain...

Write my name in dust, write my name in heaven
Alas the sun always shines too late
Write my name in dust, write my name in heaven
Alas the sun always shines too late

Where have all the poets gone since the clouds have stayed
I had it all...
Now that the summer's gone
Will they stay with me, will you stay with me
Through times and lives and rain and shine
We'll meet again, like we have met before
Maybe I'm wrong but all seemed better
Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, jesters day
Echoeing through an empty world

And I gained nothing besides the rain...
Our dreams mean nothing once you're not here
I swear I'll never dream again without you to stop the rain
Like circles in the water I know you'll be a wave once you'll reach the shore
And I promise I will try to catch you there, please stop the rain
If I could give the world, you know I would, just to see you one more time
So many things that are left to say, goddamn the rain...


So many stars were out there but none of them did fall
I guess none wanted to carry the burden of it all
A time to cry, so much time to cry, little time to say goodbye
And I would tell you I'll be brave and you'd know that it's a lie
And the days'll turn weeks and the weeks'll turn years and I'll know that you were wrong
There's nothing at the rainbows end but just another song

So close and yet so far away is the mask she wears today
It seems the open hand is closing, some things shell never give away

Thelena, wear the crown of golden thorns
Thelena, nail your hands onto your kite

No spotlight on your self-made cross but your eyes come shining through
Is desire just temptation or do angels long too?

Don't need wings to be an angel, just the wind to pull you up
No strings, no wings, no songs to sing as we dance into the sun

Thelena, wear the crown of golden thorns
Thelena, nail your hands onto your kite


Snakes come crawling through the sand, you don't see them from where I stand
But you'll hear them speak, two tongues
Like tears their words fall down, it you lay your ear down to the ground
You'll hear them touch the floor
Their voices never silence, they'll stay with me until the end
Forever, forever and again... and again

Wastelands, deserts, I've seen it all, where the dead seeds of our dreams will fall
In love, in time, elsewhen
Masked faces and masquerades, nothing is new and all's facade
Wear the darkest face, hide in shades
I've seen the angels and talked to some, I've met the demons and walked with them
I have yet to see the truth

Tell me where your desert lies, where your inspiration and imagination dies
I know that you can show me, everyone can
Some things change and many don't, some may try and others won't
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions
I've seen too many days turn night, ghosts mean more than man alive
Because no one gets out of here alive
I've seen it all too many times, shut the door while it's open wide
No one reaches out for more once they've touched the end
Embraced the end, once they've seen the end

Through wavelenghts, frequencies, I know you're there, zero's and one s through stars transmitting
In sleep, in your nightmare and in your dreams
Call me a devil and count me down, call me a saint and kiss my walking ground
But I still don't think that you know who I am
'Cause I've slept with angels and walked away danced with the devil and did the same
Because I still haven't seen the difference in their game

So close and far
So soft and hard
Why don't you tell me what's your game, elsewhen on a higher plane
The trail of the snake will lead us to another century or more
A crown upon it's head and poison in it's tongue
W ill make you hear the end

Two yards thick and seven miles long, I'll be your king if you unlock the door
In love, in time, elsewhen
Call me a devil and call me a saint, call me every thing that you want me to be
In sleep, in your nightmares and in your dreams
The fires in the engines burn again, try to solve the riddles that come put of them
In time, in dreams but before the end comes...


It's been dark for hours now but still here I stand
At the bottom of a grey wide river
Somewhere, nowhere, neverland
And I just saw a brave new world for the first time I was born
The young god is bleeding colours while he's waiting for the dawn

Go see the river runs wild again
So wild now the damage is done
Please take me to the riverside
Someone, no one, anyone
And I just live in memories, I'm the burden in your eyes
It's the freedom that still brings you down but eventually it dies...

Don't want you to follow me whenever I may follow on
'Cause I will wear my golden wings and I'll crash into the sun

Someone has been here before, took my heart and walked away
So I can't feel I'm growing cold
Sometime, someday, anyday
I've done time in isolation, silence is a king to me
And in this kingdom only strangers remind me how I used to be

Don't want you to follow me whenever I may follow on
'Cause I will wear my golden wings and I...

I saw the sun burn...
I saw the tide turn...
I saw the whole world speechless, odd to me
Like numbness wrapped it's arms around me
Talking to myself I see how words will always disagree with me
Or was it me...?


So the clock keeps ticking but I'm not moving to the sound of breaking hearts
If I stand still then I'm not noticed, together silence and me
How should it feel when the novelty is over down again, on my knees once more
Should I believe that there is hope for us anyway but I don't know, I never did know

Here we stand on the verge of falling, two alike but never the same
Spinning down like the wheel that's turning round again without an end
I believe in a true introspection and I believe in living a lie
I've been caged and the cage is burning, the key is neatly tucked away

Superstition, I keep learning, all my trust went up in smoke
Sometimes when the world stops turning I know that I'm a world too soon
Driven like the rain that's falling, down again, on our souls once more
All these years I've been searching for shelter to save me from these gathering storms

The clock's still ticking, time comes crawling, the sound of my solitudes metronome
But it's always better than breaking hearts and to find out that you're the one to blame
Still we dance in the house of the dreamer fire's eating the walls away
But one glance at the world outside and I know that I would rather burn

Down goes the sand slipping through our hands, round go the hands of our speeding clock
But no time wasted when there's no time spent, no crystal ball to see where this all ends
From the wheels of tragedy we never had a chance, to tear it all down and start over again
Come closing in when you start closing down. I know you are, it's all coming round
You closed the door while I kept it open, slammed in the face like a 2-by-4
Then came questions and then no answers, if I only could I would open the door again
No words to keep our worlds together, we were always more strangers than dreamers
But don't be surprised when sometime, someday a stranger may come knocking at your door


Drifting over fields of gold, I'm a monument or at least that old
The sun never shines on me, I'm a shadow myself and for others I might be
Catch your stare before you turn your head from my appearance, but I saw you stare
Afraid to see my face, afraid to see yourself reflected in my button-eyes

In a field of straws I pick the shortest ones
Harvest desire

Beside the lamenting wind nothing ever moves me, we kiss without breath
In the midst of a tight embrace, recall the famous phrase: "You too, my son?"
Eye for an eye, a stake for a spine, I'm the mirror that stands before you
Birds come picking at your eyes, come picking at your smile, just to remind you
The world ain't a pretty sight

In a field of straws I pick the shortest ones
Sowing a wish

Gazed into the sun
For far too long
My eyes

Was I wrong to dream my dreams?
I've been holding my breath so long that I don't know how to breathe
Like an actor in a final scene, he falls down to the stage
Never convincing though as the audience stands and leaves
So no one ever sees that he never gets up again
And the curtains of the night will fall upon the sun
Bleeding with a smile, I try
To think of all the lies he swallowed
Pull the stake out of my heart

I won't forget
Never forgive
No excuse
No forgiveness

Was I wrong to believe in the virtue of man?
So blind that I never saw that the fields around me burned down to the ground
So I stand tall in a withered field once more
Rooted in the dirt, I'm bound
Yet my arms stretch to the sky where I belong
I belong...

Monochrome was recorded on december 27-28-29 1994
Recorded at RS29 Waalwijk the Netherlands
Produced by Wish
Engineered by Oscar Holleman
Mixed by Oscar Holleman and Wish on january 13th 1995
Mastered by Paul Adriaansens and Wish
Words, music and visuals by Wish
Female vocals by Nancy de Valk
Pictures by Greet v.d. Ven
Logo edit by Marloes Berends
Booklet design by Wish
Layout by Oliver Kraupa
Thanks to Thomas and Frank for your efforts
Lights: Ad Donninger and Frans v.d. Ven
Crew: François and Raymond Werts

Bart Smits
Alwin Roes
Micha v.d. Ven

© 1995
MoonLight Records
P.O. Box 2924
38019 Braunschweig
Phone: +49-531-509320
Fax: +49-531-509320

Wish Contact
P.O. Box 53
5408 ZH Volkel
The Netherlands


lyrics typed by Yevhen the Amok
from the original booklet
Lyrics in plain text format

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