Hope Attrition

1. Unending Call Of Woe

this is a failure
and every wretched word
is broken, enfeebled
never to be heard

this is surrender
all history consumed
by the tomb of oppression
that is this living world

in the dead gaze of the future
roars the great furnace of time
renders ash all dreams of purpose
blacken every bone, blacken every hope

we awoke to find this
poisoned land unchanged
and the world beyond our
blood-shot eyes still horror
every thought a ruthless circle
every word a vicious stone
every effort wracked in violent degradation

feeble forms, the spirit broken
ground to dust by the
weight of nothingness
death compels all hope’s attrition
desperate throes of the human condition

we renounce all hope and
all the days to come
will be the coldest reinforcement
of our failures

held below the surface and
caressed by probing jaws
our bodies claimed as grist
to feed the future…

stripped to the bone

absolute emptiness
held captive by doubt
irrelevant unto the end

crumble in solitude
this is the end
devoid of meaning
irrelevant unto the end

[solo - cg]

this is submission
a final repose
this is submission
to the unending call of woe

2. No Blood Has Honor

[solo - mm]

faith condemns
faith condones
faith creates fear’s traditions
fear consumes
fear controls
fear belies your ambitions

fear preserves
fear demands
fear the fall into depression
lose control
lost control
shrinking down into submission

do you remember losing your child eyes?
colors fading, edges jagged
ripped your gaze from the sky
into starving darkness
did hatred deliver the hope that died?
when you killed for that adventure?
when you stole the joy that
you were denied?
will you outrun all your failures?

and when you close your eyes
how do you close your eyes?
what could you know about honor?

[solo - cg]

blood without honor
no blood has honor

dead fathers
dead sons
what could you know about honor?
dead mothers
dead daughters
what could you know about honor?
dead children
dead loves
what could you know about honor?
lost youth
dead hope
what could we know about honor?

3. A Distant Epitaph


4. The Din Of The Mourning

the din of the mourning
roaring in tongues

rattles every organ
no sound escapes
the sky as cathedral
never unheard

screams bleach the skin
make ghosts of fears
bodies stacked high to defend the pale

scavengers appear
to pick apart the bones
feasting in the mountain of horror
scavengers, they wait
they glower at the thrones
together in their isolation

sever now your reason,
abandon all your sight
so lost to tales, all logic fails
and ignorance commands your fealty

blind leading blind
dead commands the live
children howl while elders scowl and flesh
is carved to stave off decay

from the shadows, the preachers call
vomiting doomed condemnation on all
bold declarations, the vision of paul
first sight reveals that their lies are failures

i praise the end! i praise the end!
barred the gates
panic reigns
your cries the only lamentation

scavengers appear
to pick apart the bones
feasting in the mountain of horror
scavengers, they wait
they glower at the thrones
together in their isolation

torrents and torrents of shit
the din of the mourning

worthless in life, hopeless endeavor
nothing remembered, death as in life
every single word is a weapon against
always the victim, never to blame
hemorrhage together, dig at your wounds
every failing a reflection of your stagnation


i fear the mourning’s call
scars silently corrupt
we wait too long forever
we wait too long for life
we wait too long forever
now the time for change
has long since died

the end of every joy
we are our own undoing

i praise the end! i praise the end!
you’ve barred the gates as panic reigns
last breath unmourned and unheard

5. The Ones We Lost

departed, every sound is distant now
and through it all, to it, i am claimed
the air stinks of regret, skin is thick with it
the planet spins, the world outside
is still the same
how do i live with this atrocity?
who do i blame for this defeat?
beg, plead, scream, there’s no
the world is damaged and
there’s nothing i can change

obscene, the day
and the sunlight that it brings
the past and the future,
the sentiment it clings to
and now i question moment
i question every word
the regret, the absence,
the feelings of absurdity
that stricken me with weakness
that sap me of my pride

it tears, it tears, it punishes
the living who would hide
disease, defeat, the violence
that renders every life
to undo all the suffering,
to undo all the hurt
and there is nothing that
i wouldn’t sacrifice
just to save you from the earth

i regret every word said
i regret every word unsaid
i regret every day spent
i regret every day not spent

we’re all alone
i know we’ve always been
did you leave knowing the ghost
that haunts us here?
did you know that fragments
of you would follow me?
we’re broken down but
the world refuses to see

and the world is out of tune

i feel it in my bones
condemned with regret
we’re left to mourn
for the ones we lost and
the ones we failed to save

6. Drown Us With Greatness

demean your foes
the stench of fear is rising

the folk
the fools
the flies that buzz
they fuss and cling to words
to words like dirt
that works its way in cracks that spread
throughout the face and deep into the hole
that pit where once dared beat a heart
now rots
now hates
now loathes
in absolute disgust

decry the earth itself
if ever
it dared to turn against the tide that
...drags at the future
...drowns us with greatness

a man beyond a man
a man who bore a movement
like a drill into the head of peace
a movement of god
for only god could wreak this vengeance

a rising fist towards
the living
the dying
awake and free from the shackles of hope
be the seething
the writhing hurt
the ending that we deserve
the scheming
the lying
the promise that hate will
smother the truth
is this seething
this writhing hurt

he reaches down inside
there’s nothing there to grasp
a vacuous existence
a ravenous demand for power strangles
every action
consumes his every breath
the viciousness propels
him to the point he wishes
that there never has to be an ending
detests the worth of peace
reminds him of his worthlessness
beyond the world of conflict
and bereft manipulation
he wallows in despair
unsure of how to soothe his swollen ego
he screams out

see the collapse of all people
feel the dead grip of decay
hear the last gasp of this era
taste the sour air of defeat
smell the rot leap from our leaders
know the dread freezing them cold
rocks line the cliffs of the future’s shore
to the edge we march and hell below

7. Abject In Defeat

the world
is crushing me
revulsion is the air
i’m breathing its violence
systems clamping down like a tourniquet
swollen limbs
too tired to move

dread pervades the day
i am powerless
inertia exacts shameful complacence
in truth, i never had the agency
in shadows, i choke
on silent indifference

and i relent to power
and i relent to fear
and i relent to every force
that tramples without care
and i regret the meaning
ascribed to every life
the loss compounds completely
abject in defeat

the world
has broken me
crumbling away, my body is failing
conflict rules the day,
death controls the night
never escape
my place in the gutter

control, endless control
abject in defeat

(solo - cg)

and i relent to power
and i relent to fear
and i relent to every force
that tramples without care
and i regret the meaning
ascribed to every life
the loss compounds completely
abject in defeat

but still, i remember
just who i meant to be
before hate so vicious
claimed its fee
the future full of wonder
all paths led out to sea
and slowly i discovered
this world is not for me

abject in defeat

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