Quietly, Undramatically

1. No Solitude

hello my friend / it had been so long i thought you'd forgotten me / much time has passed but i see that nothing's changed / i must have climbed up every mountain / just to shout your death from their peaks / but again i see your face and now i know you'll never leave

2. The Road From Recovery

chained to a path that leads to the end / try to escape but it's best to pretend / i stray from the course, stumble back at the bend /...progress always leads to regression / there are visions in sleep but reality's worse / you struggle for peace but are locked with this curse / start moving forward but end in reverse.../...progress always leads to depression / start from the end, if you look you will see / the regression / there are visions in sleep but reality's worse, i struggle for peace but am locked with this curse / strain to push past but know you'll end in reverse /...progress always leads to depression / face to face with what should not be / these words are all weapons aimed squarely at me / armed to the teeth, preparing for war / compounding with malice forevermore / there was a day we used to know / where we'd desire and it would be so / but though we know just what we see / we cannot reach it, we are too weak / despondent, corrosive, we circle the drain / my will falls to opposition, who's left to blame / but the source of this compulsion? it lies within / simple actions and reactions halt what could have been / still we rise in opposition, denounce or fates / contradicted by our nature, which lies in wait / complete corruption of all we choose / because this body demands it always lose / overwhelmed by the world / overwhelmed by the truth / anxiety / can you feel it crashing down? / yes through this blood flows dedication / my serotonin turned and fled / fate gave up god, found depression / every fragile peace tempered by its hand

3. Quietly, Undramatically

i threw my last years away / to focus on reality's thread / and when i collapse i know / the string will continue to wind / and with these words i make an oath that silence will outlast me / it stretches far beyond the place that history will know me / for as i sit, secure in what i know is now before me / i focus on the end and how i know that it will take me / quietly / undramatically / when you're gone / frozen images dissolve, discarded / with certainty / the struggles that we face disappear, uncaring / with disregard / quietly time shuffles through the room, unknowing / with disregard / undramatically we'll fade and then this won't matter / breathe in, breathe out / no triumph to be found / like a stone cast to the sea / i will be forgotten / let this fade as a whimper against time / i will be forgotten / i will be forgotten / we will be forgotten

4. A Treatise On Control

the triumph of power exists as a lie / its control, a figment of all it denies / with pitiful gestures, we jump as it tries / to salvage the notion it comes from the sky / what knowledge precedes us, what failures held high / with this i admonish the longing that dies / they'll tell you of battles you'll exit alive / but know that these fragments of hope are all lies / we end and begin / outside and within / reduced to skin / the truth is thing / what hope shall change the flow of time? / this bone is lead, this curse is mine / here i stand, the lord of all i see / this kingdom is fire, it answers not to me / strained and torn / this i know: all that we are is but a blaze / we're nothing but disciples of the wind / here i stand, the lord of all i see / this kingdom is fire, it answers not to me

5. Without Logic

summon your reasons / someone to blame / something that happened / it's always the same / i hate the world i live in / i am the key to the end / life stifles me with reason / i will no longer pretend / my hate exists without logic / my rage was never explored / you should have seen this coming / now i will not be ignored / sanity's rational chains come undone / i feel no pity, you will receive none / patience exhausted, no time to explain / all that i'm feeling and all that i say / a rational existence has taken its toll / the world's been explained at the cost of my soul / a predictable planet's preferred by the weak / i look deep inside and refuse now to think

6. Full Circle

some dreams are never too far away / they dance just on the edge of daylight / etched into your eyes, ghost movement in the peripheral / some thoughts are never too far away / they sit behind the daylight like shadows / tattooed on your skin, fingerprints of who you'll be tomorrow / (oh) vicious engineer / if i believed, your name would be a curse / for what frigid loathing would inspire / this broken planet's birth? / i would twist from your grasp / shudder against the coldness of your gaze / nothing would restore the absence of faith / we are alone / unable to change / marching in circles, we end as we begin / (oh_ callous overseer / if only in your image we were made / graced with indifference, this path would be so clear / uncaring, all-knowing, complete / but we are alone / and you were but a desperate dream / some meaning to offer / and i cannot believe / for we are alone / unable to change / marching in circles, we end as we begin /...the feelings rush back again so fast / like only moments passed / cinematic in their tension / but there i sit, frozen stiff / every word a cliché / time still laughs / "relax" she'll coax / her face a twisted grin / "never will you be far from home" / you are never free / something deep inside still nags / like this light has met my face before / and we march on, afraid
for i know we'll always meet again

7. Hatred Is Our Heart

surrender to this reason / my words will hang you high / this noose of cold indignance / will choke you till you die / your art has proven hollow / dull masks you can't sustain / cause once the show is over / you change your fucking names / as flies flock to the rotten / you feed on putrid shit / living out your fantasies / and bragging about it! / see how far they run / watch them as they cry / ants, they run for cover / see how hard they try! / the stupid / the boring / the fair-weather friends / pretentious / obnoxious / they strive to pretend / with costumes / and gimmicks / they angle to shock / like children / they cherish / the lies that they bought / we will stand and continue to lash out / and you'll know our names because / hatred is our heart / and / when the sun reappears and casts away the dark / we will rise and know that / hatred is our heart / and / we will rejoin the world and will walk amongst the crowds / but we will know that / hatred is our heart / and / there is no mask, no fake name, no poetry to hide behind / there is no game / yes, / hatred is our heart / / when these words are long forgotten / and these songs have gone away / i'll continue what i started / and stand behind what i say / see how far they run / watch them as they cry / ants. they run for cover / see how hard they try! / condemned as our prey, there's nowhere to hide / for this is the future you must realize / the hunters (unholy) have removed their masks / there's no use for chains or rules of the past

Chris Grigg ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Evan Madden ‒ Drums
Shane Madden ‒ Bass
Grzesiek Czapla ‒ Guitars

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