A Spell for the Death of Man

1. Solitude

Cackling past, I curse your echoing voice.I have become the air that was so cold.The final form surrounding that which we never have known.So bleak it is that nothing will escape.The enemy of all that was and all that should have been.The unfeeling Earth was never this aware.A piece of me is dying and I somehow do not care.No victory or strength to battle this and hope for life.We hold our breath and close our eyes and now lay down to die.I question that which guides my every step.No God exists to place the blame, it solely lies within.My feeble heart is blackened from the worthlessness of life.I hold my breath and close my eyes and now lay down to die.Do you still ring with the pain of the words not forgotten that hide in my shadow like so many faded days?How your anguish persists, it still gnaws at my heart.These memories will chase me eternal and grant me no... Solitude.A single voice still lingers.

2. Alone With Our Failures

Faceless summer night.I call out from the shadows.Empty now, the barren streets summon scenes.Here a blackened future lies.Condemn this shallow world to wallow in its sadness.Broken now, the city bleeds a noxious blood and slowly dies.I pretend that I am more.A rotten pretense to the chains I wear.An empty lie of sullen safe from the claws of the beast of which I am part.And here is no sound acknowledging darkness.We stand on hollow ground.And scream the hopeless.We live as cancer breeds.Can you see beyond your eyes?There is no renewal on this Earth.No solution beyond a mass grave.A spell for the death of man.A spell for disease we've never known.Dispel all myths of hope and joy.Unleash the beast we hold within.A spell for the death of man.A spell for disease we've never known.Dispel all myths of hope and joy.Unleash the beast we hold within.Alone with our failures. [x4]

3. Longing Is All That Will Remain

Let those who wake despair upon the night.For through it all they loved has turned to gray.Like the ever-fading memories of all we hoped be.In an instant lost to waters deep forever more to keep.This loss pervades the spirit.A spectre of doubt in every breath.A second from failure.A lifetime of doubt.Confident in the permanence of the moment.Trusting in the encouragement of actuality.But all we have will one day slip away as the past tense replaces the present.Time slips right through our grasp.And laughs as it leaves.Singing with triumphant might, "The way things are is not how they shall be. On trust this fact."This is a light in the sky that blinds those who foolishly look.This knowledge corrupts us.Let those condemned with life confess this sin: they believe that truth is lasting.But every truth must one day turn to dust.Must only self-destruction be reality?This loss envelops the being.For every hope is fleeting.A second from failure.A lifetime of doubt.In this I trust: all things will fade but longing.All we have will one day pass.And laugh as it leaves.Singing with triumphant might, "All roads lead to me and nothing escapes my grasp. One day, you will succumb."

4. Condemned As Prey

Sorrow chokes the air and fills the lungs with such noxious fumes."Breath deep," she says, "For I am forever throughout this world."She is the creeping shadow cast by every winter's moon.Frigid darkness to chill the fragile skin of man, condemned as prey to her unyielding hunger.The world is cleansed by Sorrow's touch.Devoured, flesh. Devoured, bone.Condemned as prey.All hope dismissed as fallacy, a truth known beyond words.A curse upon Serenity, who clings to shallow truths.This ghost will stalk reality 'round every darkened curve.The true face of humanity, we get what we deserve.Sorrow chokes the air and fills the mouth with words of anguish."Speak with ease," she laughs, "for I will always guide your tongue."Sorrow chokes the air and fills the lungs with such noxious fumes."Breath deep," she says, "For I am throughout this world."Condemned as prey.

5. I See No Civilization

Please grant me this one wish: This skin will never burn.Let the bones collapse like every body must but let the form escape the ravage that come.A guarantee of every interaction.Necessity, perhaps, of this human complication.This world breed pain and suffering.I fear this dedication.Await the day my name is changed to meaningless distraction.Perhaps we've seen too much.Perhaps we've gone too far.Perhaps we've seen too much.Perhaps we've gone too far.A first against the collective hopes of man.One crushing blow for every glorious stance.If hope is truth, failure is fact.Despite our dreams, conflict is true contact.Wait for the day when my name becomes a curse upon your lips.It will dig into my core and haunt me as I walk, a ghost upon this Earth.A voice still lingers when I wake.The promise is loss.The shallow mind of man is still animal at its core and he is unable to control it, no matter how much 'knowledge' he tells himself he possesses!I see no civilization.No triumph of the will, for strife is all man seeds.A tree of hate that flower not but on our pain it feeds.Compassion feigned by selfishness, command all life to bleed.This body aches from all it's seen but a force is strong within.

6. Wake In Mourning

I carry the weight of unyielding loss.A future perplexed and I fear its true cost.Blacken the depths of the heart.Wake in mourning, surpass the most unspeakable odds.Decisive its menace, I sink and depart.Black the depths of the heart.I can't inhale, no strength exists.To rise and continue as this anguish persists.Another sacrifice to some rancid god of Time.No footnote to write in the great book of life.Cold barbed wires, the poisoned hand of time.The sun slowly opens its funeral eye.Tired expression to soothe all the lies.A patient reminder of all that must die.I carry the weight of unyielding loss.Behind me, the night and all promising thoughts.Blacken the depths of the heart.No door, no key, no great escape.We live in search of freedom but are only guaranteed pain.I carry the weight of unyielding loss.A future perplexed and I fear its true cost.Blackened the depths of the heart.

7. Memento Mori

Every yearning glance.Every tender touch.Every calm exchange.Every hopeful plan.Every peaceful day.Every joyful yell.Every distant hill.Every faithful friend.Every open sky.Every laughing voice.Every cherished hope.Every patient smile.Every soft embrace.One day fades to silence.Momento Mori.

Chris Grigg ‒ All instruments, Vocals

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