Yoth Iria
As the Flame Withers

1. The Great Hunter

The Great Hunter in the sky
Roaming the fields of Ares
The Giant from the Netherland
Spreading the cult of Fire

The enigma of the Zodiac
And the celestial spheres
Weaved in the symbols of the lore
The mantle of the Archer

Semiramis enchantress
Scarlet mistress of Nimrod
The Apochryphal Trinity
Completed with Tammuz

An inverse universe appears
A world of ash and brimstone
Where darkness copulate with light
And matter seeks the spirit

The crimson Dove dissolves
Into the ethereal pool
Setting the stars in motion
Revising the Creation

Release the Hellequin
The black masked emissary
To gather all the wretched souls
Under the wings of the Black Prince

Unveil the Secrets of Heaven
With the furious impetus of Hell
By the forbidden sorcery
Of the Babylonian King

2. Yoth Iria

For aeons he laid dormant
speaking through dreams
conspiring in visions
watching from his Throne

Arch-Priest and King
of the Seven Hells
The Highest of Angels
the Brightest of them all

He who calms and tenders
the souls of the exiled ones
He who feeds wisdom
into the minds of men

He who ignites the passion
which make the hearts suffer
He who breeds violence
war, chaos and revenge

He who was ignored
He who was denied
He who was deceived
He who was condemned

Rise Lord of the Depths
your Name is praised
your Gospel speaks the Truth
your Legions await you

The Lord is ascending
The Prince is aflame
He who brings the light
emerging from the Darkness

3. Hermetic Code

The sacred language of the Gods
Dialect of the Daemons
Code of the Fether and the Claw
The Parlance of the world beyond

Granted to us by Mercury
The cunning and wise Hermes
Passing the lore of the Arcane
To brothers of the Temple

The hawk, the eagle and the crane
And the majestic peacock
Speaking in higher forms of thought
A language once forgotten

Hermetic Code
Celestial and Infernal
The Silver Tongue
Apocryphal Communion

A complex occult formula
Uniting alchemy and magic
Keeping the secret of Hiram
Hidden from the unworthy

Symbols and sounds carved in stone
Geometry of the Ancients
The pillars of Eschaton
The Shrine of the Grand Builder

We speak the language of the birds
And we connect the Lei lines
We speak the language of the Green
And we diverge the Cosmos

4. The Mantis

Feverish visions and dreams
Bonds of spiritual matter
Connections with the elements
A Nexus between worlds

I feel the sorrows of the dead
I sense the anger of the Gods
I see the horrors from beyond
And taste the demons' hatred

War, Disease and Death
Four Knights will sweep the lands
Four Disciples of the Ram
The Reign of the Morning Star

The Fool will lead the herd astray
The Priestess will deceive them
The Emperor will feed on blood
Until the Devil owns them

The Oracle will be fullfilled
I've read the bones of Osiris
I've felt the heart of the Unborn
And drunk the Serpent's poison

May the Gods have mercy
For the times that will come
The Empire of the Fallen One
Will devour the Sun

5. The Red Crown Turns Black

From the desserts of Saturn
and the depths of the Abyss
the General of Chaos
the Devourerof Souls

He who mates with the Night
he who transforms Amaunet
the ancient Hidden One
into Primordial Evil

The chants of the devout
have opened the Eye
they have aligned the Triangle
and fortified the Circle

Mother of all Evil
have mercy on our souls
Destroyer of worlds
Baptize us in your blood

Oh Great Amun
procreator of the Serpent
defiler of the Dead
Foul Prince of Sin

Venom falls like rain
Bile springs from the earth
Lakes of brimstone
Rivers of acid fire

The glory of the Profane
bonds Time,Space and Void
as the tears of the Angels
dissolve into Erebos

6. Unbound, Undead, Eternal

In nothingness, before the aeon started
I watched darkness embracing the light
As one they were in universe uncharted
Then came I, in weakness and with might

The fool, the mad, the wise and the brave
The witch, the lover, the virgin and a star
All of them keep dancing to their grave
Then come again as travelers from afar

Unborn, undead, eternal
Life’s a speck of everything and a bond
Unborn, undead, eternal
Birth after death is here, coming from beyond

I am a cosmos I blossom and I wither
My father’s name is War and Need is my mother
I cannot enter twice the same river
Fate is my character, my ethos and no other

As I stand still and hear the vacuum’s whisper
The face of emptiness keeps staring at me
I am the crop and time is the reaper
And this I the reason to be and not to be

I see the child again holding a crown in its hand
The light that burns out in its shine
He is the Sun and Moon the Water and the Land
He is the One the Evil and Benign

7. Tyrants

They are Nine
Like the circles of Hell
They are All
Like ether in the fog
They crawl and form
In the shadows they dwell

They harness dreams
And strangle souls
They know the truth
And preach the Lie
They are blind
But through the Worm they see

They breath sulfur
And forge pain
They feast on tears
And desolation
Infernal Dukes
Breeders of sorrow

They move the sun
They light the moon
They keep their blood
In sacred vaults
They weave the web
Of Darkness....

Vultures of the worlds beyond
Masters of the Crismson Whore

8. The Luciferian

The shrine of my nightmares
My soul' s pact with the One
Lord of Profanities
Wake me up to your reality

By the Horns of Baphomet
To the dark bleeding hearts
Of those once cursed
Of those once scorned

Black weddings
I plunge into the abyss
Frater Tenebris
There is nothing that God left

The sceptre of Nineveh
Abounded by the wonder
And the glory of our King
I sacrifice the Lamb

As above so below
Forever the same
Renounce the Crown of Thorns
And ride into godhood

Have faith in Lucifer
And delight in his love
Have faith in Satan
He is true to the end

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