1. Fragile dreams 5:33
2. Empty 2:58
3. Alternative 4 6:16
total time 14:47



Peaceville Records 333 Latimer Road, London W10 6RA
(p) 1998 Peaceville Records. (c) 1998 Peaceville Records.


A rare piece here. This one was released just before Alternative 4 came out, and I believe it was never officially sold in any shop. Though there were some signed copies handed out as price in a peaceville contest... Anyways, the three songs are exactly like on Alternative 4, so it's pretty cool. Shame only that they put 'Empty' on it, which I think is the worst song of Alternative 4... If they'd put Re-Connect instead of it, this promo would be great. Now it's just okay... Something for the fanatic collectors. :)

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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