Aeternus - ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth

Original Version 2CD Version
1. There Will Be None 7:17 1. There Will Be None 7:17
2. ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth 4:58 2. ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth 4:58
3. Spurcitias 6:09 3. Spurcitias 6:09
4. Ruin and Resurrect 6:30 4. Ruin and Resurrect 6:30
5. The Confusion of Tongues 3:57 5. The Confusion of Tongues 3:57
6. Hubris 2:26 6. Hubris 2:26
7. Reap What You Saw 5:41 7. Reap What You Saw 5:41
8. Saligia 6:41 8. Saligia 6:41
9. The Hand That Severs the Bonds of Creation 4:02 9. The Hand That Severs the Bonds of Creation 4:02
10. The Spirit of Illumination 4:43 10. The Spirit of Illumination 4:43
--- Bonus Disk: Dark Sorcery ---
1. Black Dust 7:48
2. Victory 3:56
3. Raven and Blood 5:46
4. Nordlys (instr) 3:16
total time 52:24 total time 1:13:02

1. There Will Be None

A shamelessness beyond any reason
We ought to scalp the insidious disease
To unravel and to annihilate the needless
To eradicate and to destroy in numbers

Raising monuments on foreign fields
In enormous numbers from barren lands
preaching insanities built on dust and bones
A disillusioned reality - a pissed upon life

I am the spectator with a wolfen grin
Rejoicing every death, every life deceased
The more the merrrier, the less a burden

Stone upon stone
Mountains of bone
My will be done
There will be none

2. ...and The Seventh His Soul Detesteth

Take a look at the face of vanity and pain
For it is the fate of pride that the Lord hateth
Listen to the tongue of lies and deceit
For it is the tongue that the Lord hateth

Feel the hands that shed innocent blood
For it is the hands that the Lord hateth
Listen to the heart that deviseth ruined plots
For it is the heart that the Lord hateth

See the feet that are swift to run into mischeif
For it is the feet that the Lord hateth
Listen to the deceitful witness the uttereth lies
For it is the witness that the Lord hateth

Watch me Lord,
For I am him the soweth
Discord among brethren
And this the seventh his soul detesteth
Watch me Lord,
For I am him that soweth
Discord among brethren
And this the seventh his soul detesteth

3. Spurcitias

In his eyes, in his sight
In his illuminating power
In darkness as in light
In man's proudest tower

In love as in blinding hate
In warmth and in comfort
In every birth and ending fate
In prayers for the Lord to come forth

On staggered path and knifesharp stone
On ashes of scorched earth and bone
On a trancendental flaggelation high
On asretic wings and die

On salvation ground and close to the holy ghost
On wooden cross and close to the holy ghost
On a puplit and words of condemnation
On harvest soil and in humble immolation

In filth, on filth

4. Ruin And Resurrect

There breeds an ancient pride
Like clusters of blue eyes staring
Spitting and cursing and burning
Eating the face of God in one gulp

It wasn't carved in stone
Yet immortalized in mind
With forever burning eyes
And a need to conquer yet again

Could you see those teeth?
Grinding your flesh like the poison in a vein
Face the fury, face the ruin
Drown in the darkest of misiries

In a rabod fury with runnig white saliva
Dripping death from the hole called mouth
Resurrected for the Semper Aeturnus
Dead for the worlds without soul

Rise and grasp the horrid laughter's
Rise and fall forever and for all
Ruin yourself with the decadence within

5. The Confusion Of Tongues

For again man must build the highest of towers
For the art of Hubris must again shine upon thee
No Lord stands before oneself other than the reflection of the I
Protagonists hath yet again soweth the seeds of arrogance

Pride doesn't go before a fall, nor does pride blind
One cannot tolerate the body and mind not to fully improve
Or the awareness of thyself as the one true being
For God allows no one to have high thoughts but himself

Seest thou how God with his lightning strikes
All that groweth and exceeds the limits of submissiveness
So plainly does he love to bring down
Everything that exalts itself
And all that does not haveth
Within him the rereverance of God
For he hath himself ministered that envy is an atrocity
And that the glory of man must be oppresed
He whom hath the confusion of tongues
Are himself chained to his own inconsistency

6. Hubris

7. Reap What You Saw

Channeling your deepest internal powers
To obtain a state of self-awareness beyond the I
Sewing your eyes closed with sharpened threads
No greater the feeling than the sting of harm

Slithering senses as the darkness becomes a cloak
Colorless without motion to the world outside
What beckons the eyes of the beholder?
Than mere detest for the unintelligible

Forevermore and beyond all there is
Time is collapsing and the mind expanding
The breath doesn't mean life
The eyes doesn't meansight
Reap the energies from the cosmos within
Eat the light and swallow the darkness

Then all became nothing
And nothing became everything
Then the mind fell apart
And became one with the earth

8. Saligia

Destroy the life of grace and create damnation
For thine brethren hath forsaken thee
Their tongues hath spoken with split intentions
Uttered visions words that slithers down the spine

For amongst the damned you must wander
And conjure the seven demons within yourself
Hath not thine heart felt the yearning
To unleash the hell that weighs you down?

The lesser of minds are the oppressors of the self
Sleepwalking angels blindfolded and pinioned
Thy righteous power that exonerates the seven
Is to feed upon the mundane delights

O joy be thy name incarnated by the light og the bearer
May his weapon of delight be thine evidence enshrined
Rejoice in thy name and welter in cardinal sins
For thee rometh again to pester and to create tribulaion

9. The Hand That Severs The Bonds Of Creation

I will smite whom opress thine words
For truly their tongues are corrupted with doubt
The manure throne are possessed by ifidels
Those whom uterth the righteous ways

Seperate the flesh from bone to cleanse
Joyous is the liberation of the mind
Existence must cease to be
Sever the bonds of creation

There are none above the none
And thus all are below the nothing
For man must in its fullest awareness
Speak and obey according fo him

Necroapocalyptic visions of withering soil
The light illuminates the earth
The hand that severs the bonds of creation
Is the hand that rules the world

10. The Spirit Of Illumination

And as the Devil splits open thine veins
A feverish rush of solitary rivers
Oh yes indeed, the Lord hath thee granted
And so thy will must be abandoned

Harken, creature of the beast
In the light of the bearer shineth
Alas, tonguesplitten lier in peace
Thine flesh is weak and tired

The spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience
The dragon and the tempter, the power of the air
The poison of God and the morning star
Lifts thine spirit high in illumination

Eyes turn white, the skin molten grey
Open chest with a black heart pounding
For what hath thee forsaken
Cut the flesh that are the soil

Ares: guitars, vocals, bass
Phobos: drums
Specter: guitars

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