Anti-Diluvian Chronicles

1. Catherine blake 6:30
2. My wine in silence (remix) 6:02
3. A doomed lover 7:52
4. The blue lotus 6:34
5. The dreadful hours 9:23
6. My hope, the destroyer 6:45
7. The deepest of all hearts 8:55
8. She is the dark (live) 8:40
9. The light at the end of the world 10:37
10. The fever sea (live) 4:14
--- Disk Two ---
1. The raven and the rose (remix) 5:49
2. Sear me III 5:25
3. The whore, the cook and the mother 11:59
4. Der uberlebende 7:38
5. Under your wings and into your arms 5:58
6. Like gods of the sun 5:40
7. Here in the throat 6:20
8. For my fallen angel 5:54
9. The cry of mankind 12:12
10. From darkest skies 7:50
--- Disk Three ---
1. The wreckage of my flesh (remix) 9:04
2. Turn loose the swans 10:07
3. Black god 4:51
4. Sear me 9:05
5. The forever people (live) 4:24
6. The bitterness & the bereavement 7:37
7. Symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium 11:38
8. God is alone 4:50
9. The thrash of naked limbs 6:12
10. The sexuality of bereavement 8:06
total time 3:46:11

Line up

It's not important to you
where I came from,
but it's essential to me.

Our present is familiar but
our futures will be different.

I am at the End of the World and entwined with a being for whom I give
myself willingly. I care with a passion but only for those dearest. And
hate with an equal passion, those who are reckless.

Andrew Craighan

English born. German bred. Yorkshire lived.
My effervescent life seems in conflict with
the melancholic outpourings I have unleashed
upon the world over the last 15 years. I've lived
well and appreciated almost all of it. I've loved
and lost and love again. I have wept and bled for
My Dying Bride and sacrificed much. It has all
been worthwhile.

In the mistly glade where the child was discovered,
maidens would dance and sing as wine flowed in
celebration of the golden morning when the infant
was gifted upon the world. But these were far from
the fair maidens one would expect to see dancing in
a woodland opening. Far indeed, for the all wore
black and their flowing long hair was as black as a
raven's wing. For the child that was discovered there
that day, was not one of...

What if there was no such things as organized religion. Would the world be a better place? Where is there
any evidence that a God has ever existed? Why do people kill 'in the name of God' when God is just a
myth? When you pick a religion, you pick a side.

Aaron Stainthorpe

Born in Leeds, as a kid spent time in Indonesia and
West Africa. Had a decent schooling and a nice
upbringing. Have learnt to be a Chef and make
Electric Guitars - my most important lessons have
come from being in My Dying Bride, having great
friends to travel the world and experience life with.
You soon fin dout a lot about yourself and how to
deal with others when you spend 2 months travelling
Northern Europe in a small van, sitting on top of all
your equipment. I have finally found real love and
understanding with a woman and feel my life has a
true direction and purpose.

One of my favourite quotes is by Arthur 'Bomber'
Hartis. "They have sown the wind, and so they shall
reap the whirlwind." To me this is one of the ultimate
retaliatory statements of all time and something I wish
I could have said (even though I would not truthfully
like the opportunity).

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? How the supposed well-oiled machine of the world works?
How are things in your job and day to day life? I can hazard a guess that it is all a bit of a mess really, things
are late, not there, not working. The employees work like dogs and the Boss is filling his pockets. The world
is really held together with bits of tape and string, nothing really works at all, it's all a facade. Next time you
go somewhere, travel, buy something - think what has happened to get it or you there, refer it back to just how
much of a mess things in your job are with last minute fixes and apologies.

Ade Jackson

Today is a blue day
I don't know why
But the colour of the day is blue
I am still searching for my opaque day
It is not today
For today is blue
I have memories of a day that was black
So very black
Today is merely blue

Today will have to do

Hamish Hamilton Glencross

I grew up in a lonely place called Snydale, situated
on the outskirts of a small town called Normanton.
Snydale is in the middle of nowhere. Because there
wasn't much to do for us as young lads, we included
climbing electrical pylons and riding around on our
dirt bikes in our pastimes. Snydale and Normanton
are steeped in Viking and Norman history. Where
we lived at that time, just across the valley there was
(is) a forest, where it is stated in the archives of
Normanton library, that the Knights of the Round
Table used to meet there.
I would best describe myself as passionate, sensitive,
impulsive, secretive, dark. I strive to be a perfectionist
in everything I do.

I would have liked to have been there at the gathering.
I would have liked to have been there at the betrayal.
I would have liked to have been there at the condemnation.
I would have liked to have been there to watch him bleed.

I think of my son Rune and his future, what does it hold for him? What will be of interest to him in later life?
Will he want to be a musician? Will he learn to appreciate the majesty and awesome power of Mother Nature?
Will he stand proud and be glad of his Northman legacy? Who knows...

Shaun Taylor-Steels

Sarah Stanton

How dainty sings the choir
Their tentative first notes
To stir my heart to laugh again
To feel it soar and float
But the concert hall is empty
The music long is gone
The fleeting sense of happiness
Destroyed just like a song.

As time slips by it seems unjust
That all my dreams reduce to dust.


All songs written by My Dying Bride
All songs published by Vile Music
(A division of Zomba Music Publishers Ltd)
Layout, photos and Design by Morgana
(c) 2005 Peaceville Records
Peaceville is a Snapper Music label


After two 'greatest hits' albums, released just a few years before, what's the point in releasing another one? I have heard some negative responses to the Meisterwerk cds, specifically from people not familiar with My Dying Bride who didn't enjoy all the rare, unreleased & demo tracks, so perhaps the Anti-Diluvian Chronicles are an attempt to make up for that. Indeed this releases focuses much more on the most popular tracks, from their most recent albums all the way back to their debut. Also offering three cds for the price of one should convince some people to go for this compilation rather than Meisterwerk. And finally there's even something for the existing fans: three remixes that have not been released before! So overall I think there is good reason for this compilation set, and I hope MDB will get some more fans with this.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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