Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis

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1. Nowhere 11.18 2:59 1. Nowhere 11.18 2:59
2. Versus 6:24 2. Versus 6:24
3. Ordinance 7:46 3. Ordinance 7:46
4. Confessions 7:12 4. Confessions 7:12
5. Father
5. Metamorphoses 6:30 6. Metamorphoses 6:30
6. Ghost 8:24 7. Ghost 8:24
7. Seraphim is dead 7:45 8. Seraphim is dead 7:45
8. Lucifer speaks 8:40 9. Lucifer speaks 8:40
9. Exit 2:59 10. Exit 2:59
total time 58:41 total time 58:41

1. Nowhere

Is here

Who are you walking the worlds of noise
Unable to stop the screams
The endless cries inhaling the air

There is truth
And I see it come

2. Versus

Let my hands down
They are marrowless
Disquietly they search the way
They can not lead you anymore
They can not lead you anymore

Let them starve
They want to be lead by someone else
Life line guides death
Death guides up and deeper down

Still life fades
A prostration
Feet donít bear anymore

This is what we strive for
This is our will
Will is us

It is here
It is here

It is here
Graciously it sinks
Donít leave me now
Where is all the blood
When Iím gone

Do not deride him
Is it that you strive for
We are nothing but men
Following the shadow

3. Ordinance

You cruel king
Did you mention that there are chosen ones
Who come forth

We wear the crown
God used to wear
This gruelling weight
It feels right

You cruel king
You cruel king

Maybe completed
Maybe divided in six
Accomplished by foreign hands
It is here
Where are you

It distorts the ambiguous
Feeds life with decay
Thirst and death
Immanent in ill-gotten souls
Is it here
Where are you

4. Confessions

Today I washed my hands in ashes
I ate from the white doves
And yearned for Megiddo in excelsis

I feel that I breathe
I feel that he breathes
I feel that I breathe

I feel that he breathes

Yet Iím punished
He is punished
Yet Iím punished
Kick me down the stars
He is punished

God wears black today
While he steps out in the world
To carry the stillborn to the shore
And I strengthen him to throw us into the fire
His glint is a phenomenon
Eat your children cause they are yours
To see what they saw
To remember darkness
They are not what you wanted them to be
They are not what you wanted them to be

Today I drank the piss
The fruits of wisdom
And touched the children of the cross
I helped them up to let them fall again

I was Ė did you see the star fall
Aiwass Ė did you see the star fall

5. Metamorphoses

Aurea prima sata est aetas, quae vindice nullo
Sponte sua, sine lege fidem rectumque colebat.

Postquam Saturna tenebrosa in Tartara misso
Sub love mundus erat, sublit argentea proles,
Auro deterior, fulvo pretiosior aere.

Tertia past illam succesit aena proles,
Saevior ingenlis et ad horrida promptior arma,
Non scelerata tamen. De duro est ultima ferro.
Protinus inrupit venae peioris in aevum
Omne nefas: fugere pudor verumque fidesque;

Neve foret terries securior arduus aether,
Adfectasse renum caeleste gigantas
Altaque congestos struxisse ad sidera montes.
Tým pater omnipotens misso perfregit Olympum
Fulmine et excussit subiectae Pelion Ossae
Obruta mole sua cum corpora dira iacerent,
Inmaduisse ferunt calidumque animasse cruorem,
Et, ne nulla suae stirpis monimenta manerent,
In faciem vertisse hominum. Sed et illa propago
Contemptrix superum saevaeque avidissima caedis
Et violenta fuit: scires e sanguine natos.

6. Ghost

A slim starved body
Rises to vast extents
This wrinkled tactful skin
From the head to the tip of the toe

Impeccable in nature and appearance
Pours in everlasting seven seas
The revolting ghost stirs through salvation
Lives on and studies the living

Forever and now
When will I become

Darkness devours the bones of the descendant
They forgot to call the name of the lord
As the shadow discovered them
And turned them to beings

Characters failed in words of fury
He is deep
He afflicts

The ghost is me
The ghost is me

He expects men to adopt the spirit
To cry anxiously
To mark death with a cross
To stir through salvation


7. Seraphim Is Dead

She can see him
Climbing the walls
So slow
So everlasting
His vow is forever
Seraphim lives

An angel burns metres high
An angel in a shape of a man
An angel flawless in appearance
Choked in the fires of a new sun

He touched my mouth with fervent coal
No guilt, no sin
He touched my mouth with fervent coal

Youíre calling me
To the ground
Crucify the ego
Let the senses randomize

The sheep must be long dead now
They are alone
We are eternal
No one else will ever be

The pazuzu of the west
The dissonance in words
Seraphim is dead
Seraphim is dead

If heís really here
You should have seen him
Behind these walls
You can see through
You can raise a temple in seconds

8. Lucifer Speaks

They tried to speak with angel tongues
In vainglorious expressions
In absence they serve
Decline is long, dirty cold

In absence they serve
Decline is long, dirty, cold

This colossal darkness
Blackens the accused
For they stand alone
In chains

Lucifer speaks

You disperse the ground
With fragments of broken bones
They were not yours
You scatter a thousand deaths

Lucifer speaks

A new fire conceals the living
Similar to the ashes of the countenance
Apathetic they run the tunnels of blood

The darkness at the end of the tunnel

9. Exit

Here is salvation
Between vacant walls of sleep

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