Stone Wings - Bird Of Stone Wings

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1. Ulcer Man 10:40 1. Ulcer Man 10:40 1. Ulcer Man 10:40
2. By Hell Or Highwater 9:37 2. By Hell Or Highwater 9:37 2. By Hell Or Highwater 9:37
3. Wanderlust 6:33 3. Wanderlust 6:33 3. Wanderlust 6:33
4. Breaching The Castle Wall 3:33 4. Breaching The Castle Wall 3:33 4. Breaching The Castle Wall 3:33
5. Dreamscape 7:59 5. Dreamscape 7:59 5. Dreamscape 7:59
6. The Last Hand 6:57 6. The Last Hand 6:57 6. The Last Hand 6:57
7. Bird Of Stone Wings 23:38 7. Bird Of Stone Wings 23:38 7. Bird Of Stone Wings 23:38
total time 68:57 total time 68:57 total time 68:57

1. Ulcer Man

[Lyrics: Jamie Marsh.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett.]

[I: Beast]

Man without law
His sulfur kingdom of the blind
Kill them all, their miserable lives
Slaughter of the innocence
Prodigal father exudes grace

[II: Blood And Roses]

Diabolical domain
Cruel with intentions of madness
Harvest the spirits of the dead
Dripping with blood filled tears
Dead man who walks eternal is alone
His endless beauty cut to ribbons
Ritual desire, blissful games won

[III: Diseased]

Disgustingly deformed birth
Sickness and disease he gives
The haunting scarlet formed
Mutant cunts, rotten faces
Amputation of the soul
No mouths to speak
Gifts of torture welcomed
Emotional chaos, parallax views
Death upon the earth given pleasure

[IV: Vanity]

His vanity vile, the egotist unequalled
Mirror of the beast
Chronicles of Mort have begun
Dynasty of the master
Torturer of a thousand generations comes
You're going to die

[V: Death]

Fear in gods children exposed
Evaporating life, walking sick
Wounds calling for self destruction
Deadly shadow of the killing spree
Feed me, taste me
Destroy his memories, now dead
Children of the dark born

[VI: Ulcer Man]

You walk behind
Dead inside and falling
Silence now found
Beast of the apocalypse
Tears of man obsessed

2. By Hell Or Highwater

[Lyrics: Beau Dyer.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett.]

Arrived at last but soon to part
An envenomed arrow healed mine heart
Chase did I nymphs 'neath sullied tree
Bound by aesthetic ideology

Angel faced yet devil wrought
Not of worth yet dearly bought
Surprise in the western hills
Lake of sand to drink your fill

Iron shod yet light as air
Lost all 'twas dear without a care
By hell or highwater it will be done
By blazing moon, reflective sun

The darkened music that I see
Mortally wounded finally free
Sink beneath the twofold depths
For they giveth life yet stealeth death.

3. Wanderlust

[Lyrics: Beau Dyer.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett.]

Though moon will set 'ware thee the dawn
For sunrise will become
And simple needs thou haveth not
Though grow you old to young

And 'ware thee of the honey-tongued
Caressing you with guile
By dawn we must be far from here
Though yet we stay awhile

Though the years were planned ahead
Never knew quite what to do
For when I asketh for the mockingbird
They gaveth me the shrew

And yea! I heard it when you called me
But was stone-cast; stunned and blind
For when the star fell back into the sky
Alas, it ate my mind.

4. Breaching The Castle Wall

[Lyrics: Beau Dyer.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett.]

Like a madman
Who beats a dead horse
I have wasted centuries
Looking for something
That doesn't exist

But no more
I have cut out my fucking eyes

I have searched until I fell
But there were no ivory towers
Only this unyielding stone wall

Like the carrion crow
Who bewails the dead sheep
I have wasted centuries
Sowing shut the eyes of the blind

But no more
For I have breached the castle wall.

5. Dreamscape

[Lyrics: Stuart Prickett.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett.]

Within storm filled skies
That darken my dreamland
My night eyes stare
I witness the downtrodden

In halls of sorrow the passionless mingle
Clad in life's despair all around is dying

Vast oceans of grief call my name
Rivers of sorrow, chasms of hate
Forbidden realms to conquest
The quest eternal

In darkening fields I run
Through the fabled land of night's domain
Kingdom of divine reverence dying
Its putrid air caresses me
And the lunar mountains darken...

Onwards I tread through unworn paths of night
The gnarled woods greet my eyes, an unreal dreamscape
I embark on my quest to save my dreamland
The final light of its existence is fading

The lunar mountains beckon me forward
The final truth is there for me to find
They speak to me in my dreams
Now my own reality.

6. The Last Hand

[Lyrics: Beau Dyer.]
[Music: Andrew Habib, Stuart Prickett.]

The last hand has been dealt
In this game of cards played with jokers
And the hand? The hand I took with me
Though it left a crimson trail
So follow if you will.

The last stand has been made,
Made into something
That no longer resembles a stand
Of myself? I stood until my legs gave way
Though none were approaching.

The last nut has been cracked
At this table I built for myself
And the nut? Has become a dagger
It was not what it was cracked up to be
So cut the cards.

7. Bird Of Stone Wings

[Lyrics: Jamie Marsh.]
[Music: Stuart Prickett, Beau Dyer, Hamish Gould.]

Assemble savage machines
With erstwhile morbidity
Allow thee certain substance that I adore
Kiss my blood compassionately

So alone within leviathan's flood
Exotic world that lies within
Transcendence reflected in anti-life
Orgasm of sin's mutilated promise

Loathing life's charming fury
Infernal secrets riddled with glee
Sing to them, elixir obtained forever
Handled with rising madness

Unspeakable misery bleeds
The fires of earth 'till its rebirth
Granted silence through the dark
But cursed from the entrance above

The stars masturbate jealously
With wings of blissful gifts
Where sleeping shadows wake
And pseudo midnight lies

Covered in lunacy, the sower of destinies
Prostitute the carvings, the souls
Painful cuts through the mirror
Calling the sought after highs

I crucifier of planets, iris of pain
Dead star of stone, in hooves of fire
Their undying waltz
Please divest my wings of hate

Black laced eucharist, blue agaves
Wall of humankind's latent image
Festival of death for all to see
Weavers serenade speaking in tongues

Treacherous intimacy within stone wings.

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