Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter

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1. Intro (Feral Magic) 2:19 1. Intro (Feral Magic) 2:19
2. The Crown of Winter 11:44 2. The Crown of Winter 11:44
3. Mired 9:27 3. Mired 9:27
4. Bless You to Die 7:38 4. Bless You to Die 7:38
5. The Autumn Dancers 8:40 5. The Autumn Dancers 8:40
6. The Seventh Symphony of Satan 9:05 6. The Seventh Symphony of Satan 9:05
7. Beautiful Nature 9:24 7. Beautiful Nature 9:24
8. Outro (My Awakening Dreamland) 1:38 8. Outro (My Awakening Dreamland) 1:38
total time 59:55 total time 59:55

1. Feral Magic (Intro)

2. The Crown Of Winter

As the Legend comes true...
Among the virgin snows we are Her silent envoys
We make you dream
About what's happened
Long ago
So long ago...
I've seen you off by a vernal sunrise
To meet again in autumn dusk
And overcome with sudden uneasiness
A fine delight of my throbbing heart
Be standing quiet, blessed with oblivion
Inhaling the freshness of your enchanting cold
And feel this strange severe fondness
You grant me captured to behold
These calm and solemn snowfalls
In which I am drowning, revealing
That the death is no more
Being lost from this Earth
I am yet to be found
Among the stars not known
"I am not the only one,
Who drifts away into the Might of this Night
The decision's yours so will you join me?
We could, if dared, defeat the Height..."
- Please go dance with me
Before I fall asleep,
And teach me one more word of
Your perfect tongue...
As you are the only one
I want to talk to
I wish to talk to
I'd like to talk to...
- You...
No! Wait... I know.. I'm doomed to talk to...
Bring the Crown!
Bring the Crown!
For a prince of this Misery
In the glow of the Northern Lights
To become a true king...
And till the end of the time He'll dwell unopposed
Once being beheaded - Forever be Crowned...
I open heart for my eyes to see
The skies are crying turning grey
Today I seem to fail to find the decent cause
That would persuade me to stay

3. Mired

A pale cold haze by stealth conceals the path
As lurking shade transforms the day so fast
Rich colors fall against the bleak decay
Am I the one to pass these waters longing
For their living prey?
All where I can turn my look is a reign of Mire
I cry out but echoes die unborn
The dismal life of the Mighty Bogs
Shall go on undisturbed at all...
Perceive the stuffiness, the swamp's breathing hard
Digesting dreams of those who're now its part
Who've been sucked in or maybe jumped themselves
They cheat all deaths and never die being dead
Let woken be those whose time has passed
And the blessed get dressed in their newer flesh
Then come to soak my fury up and join
To free our world from meanness

Wrong are those who're telling you there's nothing to be awake for.
The Mire is enormous but not endless.
I dared to find the way out.
I've been searching all my life and finally succeeded, yet after all I've been through it seems to me that I am the only one who knows.

...I dared to find the way out...
Hear me call from the other side
Of the deadly mire's halls
See I could pass them through
And some other will if he wants
And all those who were killing me
For billion poignant times,
Failed again... yet my stars rise to shine
For the last time in these skies...

4. Bless You To Die

Master am I of the dark side you have never been even close to
Oblivion I give to the hordes, watching the sun
Burning their eyes that can't see
I know I am the one you hate and fear
Fear of my black heaven calls
One day to leave... to live
"Maybe it's just the way to be?"
Humility! How I scorn you worms!

In shining masks they come well dressed
Light bows imply the impeccable taste
And smiled are their rotting faces...

Once in a dream that I have seen...
...Me... falling down, into thy blazing sea
So will you be forcing me to arise?

And they strike...


Orgy of vermin is bursting through the rotting flesh's agony
Thrilling delight for ubiquitous corpse devourers
Which are faithfully creeping around the abandoned throne
Whereto death is slowly descending to rule over chaos!
Burn! Hell is mine yours is the agony!
I bless you to die! Hated! You! All!

5. The Autumn Dancers

Pain-disfigured burning face...
Lips seeking some moisture...
Morbid delirium emitting distress
Let this flooding despair caress me...
We've been chosen today
(Following instincts)
To arise being haunted to death...
Come closer as this mournful day falls
Blinded by men, yet still able to hear
The laughter, which is fading towards
The secret domain of our souls
But it comes another day
Like a ravenous doom,
And rise the Cursed to battle
The hated human scum
Once've started, they won't stop...

Made of leaves is my crown
A gift of the dreaming autumn,
Which is coming down, smiling
To join me in my forever dance

White ships of mist are moored in the morning
The final taste of the sweet night wine
Tonight we've got to know the sorrow
And cold ghostly wind will take us all away at dawn
It'll carry the ashes
Back through the grieving night
Away from the brightening horizon
And on the wings of a doleful sigh
It will release them
Into the dazzling winter day...

6. The Seventh Symphony Of Satan

Time! As a demon I rise, feeling the hunger
I gather us for the final Sabbath at last on this night
And I fly as the nightshade attacks the light
As it makes me the strings of thy wrath and all-conquering sin
Down into the hunt! Till the darkness allows
None of their bastions will be safe on this hour
Before the daylight devours our flesh, I wonder,
How many will manage to flee?
This night is worth the whole life
Yet the prophecy says we all to be burnt in the pitiful dawn
So be it! This oath's yet to serve us:
In torments and deaths to unite!

Passing the burning cliffs
Our ship is leaving the bay
Remember us for the others won't

As morning strikes
It feels the day
Up with the mass
Of deadly horror
It wakes the dead up
To proceed with rot
And thus provide them all
With new turmoil

Master! Art thou hearing me call?
Through these storms that I've summoned
As a tribute to thy majesty!
Regard! Oh, Almighty!
Thy mortal bride is prepared
And blessed she lies awaiting thee...
Thou, who allowed me to be thy choirs of sorrow,
In ascendant stream of this symphony
Heavier are my wings, yet it was damn worth of trying
To reach this height to fall from so desperately
And here it comes...

7. Beautiful Nature

Good morning... Just woke up
Today is 20th of September
I wash and dress and then...
Good morning... Just woke up
Today is 15th of November
I wash and dress and go
Good morning... Just woke up
Today is 5th of May
I wash and dress and then...

And the ceiling's gone as
Heavy smoke. Am off into the
Stream of Night... so fragile...
To live another life of mine
Either forgotten or unhappened...
...A boat is cutting dark-green waters, I am watching it while dad is rowing
I spot a thread of smoke at the bank, a smell of food, somebody's waving us...
We're home, both tired, wet but pleased: today it was a perfect fishing.
My mom's surprised and happy, so am I. She's smiling, praising me, her son.
Am running, my sister's joining me! It's swing time, who's the first?
We're swinging so that apples fall and joy's filling the garden.
And then we're having evening meal outside, together.
Black-yellow tongues of fire are rushing up
Into the velvet sky, so magically stellated.
All of a sudden, a spark, it hits my eye...
Growing's the pain to blow up the world and kill me back
Into the Day we all belong to...
Morning... Just woke up...

And so it goes, day after day.
A pale-gray circle
Of indifferent decay...
I just don't know
What still makes me wake up
To find myself surrounded
By the dead again...
...For buzz of bees and scent of pollen,
And can-docks over water's deep,
For silver threads of warm rains fallen
For all it still dwells beneath the steep
For shady glades and sunny wild heaths
And golden meadows, where we've run,
For rapture of a careless child with
The taste of pinesap on his tongue...
For a night-bird's flight across the river
Through the mournful toll of a lonely church
For after-dawn dew droplets quiver
And moths that dance in the light of a torch
For those who choose the pain of living
And bleeding wounds from that day forth.
For martyrs tortured, whose forgiving
Still helps the Skies to bear this Earth...

I take a deep breath as the vision's dying...
Those never fail who never dare
Bewept by none and cursed, we were just trying
To dream of what you're not aware...
Of floating mists embracing lovers
And honey poured on just baked bread,
Of solid rocks and fragile flowers...
Yet nothing matters to the dead...

8. My Awakening Dreamland (Outro)

Мой край великий, непокорный
Ты в думах следуешь за мной ...
Прозрачный свет и шелест скорбный
Венка печали неземной...

Судьбой я избран - вечный странник,
Душой привязан навсегда
К тебе, моей юдоли странной,
Любовь моя, моя беда...

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