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1. Epoch 6:18 1. Epoch 6:18 1. Epoch 6:18
2. Ghosts of the Flood 6:25 2. Ghosts of the Flood 6:25 2. Ghosts of the Flood 6:25
3. Of Wilderness and Ruin 8:18 3. Of Wilderness and Ruin 8:18 3. Of Wilderness and Ruin 8:18
4. The Gibbet Elms 6:29 4. The Gibbet Elms 6:29 4. The Gibbet Elms 6:29
5. Carrier of Echoes 10:38 5. Carrier of Echoes 10:38 5. Carrier of Echoes 10:38
6. Half-Light Eternal 8:22 6. Half-Light Eternal 8:22 6. Half-Light Eternal 8:22
7. A Waning Solace 9:51 7. A Waning Solace 9:51 7. A Waning Solace 9:51
8. Ashbringer 8:34 8. Ashbringer 8:34 8. Ashbringer 8:34
9. The Wind Whispers Of Loss 8:19 9. The Wind Whispers Of Loss 8:19
10. ...From The Mists 4:37 10. ...From The Mists 4:37
total time 64:55 total time 77:51 total time 77:51

1. Epoch

Drowning in a perpetual fogWhat is this torpor that drains me?I'm terrified of what the future holdsAs I cannot control itAnd I've done so many, many things that I regretThat I don't think I will ever sleep again

2. Ghosts of the Flood

The chaos of lifeCalling in the twisting veinsWhere lifeblood pumped and the children came to drinkNow blackened and dryThe husk of our existenceLies parched and cracked on this barren landSilenceThe stillness speaks of nothingFrom the blank slate horizon to the ceiling of the skyLife for lifeThe cacophony of the carnival forgottenOnly shadows and memoriesLingering in the hands of the earthCarried on the endless journey of the windWe call no moreTheir mouths are alive with selfish yieldWe have no tongue to speakDrained of beingOnce we sheltered in the hollow insideNow we are spectresGhosts of the floodSome day the rains will come againSo long we have waitedLost between planesNothing but the echo of a perpetual cryWe will dance in the gathering watersWhen breath shudders coldlyThrough the carcass of our essenceBringing out throats aliveDrowning stone and dustWe will call againCall to the eternal, empty skiesWe will call again

3. Of Wilderness and Ruin

Many have been those who walked before meBut few now remain on these blasted pathsWhere once we stood and gathered as oneFragmented now are those of the unboundWe stood and watched as the sky turned to fireAnd the sacred hollows of old were sunderedEclipsed by the dawn of a new eraThere is nothing for me now above or below this EarthFor what long ago was held to is no moreA hollow shell, a shattered conceitCondemning the memories of a thousand generationsTo the abyss of the forgottenMy eyes shimmer as they fall upon the ruinsLoss scars my spiritMy vehemence carries on cold, death-charged windsIt burns through me, scars my veinsAnd wracks the remains of an already tormented spiritRage and despair entwineAnd a broken man surrendersI lay and stared as the soils turned to dustAnd the last of the stars diedEclipsed by the dusk of finalityThere is nothing

4. The Gibbet Elms

We have stood for centuriesSentinels that frame the skyWe have felt the exhalationOf souls passed under usWe have trembled in the cold windsThat lash the soils of deathWe have drawn upon the poisoned strengthOf earth steeped in sorrowOur limbs have twitched and quiveredTo the sound of myriad snapping necksOur roots remained anchored and unmovedTo the whispers of ending that clamour withinAll now is silent and stillYet resting not are the echoes of the lostAs twilight descends and the murders wheel to roostThe fallen rise again like mistTo drape once more from our armsLike the rotting sails of a long-abandoned vesselThe scars of time have reaved their pain notAs the land sings its death-song againWe have stood for centuriesSentinels that frame the skyWe have drawn upon the poisoned strengthOf earth steeped in sorrowA final threnody for a forlorn convoyThat wanders, lost, in this bleak labyrinthCondemned to the aether beyond timeA memorial pain unyieldin
g that seeps into our souls

5. Carrier of Echoes

Keening...A reflection of all that wasThe bell tolls...Throughout the perpetual passage of infinityI was born long agoMy form fashioned from the primordial rockStorm-winds seared the umbra and my verdant spiritThe essence of an era forged by the elementsAnd millennia have passedFrail flesh teems with memoriesI watch with spectral eyesThe knowledge mine - and mine aloneAncient paths that sear the landscapeLey-lines scouring a wounded earthWhere long-forgotten shades now wanderBeneath the glare of the cold moonThe very soils imbued with a sense of longingBeneath my tread teem myriad memoriesThe essence of so much now lostEntombed in within the catacombs of a history forever buriedYet I know not what lies aheadNo secrets unearthed from my time in the aether have INo keys to unlock the myriad entangled strands of what will beBehind me, a wake of unending despairAhead, a formless void as yet unscarredWaiting for the Echoes of the dead to come

6. Half-Light Eternal

Illumination wavers in the strengthening grip of duskDarkness summoned something more than dreams and empty promisesEvery blade and bole turns towards the fading lightAnd all freeze to capture this moment in eternal clarityAround and around the centuries thunderRevolutions of earth and stone, oceans rise and fallThe waves of life flow high tide and beyondThis crystalline second still warm on the retina of remembranceBruised and melancholy is the momentThat stains these skiesAsh will saturate the bones of our footsteps echoSandstorm future melts through the half-light tangleThe end retreats ever onwards, suspended in fireShadowed by ages, enthroned in foreverThis hour, this minute, this secondThis very secondEvery memory furrows through the folds of timeShadows aflame with resonance before your eyesNow branded by the sharpened nature of his night

7. A Warning Solace

Nothing that breathed disturbs this enclaveAs the monolithic cosmic millstoneGrinds ever onwardsCrushing meaning beneath cold stoneIt is here that I lieAt one with the darknessWhere timelessness breeds tranquillityAnd the ravages of frailty thrashAgainst the wallsOf a reality long agoFractured and scatteredAnd yet... so slowlyIt starts to slip away(draining, sinking)My strength weakensWith each shuddering breathWith the fading of the mistsAnd the dying howlsOf the withering wildernessWreathed in decaySolitude is torn awayMy cries pierce the silence like arrowsAs this refuge is rent asunderThe fragile fabric collapsesRealisation wracks the spiritAnd I stare into the glittering eyesOf yet more unbridled sufferanceRending meAs this solace wanes, the wind grows colderThis once-verdant landscape now standsStooped and alien, stripped of spiritNothing remains to soothe a lamenting soulWhat was once mine is no moreRipped open and naked, I bleedBeneath th
e wanton iron skiesThat pour misery onto a hapless thrallMy nothingness exposed to all...(So little now still standsScorched earth and desolation and legacy of shameFor which I now pass judgement through the vesselsOf a new and forlorn Epoch)

8. Ashbringer

Moving amongst the many pathways of the aetherThe silent one, the harbinger of woeThe oracle of sorrows yet to beThe unnamed foreshadowingMarauder!Like the carrion-crow that circles the charnel-fieldHe knows his moment is soon"Render ash Unto Them!"As the penumbral darkness lengthensAnd the layers of quintessence are piercedOn void-trails of scorn he descendsTo sow the seeds of this world's decayCrawling and cowledOracle of the End, the doom-sidheWatching... WaitingWatching... WaitingStands unmoving upon the blasted moorA sightless gaze that sweeps this realityGhost-white fingers bring blight to fleshAs whispering words strip lifeFrom the very landscape of menReaving the soul of the Earth

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