Fall-Dark Waters

1. Fall-dark waters 7:16
2. Submerged seconds 3:00
3. Envisioned (-waters?) 4:32
4. Some drops beyond the essence 5:48
5. Endless is the stream 5:51
6. Gloria absurdiah 7:04
7. Wintry fluids (portal) 5:36
8. She came to me in the form of water 4:56
9. She wept in the woods 2:11
total time 46:14

Fall-Dark Waters

Deepness, Where are You?
Insert emotions storm in
Fill me... With your waves

Water! Love me now...
Whisper your dreams

Pain grows with the waves
Darkness runs through your Gales
Fall is yet to Come
Pain we be swept away

I feel so hogh - indcredible high
Floating above the stars - kissing the sky

I fly through th Sun as a Wave
Feeling no pain
Come with me now!
Come, Come, Come...

Submerged Seconds

Through the agony that lies around us
I try to cry with my desprate voice
Sentences from the labyrinths of humanity
Medleys of love and sorrow

The purple mist that lies on the waves of my words
On the billows of reveries...
Reality comes with the Waves

Envisioned (-Waters?)

I dance around a Lake
The dripping sounds of burning raged
With so feeble tone
Consuming everything

I dance around a Lake
Yearning for anything
But the visible
World which I lived in

Let your mind soar and glide
Try touch existence that hides
I hear no God Speaking
I choose the love of Misery
Water reveal the veils of live
Water take me inside

I shatter- May life I shatter...

If I had all the light
That shines inside the Sun
If I had the reveries that took me through the Waves
If I was a god above all the thrones
I still would be in the chains...
In the chains of forms
Essence release new me
Open the doors to the worlds of existence

Some Drops Boyond the Essence


Endless is the Stream

Water please come
Dance with me now!
All the Flames are far away
Water take my soul
Into the stream

You are so far away
I cannot see
I hear the waves
With my trembling heart I leave...
I leave...

Gloria Absurdiah

Dance with me on the fields I used to walk on
Dance with me in a dream
Live with me a dream
Walk through the skies
Where purple seems so red
Flooding Melancholia
It streams through me

Wintry Fluids (Portal)

(Shivering forms drowing in the Water)
Night goes dark so quietly
And the stillness comes down with the Sun
I see her life!!!!
Like the Sun - Sinking

With the Angels...
We walk into the domains of non-existence!

She Came to Me in the Form of Water

I seek for new worlds
Through running above scarlet stars
But all I find is only the self
Water come and rescue me!

I hear her call
But when I reach out for her
There's no liquid - Fall-Dark Water

As I run, she's crying my name
I'll breath her voice until I drown
Her scent flies over untouching me
Unknowing I'm there

I hear her call
But when I reach out for her
There's no liquid - Fall-Dark Water

We'll never fade
I'll never tremble in her storm
I'll never swim in her eyes
Nothingness has taken over once again!

She Wept in the Woods


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Line up

Jukka Viorinen - Vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars

Jani Kakko - Lead & rhythm guitars

Mikko Laine - Drums

Session Musicians:

Jonne Valtonen - Keyboards
Sini Koivuniemi - Female vocals, flute
Karolina Olin - Female vocals, violin
Anna Pursiheimo - Cello
Maria Aspelund - Viola
Piritta Vainio - Female vocals



Recorded and mixed at Verkatehtaan Studio between July & October 1995 by Ari Ainasoja
Produced by Decoryah
Engineered by Ari Ainasoja
Cover and other photos by Janne Ketola
All songs by Decoryah
(c) 1996 Bloody Skull music. BMI. Administered by Bug Music
Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved

Contact Decoryah:
P.O.Box 53
20781 Kaarina

(c) 1996 Metal Blade Records Inc.

World Wide Web site:
E-mail: MtlBldRcds@aol.com

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Hmmmm... this is very relaxed. I think what Decoryah plays lies somewhere on the edge of metal and rock. It's very atmospheric, very beautiful. No grunts, just clean vocals both male and female, and lots of different instruments. Nice to listen to while taking a break from the black metal... huhuhuhuhu...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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