Satyricon - The Forest Is My Throne (demo)

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1. Black winds 7:07 1. Black winds 7:07
2. The forest is my throne 5:00 2. The forest is my throne 5:00
3. Min Hyllest til vinterland 5:24 3. Min Hyllest til vinterland 5:24
total time 17:31 total time 23:41

Black Winds

Summon thy hidden wisdom, gather the unholy hate
Winter is at hand, frozen my tears will be
Created by blasphemy
The edge of my sword, the powers of my mind

Winter is at hand, as two torches blaze in the dark
A warrior dressed in black, granted eternal life
Black winds blow my hair, as the voice of the night
Whispers my name

Blackened ground, misty sound
Hear the call for war, the master calling his
Warriors to explore by the sign of the horns
As the dawn arises the souls of a thousand
Young men shall go wild
As the fire shines into the night they're sitting by
The campfires awaiting the dawn

The Forest Is My Throne

Through years of knowledge, man rode the wings of evil
Through the enormous winter, three years without summer
Prepared for the battles of the north

I sat on my throne and watched between
The skies of a cold northern light
Knowing this was my ground, but those who turned their backs
Against my throne, only got my sword on their back!

I rose from my throne, and walked away with the wind
Through centuries of weakness
Only the strong follow me, on my crusade of darkness
In this land where the forest is my throne
I have come to re-hunt

The Night Of The Triumphator

Come come infernal war awake beasts of hell
free yourself from the chains that have been holding you for 666 years
We await sodomy and destruction

It is the night of the triumphator (starts the burning of heaven)

On this night in the pentagrams power we shoot the angels down from the sky
(and we) sodomize the dirty whores of babylon... on christian ground

On this night we torture the betrayers

Night night holy night of the triumphator

(rape the nuns, hang the priests, cut the throat of the crying christians)

Typed in by Fabio G.

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