Amortis - Gift of Tongues

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1. Godless Aphrodite 8:29 1. Godless Aphrodite 8:29 1. Godless Aphrodite 8:29
2. Fear F/X -The Pleasure Mechanism 7:09 2. Fear F/X -The Pleasure Mechanism 7:09 2. Fear F/X -The Pleasure Mechanism 7:09
3. Hyperthalamic Prey 6:50 3. Hyperthalamic Prey 6:50 3. Hyperthalamic Prey 6:50
4. The Obscure Dance of Distress 7:28 4. The Obscure Dance of Distress 7:28 4. The Obscure Dance of Distress 7:28
5. Gift of Tongues 7:08 5. Gift of Tongues 7:08 5. Gift of Tongues 7:08
6. The Human Puzzle 7:20 6. The Human Puzzle 7:20 6. The Human Puzzle 7:20
7. Exit Wound 187 6:07 7. Exit Wound 187 6:07 7. Exit Wound 187 6:07
total time 50:34 total time 50:34 total time 50:34

1. Godless Aphrodite

They stare at you – my sweet heart, know, you are the one
But you only belong to me like you have always done
They can feel your power, they crave for your love
But you are my goddess, my gorgeous white dove

Confusion, fear, detestation
An immense work of god's creation

The only taste I perceive is desire
Strangulating me like rusty barbed-wire
You cause arousal inside my head
Your fucking lovers, I wish them dead

There is a connection between pain and lust
It is my obsession to watch you around dusk

The border-line between love and hate
Is paper-thin, sealing our fate
Condemned to agony from early past
My senses have never been made to lust

An empty canvas
A purely white screen
This hellish life
Things you have not seen

A darkly portrait
A purely black heart
This black illusion
Real blaspheming art

Who wants to feel secure, does well, not to be seen or heard
Who wants to catch interest, does well, to dig in the dirt

Detect, select, next victim is in sight
Tasteless, caress, anger and hate collide
Fear is, horrific, at same time turning on
Distinguish me from all others you have known

Eyes... tell everything of you
Sin of lust... a joyful mist to do
Do you think, forgiveness is existing?
The irretrievable of time – something I am missing

Control and distance – the magic words
Disconnected from the rest of the world
I am yearning for a breath of normality
Like a vampire I dwell, distracted from reality

This world is teeming of perverts unknown
I do not point at them, I judge on my own
Strangle them – a chain around their neck
They deserve to suffer, I spit on their wreck

I thought you'd trust me, but that's not enough
Your mental disorder, it's breaking you in half
I'll deliver you from this morbid game
My godless queen of love, the seed of all pain!

2. Fear F/x – The Pleasure Mechanism

It's a rude awakening at night
My thoughts almost ignite
When I see myself inside

Violence – the only joy
Pleasure – the only aim
The drown symphony – my senseless game

Silent screams dreadfully I hear
Empty veins, my look too much to bear
My heart is lost, in chains enshrined
Catatonia in my eyes, all memories entwined

What is the sense of life – the ritual of the knife?
Bored to the shores of time – killing is no crime
I am creating radically different styles of now
To erase unworthy people better dead, already now

My world is free of sense, seeing life through a bleak lens
LSD – the illusion I need to float from the sickness I feed
Chainsaw dismemberment – what a pathetic word
My execution routine – screams no unheard

I'm killing, unwilling, murdering with style
Dissecting, liquidating, torturing once a while
What was set to be the rules, I break it down again
There are no upper bounds for me, no ethnic claim

Distortion of a paradigm
You never know what a clamp can do (to you)
When the night is long
Revealed by ecstasy
Nails and matches are useful tools
Scrambled – the human sense

Maybe I am a monster, a schizoid man
But there is nothing preventing me from torturing again
Perhaps I am the devil – in a human frame
'cause I got no soul, everything's a morbid game


Stare into my eyes, the truth behind all lies
Tears are mixed with blood, madness never dies
Feel the pure horror running down your fucking spine
These voltage-gated cabled – your destined decline

Cocaine dreams of murder
Blood spilling orgies further
Temptation: joyful slaughter

I am the shadow behind your back
I am the one putting a rope around your neck

Knife and death, mood and evil
Experience nihilism on a higher level
No exit, no hope, no future, no fear
Your destiny, my dignity, the end is near

3. Hyperthalamic Prey

Brain-storming myself in self-affliction
Engulfment of thoughts, without addiction
Teaching you nothing, revealing your mind
The constitutional race of superlative kind

Seek the powers enshrines in you
Even less than you thoughts to do
No-one knows, but all believe
No-one cares, but all relieve


Six bullets – likelihood turns into guarantee
Catch sight of the one who will set you free
The nucleus of rage implanted into your brain
Aggression is heritage, a blood-red rain

I'll liberate mankind from all multi-overload
All criminal potentials on this open road
Each person that might cause disorder
I take them with me around the corner

Escalation – of world unknown
A kingdom of wisdom – I hold the crown

Killing by day, killing amongst others
A new experience I may discover
You force me to a bigger challenge
All routine is raised to riskier heights

I'm the master of puppets, your decline
Hidden the truth, psychotic, endocrine
Believe me, I know that you are willed
You are glad to see all potential killers killed

Enigmatic – my thoughts
Confusion – my denial of you
Control – the survival kit I need

Poetry, beauty, words of no presence
Life and death the only long lasting sequence
Great expectation but nothing for real
I am the one who likely holds the seal
My gas-gun the weapon that sentences you
This wounded world lies upon you

Obediently, fearless, not without courage
You great your own death, an interesting carnage
Life's an unnatural shimmer – on the screen of eternity
Just a metaphoric glimmer – the system of anomaly

Bleed for me
Destroy god – in your head
A change of seasons
Is all you will ever dread

I kill, therefore I am
Take these words into your grave
You read black, where white I read
Bloody wishes, nothing is real

4. The Obscure Dance Of Distress


What is it, making people slightly different one another?
At best their decent smell, a thing I have no bother
Why can't I be like anybody else out there
Distinguished by an own scent, characterising my hair
I search for you, a beauty of imminent smile
To create the human perfume – of a perfect style

Odour – purely erotic
Aura – indeed exotic
Fragnance – almost narcotic
Perfection the only way

Odour – purely erotic
Aura – indeed exotic
Redolence – almost narcotic
Blend of prominent day

Your velvet skin, the shining eyes
You seem to be the devil in disguise
Breath-taking, heart-breaking
The fulfilment of dreams
Uniting everything
Your beauty floats in streams

...but you don't care
To even reciprocate my glance
...or you didn't dare
To ask me for a hellish dance

Follow me to experience what is agony
Heart-pounding treasures, a cause for conflict measures
Wisdom as knowledge, atrocities enchanneled
Killing god would be much easier to handle
Wonders, miracles, adoring you in sympathy
Inside of me there's too much hidden jealousy
Feel my hands on your skin, feel my dagger by your side
Forever you'll remain as my dying bride

The obscure dance of distress

Beware of darkness
Surrounding your hybrid coat
The essence of the I
A thing that will always float

Challenging my power
To gratify the urge
Animalistic instincts
Cold-blooded dirge

See me crave for your genetic tunes
See me crave for your love

Now we are gathered, where no-one knows
Where the good seed of mankind never grows
Never have I been closer to you

I want to love you, like a never did
I have to kill you, without you I'll be sick
All the tears you shed I wanna lick

Your immortality – is gonna comfort me
As our feelings collide – you'll be by my side

5. Gift Of Tongues

You want a god, a new messiah?
An object of virtue, of deep desire?
Your miseries shall all be broken
I'll heal you without words being spoken...

Death – the only path to reach you
Pain – the only way to teach you
Of what you missed 2000 years
But craved for in your fears

I'll lead your souls to the promised land
Where glory reigns and our lives extend
A new epoch without false behaviour
A new millennium without...

I – have chosen 12 of you
To fulfil the work I've been elected to
As descendants of prophets you shall deal
Proclaimed by the wounds that will never heal

You'll be the martyrs of a failed generation
Your aches will drown all false temptation

One being hanged, one beaten to death
One skinned alive, one killed with a lance
Everyone gets his own part
To participate in my divine art

'cause I had died and started to live
Decapitate – illuminate
But you used to judge and not to give
Mutilate – degenerate
Take the silver spoon as a sign for my rules
Sown in two – I stand over you
You can't disturb me, you stupid fools

Dance the silver court of life
Your tongues shall speak my words – be strong
You're gonna slightly breath
You're gonna lose your faith

You have forgot about the aim of life
You shall believe, not just survive
I want you to think about your inner perspective
Don't look back in anger but in a poison-reactive

Perfection – my weapon
Illusion – my secret
Deception – my disguise
Believe in my... eyes!

Following the voice of blood
I take your tongues before you start
To lose the frame called body
To lose the shadow called soul
I will speak through your remained tongues
Showing us the newly-entered path

6. The Human Puzzle

I'm having you in my backsight today
The perfect zombie after a long delay
You are an object of important function
Enabling me a harmless junction

I'll be the one controlling you
Commanding what you have to do
You'll be begging to be my slave
To lick my toes in a crimson wave
My word are the truth, this truth lies in you
Of what your brain refuses yet to know

They treat me as a disabled person
Of inferior mind and without own will
Now I strike back in revolt of pure conscience
Pounded by adrenaline, lead by scientific essence

And I will increase – and spread my disease
By making you bow up to me... forever!!!

Shutting the door in front of your eyes
Letting you feel the edge of despise
Your mindloss is vengeance and vengeance is fear
Your memories shall be dismally clear

You are a zombie, my personal servant
A dysfunctional unit trapped in a cage
A disfigured person of self-immolation
Remotely guided to execute my rage

I don't need – your genes involved
The human puzzle – has been solved

Transorbital lobotomy the key to my dream
The sponge in your mouth is drowning your screams
Conservation works have eventually begun
For you it might be a painful dead-end-run
As I am raising your eyelid to lead in my icepick
You have already fainted – unconsciously sick

Your basic instinct – is all that remains
That's what mankind – deserves in my aims
There'll be no more – dreams you dread
Your blood flows blue – instead of red

Relieving remembrance from truth and superstition
Some inner shades of you believer bad condition
When my work's done you'll miss all individuality
Creating a monster, a ticket to eternity?

Stay alive or you'll be useless
Obey, betray, decay, deny
Abandon all arbitrary actions
Erase, eclipse, erect, estrange

No reaction in your eyes
Just dedication to your god

Do bones swim?
In the underworld...
Do bones swim
In the water deep...

Healed from all your anxiety
Forgotten all your severed pain

Believe, relieve, retrieve, deceive
The circus of confusion has stopped its weird show
Operation failed, patient is dead
Look for a new proband instead

7. Exit Wound 187

Who are they?
Differing from us...

Who were they?
Before they took our trust...

What is it?
That makes a beast of cruelty
A product of the past
Not understandable to us

XYY – the aggressive potential?
All determined, genetically – elemental
Hypothalamic disease or congenial dysfunction?
Generating more than animalistic conjunction

Unknown and mysterious
Absorbing and dismaying
Thrilling and dispairing

The profile of murder
The profile of pain

Question conquers answer
Riddle devours solution

Exit wound 187
Mental escape

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