Primordial - Imrama

Original Version Rerelease Version Double CD Version
1. Fuil arsa 4:44 1. Fuil arsa 4:44 1. Fuil arsa 4:44
2. Infernal summer 6:11 2. Infernal summer 6:11 2. Infernal summer 6:11
3. Here I am king 4:26 3. Here I am king 4:26 3. Here I am king 4:26
4. The darkest flame 5:18 4. The darkest flame 5:18 4. The darkest flame 5:18
5. The fires... 5:23 5. The fires... 5:23 5. The fires... 5:23
6. Mealltach 1:28 6. Mealltach 1:28 6. Mealltach 1:28
7. Let the sun set on life forever 4:26 7. Let the sun set on life forever 4:26 7. Let the sun set on life forever 4:26
8. To the ends of the earth 5:30 8. To the ends of the earth 5:30 8. To the ends of the earth 5:30
9. Beneath a bronze sky 3:27 9. Beneath a bronze sky 3:27 9. Beneath a bronze sky 3:27
10. Awaiting the dawn... 5:00 10. Awaiting the dawn... 5:00 10. Awaiting the dawn... 5:00
11. The calling 4:56
12. Among the lazare 7:52
11. To Enter Pagan 5:49
12. The Darkest Flame 4:36
13. Among the Lazarae 5:52
14. To the Ends of the Earth 6:03
--- Bonus DVD: Live Cork City, Ireland, Feb 1994 ---
1. Among the Lazarae 5:37
2. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever 4:21
3. To Enter Pagan 5:35
4. The Darkest Flame 4:38
5. The Fires 5:32
total time 46:01 total time 58:41 total time 1:33:52

Fuil Ársa

Mairfídh ar bhfuil go deo
I gciorcal timpeall na cruinne

A dhéite ársa...Tá ár Áine fós ar lasadh
Tog muidne do mhuintir...Go síoraí

An rud a éiríonn ón gcré
Fillfidh sé arís
Tá na coillte súilta agam
Mhothaínn na spirid...Mhothaínn an phian

Ag tnúth
Le rích athoireacha seanda ársa, ar
Ard rithe
Le suí...I gcuimhne na glóire

Muintir na ndéithe
Muintir na nirt
Muintir na tola

Ag fí draoíchta
Mealltach na cruinne

Oscallaíonn sé go fairsing dom
M'fhuil ge sioraí

Infernal Summer

Her skin, so pale...shrouded in black
I drew down the veil, I wanted her back
I am at one with what never lived
I'll draw down the veil, and offer up what I have to give...

Shall you try and poison my words
At a summers funeral, I woke to the light
Shall you lay my bed with thorns
And clutch at me like you have done to life...?

Shall I be the chief mourner, in your procession
No stone lays unturned...(Rest in your grave)
I can no longer hear, silence calling your name
Or the choirs of ruin, lamemting your pain

Here I Am King

What am I but a thorn in your side?
Frost in summer, to chill your heart
A drifting memory of autumn decay
A shadowed soul in a fetter of light

An abyssic voice in purile mind...a fallen one
Wandering by the shores, of eternal sin...

The sun no longer shines here
Endless waves roll upon the endless shores
A sullen ship drifts upon the blackest tide
Beneath darkened boughs, no song is heard...
An endless forest where the devil's shadows play I am King

I know no other world
I know no other...
For here I am King
And a King I shall stay...

Take my hand...
To an eternal infinity
Where the stars burn in my name

The Darkest Flame

You...gave me strenght to carry on
You...pass all wordly troubles unto me
You...gave my time meaning
You...left your sorrow for my soul

I love you
I need you
I want you
I live you
I am you

I...layed a thousand souls to rest
I...could be a martyr in their eyes
I...wished only for them to see
I...embraced where I once dwelled
I...lived for you

"If rape, arson, poison or the knife has
Wove no pleasing pattern upon this
Drab canvas we call life, it is because
We are not bold enough."

The Fires...

Funeral winds...caress the flame
The naked fire that soothes my flesh
In darkness I can ask for little more

Then a Samhain fire to lead the dead
Nocturnal everslumber procession
A gathering of such ancient souls
To see our brother to his journey's end
Into the darkness forever...

The frozen ground dances beneath us
Our path cross the barren lands
Burning torches lament
As fiery shadows dance
Across his gravebound face

Entombed in pagan earth
To rise in the cold November mist
We will haunt their pious dreams
In eternal black adore we kiss

Witchcraft has breathed death in my soul
To keep the darkest flame ever burning


Drifting in dreams of memory past
To pray to never wake
Or return to spiritless cages
That held me once before
So mant seasons I've seen
A heart as winter's cold...
To melt in a summer's passion
To forge a new things that have grown so old

My Gods need me now
I've sheltered beneath their sky
My life I would willingly give
For their return, it is but an honour to die

Seasons come and go
Children grow to die
Kings may come
And Kings may go

But our Gods shall rule the sky

Let The Sun Set On Life Forever

Dawn's cold passion filters through the trees
In darkness I showed you ecstacy
In darkness I took you from this world
Light shall never fall upon your face again

From spring I've waited for this winter's reap
I've watched you pass autumn's twilight yearning

Now with dawn I bring you eternal sleep
And silence all forever mourning...

Your blood looked so beautiful in the snow
I cried like a child...
All my life I waited for you
And with dusk's onset...I lay with you...

A cold embrace
A winter's kiss
Frozen blood upon my lips...

To The Ends Of The Earth

I am the eye of the storm
Axis Mundi, I fall to my knees
I've realised my dark dreams, father
I have become...I spread my seed
Have I not brought you to these
Ends of the earth that I defy
No effigy shall fail me now
And no voice from the sky, shall deny me

I rode the four hate winds
From where I came, I could not name
I hear the colours and see the sounds
I arose from the east, and plagued
The lands of the same...I had no need
Of incantation, or enchantmant
You brought the end upon your world
Our world has no end...your's
Has just is torment

Now is forever...destiny unfurled

Awaiting The Dawn...

Lilith my bride...a love of sin so deep
Wounds of lust won't ever heal
Stigmata...I yearn for thy crimson taste
Rape my senses...upon your cross I'll weep
But shall this longing I ever satiate

I writhe, I twist...convulse in ecstacy
Bring me to ritual, bring me to life
Fornicate, profanate, procreate...spawn of he who am I
Eternity, for your touch I'll pay

It is nights as black as this that have made me
Am I to pay the wage of sin...?
Beyond the stars a fire shall burn for me
I turn my face to a new age...
Lucifer...what tidings doth thou bring?

The Calling

Brothers and sisters
Descendants of gods
Forge a new destiny
In accordance with your will

Fan the flames of change
Sweep away stagnation
Purge what went before
And claim
What is rightfully yours...

Among The Lazarae

Ceremonial beauty beneath a bitter moon
Perditious souls danse their danse
Winter withered silence were once my tomb
In eternal frost, a dark romance
Listen, such angels of the end do weep
As knowledge comes for those who watch ever
Wrapped beneath the boughs of fateless sleep
Dismal dreams of paradise come never
The sky shall flow as waterfalls of distress
I, wandered in the midst of shades
O' heaven sent mysteries of hell's caress
Blind my eyes before my vision fades
I have envisaged the harvest moon
The summer of eternal reap
...has come...

Solomon's wisdom
Anastasis Christou
The harvest shall come
Ride the red dawn

In repentent paths
Opens new gates for you

"I will strike at the shepherd,
And the sheep will be scattered"

Turn my blood to wine
And I will drink to you
Open my veins for your soul
Light blind my eyes

I built my
Gallows with
Such a visionary
Conquerer of
Such perversion
As to remain

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