1. Towards The Crown Of Nights 5:53
2. Dragonstorms 4:59
3. The Dark Conquest 6:56
4. From The Storm Of The Shadows 5:15
5. Night Of The Blackwinds 3:43
6. The Chasm 3:47
7. Visions Of The Lost Kingdom 3:28
8. Through The Eyes Of The Raven 5:02
9. In Times Before The light 6:02
10. Monarch Of The Mighty Darkness 5:54
total time 50:59

Towards the Crown of Nights

War has swept across each kingdom
Epic battles rage across domains
Thrones are falling...
As the dark-light burns again
Feeble humans...
Behold me in my victory
Can you see the night come?
It is indeed a beautiful view

I am the storms that rage in the night...
A blazing mist of pure blackness
I am the flame of darkness
Which burns in every heart

Driven by a lust for power and domination
An immortal king I am... forever to rule
I am one with the dark, a prowling shadow-wind
But in the darkness... I am the nightking

Through the raven-woods I walk...
Beyond the raven-lairs
Towards the castle of the dragon-throne
Towards the crown of nights
Walk my path of victory...
A never-ending pride
Cross the river of crimson tears
The eternal night is near

Into the silent dark forest beyond

From the churning seas
To the haunted woods
To the snow-covered mountains
I am the night
The glorious night
And shall forevermore conquer

Into the silent dark forest beyond


Through the dark I storm with hate, ablaze with gruesome might
Again destruction walks my path as I battle for the night
Blackwinds come and lift my dragonwings into the sky
Carry me across domains, towards the night I fly
I spread my wings across the fields, forever growing cold
Lightning fills my heart like myths had once foretold
I prowl the woods for living blood, the reaper of the light
Again destruction walks my path, I conquer for the night

The dragonstorms flew away with the starwinds...
Towards the realm of nights... into the dark where dragons ride...
Come forth thou glorious night, embrace me in your triumphant grasp
I crave for darkness... I crave for the dragonstorms to come again

My eyes they gleam with victory under the blackening sun
Through the clouds I storm with pride, the battle has been won
Cravens of the light they flee as dragons ride again
Evil dominates the world... as I am unchained
See the firedragons they ride as fogwinds of decay...
The forevernight is here at last... the sun now fades away
Embraced by triumph I take the throne and crown myself the king
Eternal darkness veils the sky... Hear the dragons sing

The dragonstorms flew away with the starwinds...
Towards the realm of nights... into the dark... into the dragon realms

The Dark Conquest

A vision appears before my eyes
A vision where I am king... eternal
And in the backness of night
I shall conquer... I shall rise

My eyes the gleam with triumph and glory
Many battles I have fought... and won
And for centuries have I ruled as king
But still the greatest conquest is to come

I will forever seek
To dominate the weak
Oh... how they shall suffer
The anger of my hate
Byt victory will come...
Embrace the dark conquest
"Forever winter... forever night..."

A tear is shed...
For the beauty of the forevernight
And the fallen empires
Have been purged in my triumph
Worlds have I destroyed...
Stars have I born
Dark, my kingdom is... desolate

From the Storm of Shadows

From the storm of shadows
In the mist of night
Through the dark wastelands of time

Hear my cries of hate
Hate for all
As I wander through the cold

Within my black soul
A fire burns
The fire of god's destruction

The shadowstorms
Howl again
The light will fade away and die

Black souls... eternal souls
Like a vision that haunts the night
Swept away in the night
From the storm of shadows...
King of the night

Through the mighty winter
My eternal winter
I am king... I rule this world

I rise upon my throne
The dragonthrone
I am emperor... and I am god

"I long for the dark night...
And the storm to come again"

From the storm of shadows...
...a domain of hate shall rise

Night Of The Blackwinds

Where the wind blew my soul
Through dark and dim moonbeams
Through landscapes forged by time
And enormous gloomy forces

Where the wolves howl my sorrow
Through forests and forgotten valleys
Towards the darkest my journey rode
Towards the darkest... towards the great

This is the night of the blackwinds
Where many a frozen soul finds way
And the sky is dark as coal
In the endless bitter night

This is the night of the lonley winds
Here the light no longer guards
and dhe darkest one sits high on his throne
In the endless bitter night

The Chasm

Breathe through the chasm of night
Wander off into the mountain
Where many a king has gone
Before the dawn of time

Misty paths enlighten my way
To seek the ancient wisdom
Travel to the far beyond
To unveil that carven in stone

Myths of my forefathers quests
Acknowledged before my eyes
Here in this mountain hall
I grasp at the memories

Feel the gaze of enticing power
Unite myself with our forefathers kings
Grow in the knowledge of ancient glory
I am the past come again

Breathe through the chasm of valleys
Wander off into the shores
Where many a king has gone before
Forever to walk, again once more

Visions of a Lost Kingdom

Swept the wintery landscapes
Untouched by the hands of the holy
I am a demon, I hold the key
But not for myself...
But to crush the feeble race

I have had visions of lost kingdom
Once so proud but only to fall
We raise the sign on the mountainside
This domain...
Is eternally ours

Our world is like a black soul
In eternal search for immortality
But the soul is tired of searching...

Through the Eyes of the Raven

Through the gloomy marshes
Of norselands ancient soil
Below me withering blizzard
Has melted with the snow

"My tears no longer turned to frost
My eyes they gleam no more
Triumphant pride forever lost
King winter... Where is thy cold?"

"Many a winters night I have longed
In solitude with my own reflection
Silently I spill a tear into the sea
Am I doomed to haunt this landscape forever?"

A colourless cascade of withering grey
Midnight slumber hides my pain

"In the gloominess of autumn dusk
I sat mesmerized, staring at the sky
Will you come to take me away
In your everlasting grasp?"

I long for thee... king winter

Make me frozen, cold as ice
I give to thee my blinded eyes
Make me chilled, as white as snow
I give to thee my lonely soul
Hear my longing, hear my cry
I give to thee my empty mind
Cast your winds upon my wings
I give to thee my hollow heart

Come... cold winter, blow me so far away
Swept into the night, end my sorrow and pain

Come... cold winter, blow me so far away
Swept into the night, never to be seen again

In Times Before the Light

From the mist of a thousand nights
A chilling wind howls forth
Lonely souls set to hunt
A sky both dark and cruel

In times before the light
In times before the feeble
Lonely souls...
Freezing cold

To be a soul of eternal frost
And roam the darkest of nights
Autumn spirits set to hunt
Moonlight rapes the night

Blackwinds prowl the dragonthrone
Sheltered from the sun
Lonely times before the light...
Are yet to come

Dark night... Lonely night
In times before the feeble

Cold night... Freezing night
In times before the light

Monarch of the Mighty Darkness

When the wolves howl in sorrow
And the sun is as pale as snow
When darkness sweeps the land
And the seas have turned to blood
We shall once more come forth
Forever to rule this world
Behold the sons of darkness
Eternal kings of the night

Our noble souls
Lead a marching victory
Into the kingdom of darkness
Rejoice on our glorious path
Hear our words
Like landscapes frozen in time
We raise our swords
To the final conquering darkness

When lightning cracks the sky
And darkness reaps the light
Kneel before us earth and sea
And grant us with your might
To the castle of blackhearts we ride
A blaze in the noblemens eyes
A whirling storm of mist
Shall carry the monarchs into victory

On thrones raised by sorrow
With crowns forged with blood
We rule in endless time
Eternal kings of the night

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Line up

N. Blackheart - Vocals, battery, synth

T. Blackheart - Guitars, bass, synth



"In Times Before the Light" was recorded & mixed at X-Ray Studios in the fall of 1995
Enigneered by Sire Johannesen; produced by both Covenant & Sire Johannesen
Digitally mastered at The Exchange; executive production by Noctis Irae

All symphonies arranged & composed by Covenant during the period 1992-1995
All poetry penned by Covenant between the years 1993-1995

Cover painting by Alex Kurtagic
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel
Portraits taken by Close Up
Art design conceived by Covenant
Layout and design executed by Digitalis

Band contact c/o Covenant, P.O.Box 4075, 2301 Hamar, Norway. (Enclose an IRC/$1 for a guaranteed reply)


Because of the popularity of Melodic Black Metal bands, it's hard for a new band in this genre to really stand out. But after listening to this album once, it was already clear that Covenant have no trouble at all achieving this. This two-man band plays very mature, very melodic black in the vein of Dimmy Borgir, Emperor etc, but already with a very own sound. This debut cd places them directly in the top of the black metal scene I think.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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