The Laws of Scourge

1. The laws of scourge 3:22
2. Piercings 4:55
3. Midnight queen 6:20
4. Screeches from the silence 3:52
5. Prelude to a suicide 3:55
6. The black vomit 2:26
7. Secrets of a window 6:45
8. Little Julie 4:41
9. Crush, kill, destroy 5:30
total time 41:44

The Laws of Scourge

Vices, madness, passion, hate
Thirst for power and being
Diversion thru opression
Starts an intense reaction

Trying to say something
You can burn yourself
This game has no rules
No mercy, no compassion

There's only school to enter
And only a language to learn
Nobody can escape
From the laws of scourge

Hunted by all the curses
Our destiny is to join this war
Awaiting our friend, mrs. death
To stitch their last uniform

Fight for what you beleive to be right
You just wish and you get (it)
You'll see my friend
We'll gonna win in the end!

You must learn these laws
Or you better kill yourself!!!

Learn how to use your enemies
To manipulate the dolls
To discover who your friends are
And learn how to kill of the false


Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

Voluptous desires cam from his mind
A slow death to the victims
Is the reason of his life
Mrs. death is his every day mate
Awaits, the gift of this bad joke

First cut being done
In percing rites
But a hundred sticks
Will not satisfy

Cult of insanity
Agonizing child
Losing her blood
Before she dies

Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

You see, my darling
I'm the one who won
Don't leave me now
The party has just begun!!!

(Based on the true story of the
maniac Carlos Lippel 1946/1977)

Midnight Queen

She was a simple girl, coming from a simple town
Still a child she started to work
She never had time for school

Had a boyfriend, young,
Unemployed, wasted and stoned
Expelled from home for moralistic reasons
She started to live with him

She was only 16, trying to live with misery
Day after day, wasting her life
She decided to sell her body

Walking down corners and dark lanes
Night lights dazzles her mind
Crime and voilence on her way
Soon she was the queen of the night

Midnight queen, alone in the night
Always dreaming of better days
Midnight queen, trying to survive
But so many thorns on her way
Midnight queen, I'm sorry for you life,
For your sorrow, for your fate
Midnight queen

Dreaming of better days
That will never come
Another night has just begun

Into drugs and booze she throws herself
Trying to escape from reality
She won't escape

Found in a motel room
Her sweet blood everywhere
A few bucks on her body

And around her neck
Tied with a dead know
Hang a lash


Screeches From the Silence

The sunshine of dawn will born
Rain falls at the end of the night
Wetting your face, your soul
Speed is your way of life

Soon you'll meet your face
Reflected on the wet asphalt
The red of your blood, your blood!!!!
The lights end everywhere
You feel your soul burning in pain
Now you see the face of death
Calling you for a silent kiss

Something strange being inside of me
Am I awakening to a new life?
I can't stand this agony
Somebody please hear my screeches
From the silence

Slowly discovering you're alone
Fighting to escape from reality
Bleeding, your body starts to rot
Awakening in a curse of agony

Comething strange compressing you mind
(Your) pain, slowly turns into despair
A despair of a spirit leaving his corpse
Be welcome to your fate!!!


Prelude to a Suicide

In front of my eyes, blinded by tears
I feel that time is passing by
Under lights that hurt my body
Hurt my soul and end my life

Covered by flowers, violet and red
I see those lips that once were mine
I've only some moments before I
Leave you forever
I couldn't say goodbye

Suddenly all is over
Sickness of evil took you from me
I can't stand facing this life
Without your lewdness, I must die

Drop by drop, now I see the blood
Running away from my veins
Now my body starts to rot
I'm fading away

A silent scream echoes my mind
Think that I'm really going
Through the mist I can see your shadow
Offering me your hands

No more time, no more fear
Now everything is so clear
No more anguish, I'm no more alone
The last drop falls, everything's gone

The Black Vomit


Secrets of a Window

Solitude, behind these endless walls
Despair, for tomorrow that never comes
Trustful, 'cause he knows that this tomorrow
Will come before the day ends

The arrival of a cold and stupid end!
But the winds will deliver him the power
To break down this endless night of fear
In his mind, he keeps the delights
Of days now gone

'Cause he knows embrace and
Hanging walk together
And yesterday is now
A memory of moments
That never happened

And tomorrow will come
Before the arrival of his end
But he needs to break down
The imaginary walls of pain!!!

Little Julie

Voluptous convulsions twisting my soul
So pure and dirty is my passing for you
In my secrets I got my torment
Why did you leave me when I put you my love?

Back to the winter of '87
I still remember that day as if now
You dressed that sweaty blue dress
In front of your home talking to your friends

So with desire you looked at me
Setencing me with that burning smile

Your sweet eleven years old was an
Eternity of torture to me

But you love me, I know that
And tonight your body will be mine
Come with me my sweet little darling
I will show you a new world
Where you never has been before

In my secrets I got my torment
Your sweet eleven years old was an
Eternity of torture to me
But I don't care if your body is so cold now

I don't need to carry this fuckin' cross
I'm not trying to be the new messiah
What is moral in this stupid world?
You died for me, won't do the same for you

I will put you all my hate
Show me the delights locked in your mind
You don't need to be afraid
Will make you a woman tonight!

Crush, Kill, Destroy

Join my world of evil pain
A smell of lewdness is diffuse in the air
The hall is quiet but soon you'll screech
So do it with hate

We're the masters of our own desires
Scream for me, do it loud
From your first victim, life ends
Bathing in his blood, you'll come!

Show me your lust
Show me your hate
Give us the power
To desecrate

Gods of cruelty
Gods of sin
Show us the way
To win

Crush, kill, destroy
Crush - the envy
Kill - your enemies
Destroy - the bounds

Don't beleive in tears or smiles
'Cause worms are our only true friends
A kiss is the eve of a vomit
The feeble will loose in the end

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Line up

Lucio Olliver - Drums

Gerald Minelli - Bass, acoustic guitars

Wagner Lamounier - Lead vocals, guitars

Fabio Jhasko - Guitars



Recorded in August, 1991 at J.G. Studios - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil
Recorded and mixed by Gauguin and Sarcofago
Assistant of productions: Claudio David
All keyboards by Eugenio "Dead Zone"
Photos by Nino
Cover concept by Sarc&oaigu;fago
Cover by Kelson Frost
Logo art by Ibsen
Art final by DMJ Projectos de Comunicação
Backing vocals on Midnight Queen and Screeches from the Silence -
Claudio David (Overdose) and Gerald Minelli
Produced by Cogumelo Produções and Sarcofago


Oh crap!!! This album is much fucking better than anything else Sarcofago has ever made, that it's hard to realize that it's the same band! On 'The Laws of Scourge' they play a brutal yet melodic kind of death metal with some roots in the old trash. Maybe not every song on this cd is brilliant, but there are so much masterpieces on it that anyone with a slight interest in metal should love this. I hope we can expect more of this from Sarcofago...

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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