1. Reflexionen 1:47
2. Deformity 4:42
3. Tears of time 4:47
4. Ewigkeit 4:29
5. Only once in a lifetime 3:59
6. Shadows of mine 5:11
7. Out of the dark 0:49
8. Lost in myself 4:08
9. Dreams 4:26
10. Ist es wahr 5:22
11. Eyes of suffering 3:52
12. An other... 4:34
13. Beginning of the end 4:40
14. ...Just dreaming 4:09
15. Visions 3:55
total time 60:50

Line up

Katrin - Keyboards
Harald - Bass
Felix - Vocals
Lotte - Guitars
Markus - Drums



This CD is also available on VHS - video tape
Distributed in Germany by Intercord Record Service, Stuttgart
Crematory - Live video - Out of the Dark festivals
IRS 905.025

The studio versions of this songs are available on the following cd's:
Transmigration, ...Just Dreaming, Illusions, Crematory

For further informations, please write to:
Crematory - Contact
Katrin Goger
Postfach 22
67593 Westhofen - Germany

Crematory - Management
Markus Jüllich
Mittlere Blenz 14
67593 Westhofen - Germany
Tel & Fax 06244/4901

Recorded live at the "Out of the Dark Festivals 1996"
Mixed and mastered by Gerhard Magin at Commusication Tonstudios, Beidersheim in 1996

Tour coordination: Gerhard Wilkes for Drakkar Promotion, Witten
Tour manager: Schlanky Schilling
Travel agency: Beat the Street, Austria
F.O.H. Engineer: Gerhard "Gerassi" Magin
Lights: Nanno Smeets
Band Assistance: Thomas "Hopfe" Tiesler
Merchandise: Geli Karasch, Franky Claypool
Tour Merchandise: Art Worx, Kamen
Guitar, Bass, Keyboard tech: Kevin Papworth
Drum tech: Stilly Papworth
Live shots: Hady M. Tiboni, Buffo Schnädelbach
Guest introducer: Götz Kühnemund
Cover art by: Consilio A. V & C, W. Tschernoussow, Worms


Usually I don't like live cds, but this one is okay. The sound quality is very good, and most of the cool Crematory songs are on it. Though it is obvious from this collection that the newer songs are not as good as the old ones. There are also two studio tracks on it, but they aren't that special either.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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