The Amenta - Occasus

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1. Erebus 4:09 1. Erebus 4:09
2. Mictlan 4:51 2. Mictlan 4:51
3. Zero 4:17 3. Zero 4:17
4. Senium 2:03 4. Senium 2:03
5. Nihil 5:19 5. Nihil 5:19
6. Geilt 4:15 6. Geilt 4:15
7. Sekem 4:46 7. Sekem 4:46
8. Occasus 3:10 8. Occasus 3:10
9. Ennea 4:10 9. Ennea 4:10
10. Sangre 4:56 10. Sangre 4:56
11. Inritus 1:14
12. Mictlan 2002 5:05
13. Ennea 2002 4:09
14. Nekuia 1:54
--- Bonus DVD ---
1. Virus
2. Collapse
3. Parasite
4. Erebus
5. Soundtrack To A Hidden Earth
total time 41:56 total time

1. Erebus

And West once more.
Beyond swirling of spitting seas
Past immense gates of bloody iron.
Trapped, the animal bites through limbs in steel teeth
The human succumbs, meekly
And they have souls?

Shall we discuss boulders?
Slick with tears or blood.
Or a flaming wheel.
Bearing some screaming wreck
It will always return, for the weak
Of course

We need not bow to the choking shroud
(The shroud of Erebus)

Souls as bronze anvil, fell nine days
18 from heaven to crash on cold rock

When did we begin feeding on that lie
When did we accept our own cages
We need not bow down to the choking shroud
The shroud of Erebus

Why a life snuffled out in darkness?
Why trudge towards a disappearence?
No boulders or flaming wheels
Shall we talk of crawling chaos?
They are your chains. Not mine.

Learn stregth, worms
I will not sink to your level
A nine day journey to darkness
Ah, Nyx. Close your womb
Your children are heavy.

2. Mictlan

Feathered serpent embrace arrest staggered breath
Weeping wound on heaving chest
Mask of four sun filth
Hide tracks of torture
Sear the weeping flesh
Smear trails of rot
On fiery toothed stone
Feel rancid breath
Break on suppurating heels
Tongue sup wine from
The flesh that it steals
It burns like Venom

Lips back from teeth
In insolent rictus
Touch the skin it marrs

Above two sillouhettes
Arms entwined like hissing snakes
Applaud the hound cremated
As blazing thirst slaked
A soulmate for the soulless
Charred, relentless cur
Thick taste of death rise
In flames from burning fur

Blacken to ash
Writhe in the glow of embers
The bed burns hot

Screams inscribed in smoke
Carved as knife cuts in bier
Life reduced to putrid carrion
Thrones at the apex of bones
Dead in pyramids piled
Cool ecstacy of immolation

Court of the skeletal king
Tiers of flame shed light
Set sickly faces to burn
Contort themselves against its glare

The two of cruel countenance
Will them in darkness keep
Tearing life from life
Beware Mictlan

3. Zero

So tell me: What in montomy makes you dance?
Your robotic grinding. A cracked mirror
And your painted smeared smiles
You are dying
The circles you trudge are shrinking
You fade

You find strength in denial
And meaning in the voids
When everything is shallow and cold

(Begin to end) When will your eyes flicker open?

What is the meaning of this dance?
A death rite?
You are drinking just to forget
And your desire to be similar. What's in a name?
Express yourself in cliches. That is a meat carnival

You find strength in denial.
Build walls where truth knocks
You hide behind others and smile through
You're a fake

Begin to end
Again to end
Moulded from plastic
Begin again
Again to end

Find a new way of dying
Though this is tried and true
Find a new way of dying
This one bores me

4. Senium


5. Nihil

First came the word.
And that word was nothing
Sounded syllables in boundless thought.
Is this it? Or all? Or everything
A reflection between parallel mirrors?
In a book never written
Seen through a frameless window
Nihil Est

The opiate of the masses.
Diluted and polluted.
Curls in wisps over vacant idols
To stillborn children
Mother nature gave birth to husks
That dissolve and decay back to dirt

In the melody between notes
In the notes in arrest
In discord in a cord
Nihil est
In the words between lines
In the words of the best
In the dust in the pews
Nihil Est

Like words of empty praise
Washing over an empty congregation
Like a cancelled play, played out
To a sleeping audience of mannequins
Like a television flickering
Static in an empty concrete room
In thoughts so vast nothing is possible
When nothing exists everything is always permitted
Existence is no great gift
Death is not a beginning
But in nothing it is a rift

Love, Hate in a cold dream
A cold clockwork circumstance

A random unknown hidden in simple patterns
It's a chalk outline, not a halo
Leave crutches for cripples
Leave dependence to drones
Lies to the harvest for truth to be sown

In the melody between notes
In the notes in arrest
In discord in a cord
Nihil est
In the words between lines
In the worst of the best
In the dust in the pews
Nihil Est

6. Geilt

Howling of flickering hosts
Clouds of shades torment me
Swirling brings the shadows on my unconscious mind

Snarl of snapping reason
Shock sends conscience spinning
From below tide rises
Clear to grey
Blacken to blind
Thoughts slither away

Bestial stars burning a pure white madness
In white the colours shimmer
The black builds behind the dam
Swirling tidal roar

I am light as light
I am strong without fault
I see further than sight
To the stars bringing Geilt

Desire fights the black
The failure is ordained
Suffocate the mind gag
Better to strangle the air than to wrestle with insanity

Better to claw at a deity than to tear at its veil

Screams deafen with absence
Smell of life escaping
Boiling in twisted vein
Glisten on cold starlit metal

I am light as light
I am strong without fault
I see further than sight
To the stars bringing Geilt

It crossed the chasm
Its sides shaking with vulgar randomness

Between Geilt and Ecstasy
The bastion of sanity

7. Sekem

Burnt out necropolis
Sinking fire sear dead
Second traitor soul powerless
Resist those who would silence
Remove the wrappings
Which fetter my mouth
In empty aching vessel
Stop time decay
Feel like fire dying
A voice but no words
An eternity but no soul

Give me voice withered lips
Shattered teeth forced with bitter iron
Hiss of escaping last gasp
Cult like mortician knife
All that remains is remains

Void turns in wheel
Turning slowly in the starless dust never
Like western lights
Sinking and sluttering
I am now fading
Body rot in the row
Caught in pull of time
Suffering second final death alone
I am alone
And empty like a tomb of archaic years

Where is the beast who shut out the light?
Left in the dark of incomplete empty
The powerless flesh atrophy in stone casket
I am alone, abandoned
I am become death

Take leering golden jackal
Take from tortured vision
Saliva drip from jaws
Breath from middens

Footprints of slime on pathway to Duat

Where is the power
Cut string marionette
Turn back those who would restrain me
Bound hands reach for neck of Jackal
Merge of past and future
Sprint machine fail
Remove the wrappings
Which fetter my mouth
In empty aching vessel
Stop time decay
I am alone
I am abandoned
I am powerless
I am become death

8. Occasus


9. Ennea

Barren Shores of river vile
Wretched dead haunt shadows, shattered wild
In carmine sky the carrion fly
Dormant blood, quick to their cry

And now the damned, fight through blood and bile
To hatreds edge, all fetid and befouled
Over sewer waters slides proud razor prow
A spectre with blade and spattered cowl

Hydra hound of snake black venom
Repugnant, vigilant, guard the Acheron
Fire-torrent garrote Shadow Kingdom
Nine times the noose of the poison woes

Onward to bone gates
Wall of twitching flesh

Saviors nailed to burning pier
Their eyes devoured and entrails hanged
Crown of teeming maggots, flies
Above decayed flesh the betrayed cry

Crawl through dread arches
Of bleeding, human pillars
A screaming, organic machine
Writhing, seeping, pain industry

10. Sangre

Shivering silhouette
Who painted this bloody sunset?
A world revolving in machined grooves
Sufferings in fated pattern with arms outflung
Caressed by steel pins through hands, feet and time
Where flies your thoughts to this or the next

Reflections reform after interruption
Shadowa echoed throughout time
In this pool or that sea
The right to kill dictated by the right to judge
Waiting on cruciform tables lies the wreck of hypocrisy

What is right? Crusade, War, Persecution? Or random death
Or even questions?
How about answers?
What are you afraid of?
Is that a tear on your cheek?
The earth will inherit the meek

The spear was a needle
Longinus wore a lab coat
The latest dying junkie
Fixed himself a fatal shot

When that wound sun sinks
And the ragged have shuffled home
And the silhouette grows, dies
It will be hard to imagine
But all who revere you meet despair in your eyes

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