An Ode to Woe

1. To remain tombless 7:43
2. My hope, the destroyer 5:45
3. For you 6:41
4. The blue lotus 6:34
5. Like gods of the sun 5:21
6. Catherine blake 6:18
7. The cry of mankind 6:08
8. The whore, the cook & the mother 5:42
9. Thy raven wings 5:22
10. The snow in my hands 7:10
11. She is the dark 7:59
12. The dreadful hours 7:28
--- DVD disk ---
1. To remain tombless 7:57
2. My hope, the destroyer 6:05
3. For you 7:05
4. The blue lotus 6:39
5. Like gods of the sun 5:40
6. Catherine blake 6:38
7. The cry of mankind 6:08
8. The whore, the cook & the mother 5:40
9. Thy raven wings 5:31
10. The snow in my hands 7:12
11. She is the dark 9:41
12. The dreadful hours 7:14
13. The forever people 4:08
total time 2:44:35

To Remain Tombless

The weary creak of my bones
Exhausted voice, deathly tones
Arms of lead, skin drawn tight
No long a princely sight
Face is gaunt, pale and thin
Bent and grey and full of sin

Pass to me
Wine and song
For I'll be
Soon long gone

Cast me down, upon the dust
My dry bones remain tombless
From my life, a rose is grown
Rains they come. The winds

Winter haunts me
Nowhere to flee

Take me back. Young was I
Within her arms we could fly
Grey am I, and all alone
I feel like I'm far from home

Grace has fled here
But He is so near
In shadows lie
My hopes of life

Black wings fold me
In their symphony
Long the winter nights are
Grace is so far

Leaves they fall in time
Drifting down in time
Darkness comes, right on time

Desend upon me
Wings from above
Goodbye to lie
Farewell my loves.

My Hope, the Destroyer

Weeping with you. Arms around them
Flowing with you. Without your men
Keeping with you. Feeling their shiver
Drowning with you. Deep in this river

Tired and lonely. Sitting and staring
Weak and filthy. No longer caring
Wasting to nothing. The rubble of you
Hoping for something. Poison where love grew

People. Feel her mind
She is broken
People. Fill your eyes
Her body is broken

Leave me be, with my memories
I can still see all the lovers of me
I still know those feelings

You're still mine, my lover
I watch over you
Goodbye my lover
No sorrow. Please, no tears

Holy and fallen. Watch yourself die
Fade and wither. Long lost the fight
Tremble to sleep. Her man long gone
Years, and still weeps. Never forgotten

For You

I will be here for you
All I want is you
When I see your face
All the Angels are shamed

Lay with me beauty
Feel me close to you
Take my hand to you
Touch you softly. Your warm skin

Cover me with you
Over me under you
Pull me in to you
As one we lay entwined

All I ever wanted
I have, I need never wish again
You are heaven sent

The Blue Lotus

Under the darkened, Ancient oak
Gentle in the nights breeze
I stop and stare, rest a while
With hands upon my knees
Through jades leaves, bush and scrub
I spy my journeys end
Black it looms, silent gloom
The castle called Avend
On I trot, past forest eyes
Past horrors of the night
Through the dark, I see a sign
A gently glowing light

Upon reaching the castle I ascend the ivy
Towards the golden window
My heart pounds and my breath is rushed
As I fight both brick and branch
The ledge is mine and over I sweep
Silent like the falling snow
Quiet, I slip across the polished floow
Tonight, I will dine with chance

The Blue Lotus, a legend, I thought a myth
Old poems and stories gone
A beauty of unimaginable lust
Both men's hearts, and Gods, were won
Skin like milk, an angels face
They say her smile could kill
Her hair the blackest of all black
Stories I thought though, still

So there she lay, sleeping upon the bed
Half covered by fantastic silks
Her breast I see, moves with her dreams
A sight I will always recall
A single candle that showed me the way
Through forest, river and hills
Glows upon that lovely skin
Shadows dancing around the walls

Closer I creep, toward my prize
The Blue Lotus lies before me
Her lips are full, red as blood
Moist as they invite me
Stoop I did to kiss those lips
In that glowing room
When suddenly, she did awake,
Her eyes filled with doom
From silks, her hands wer round my neck
Escape there was no hope
A brief flash of teeth is all that I saw
And gone was my throat
Her bloodlust deep, she swallowed me
Red was all I saw
She drank her fill and watched me fall
Gently to the floor

A league away my death is found
By locals who tend this land
Who lay me down in shallow earth
A single Lotus placed in my hand.

Like gods of the sun

I live for your fond caresses
Songs you sing to me
Gather me up into your arms
I need no-one just you

You fill me up with dark thoughts of you
The Devil talks to me when you're touching me
My lust it burns, deep inside of you

Together we are as one
We live our lives in passion
Full up with thirst I drink your
Light and beauty for always

Open your arms hold me closely
Never let me fall
Wrapped up in you. Comforting me
I could die here

You fill me up with dark thoughts of you
The Devil talks to me, when you're touching me
My lust it burns, deep inside of you

Paradise pales compared to you
We burn like Gods of the Sun
Never will we be alone
Our world will change for no-one
And as our live are closing
We lie close and hear nothing

Catherine blake

So vile mens' torment was truly a pleasure
A plan that would change mankind for ever more

Catherine Blake slept fitfully in the
summer night. In the heat.
she murmured gently and moved smoothly,
this way and that. Oh, the beauty.
Her luscious eyes, delicate fingers,
clawed at her sodden bed.
Catherine smiled. Took a fabulous breath
of summer air and tasted death.

Die Erorians' visit had been succesful, rewarding.
with nights of female screams of whimpers,
lustful dreams.
Night followed rampant night of
delicate soft gasps.
The ultimate attack on all Heaven and it's glories.
Seduce them as they slept, oblivous to
their midnight tryst.
The seed of doom was platned.
Phantom raped in their dreams.
The sad ones take their own lives.
Slay their men night after night.

Catherine Blake dreamt of a horror.
Of passion too, and of terror.
Over her silent breast, shadows swept,
shades caressed.

Motherhood was destroyed by the seed
and laid to waste.
A great rift was born. Man and the
world were torn.
The daggers went in dep, vile and sickening.
Women swept away all infancy from their wombs.
And still the Lord God remained silent.
No utterance, no movement, no tears.
The earth became red.
The cutting machines of man.
Disgust and hatred for the lives of woman.
The butchery, the savagery, did spill
unto themselves.
A chorus of agony from Heaven and rain poured
In a colossus of angels tears.
The creature of all sins. The lord of the
bleakest abode.
Did wonder at the silence.
What did the Almighty know?
All Hell did fill with the screaming souls
of dead men.
The mighty army of God did stand and wait.
Hoping our lord would unleash them all.
the great firy pit. Hordes ripped apart.
Chaos ensued, screaming from the dark.
Observing his darkened child, in the miserable corners of earth
The great heart of God will heal up the earth.
The Lord watched as his beloved slipped silently
Back into the darkness below.

The Cry of Mankind

You can't expect to see him and survive
You'll swallow his tongue of thorns
His mouth, dripping with flies
In his glorious kingdom of fire
But I believe he wept
I will make them all lie down
Down where hope lies dying
With lust, you're kicking mankind to death
We live and die without hope
You tramp us down in a river of death
As I stand here now, my heart is black
I don't want to die a lonely man
This is a weary hour
This is a weary hour

The Whore, the cook and the mother

Tell me that I'm a sinner
Lay me down again
I need a doft flesh bed
My lust must be fed
Lay your hands on me
Lay your perfect hands on me
You know exactly what I want
So open wide
Take me now I'm yours
Lay me down again
Your heart rips through me
Your hands rip my skin
Deep inside your love
You're screaming for me again
My seed is passed to you
We are now one
To you. I'll only give it to you
(But only if you're there)
Only you. There's no-one else for me
(Until something better comes)
Be mine. Be mine forever more
(Until I'm fucking sick of you)

How old are you?

Tell me what you remember about
your first few birthdays

How tall was your mother?

I said, how tall was your mother?

What colour was her favourite dress?

Did you have any pers when you where
a child?

You see a woman stripping on a television
in a shop window. Do you stay and see what
happens or do you continue walking?

If a blind man drops some money in the street
Do you pick it up and return it to him or do
you keep it for yourself?

You're driving in your car when suddenly a cat
runs out right in front of you and you accidentally
hit it. You're in no hurry to get anywhere and the
poor animal is screaming in pain but you don't
bother to stop and help it. How do you feel?

Thy raven wings

In fiery flight we would leave this hall
The Holy house, House of God will fall
To death they go with music and song
But our dread simply must go on

I feel our need to feed goes on
For our greed, watch them bleeding on
This hour's ours, with open arms go on

Crowned with thorns and pain was he
Raised our hands and slew him utterly
Crimson waves of the tears of war
This is what we were put here for

Eden falls, Mercy for life
I hear their calls
Stood and watched them die
Heaven crawls. Wings burn on high
Beauty falls. Beg unto me

Fold thy raven wings
'Tis our duty, darkness brings
If this day be our last
Our victims await
For they are vast

In fiery death we will crawl away
Content we lived for each and every day
Black and burned with a stench of decay.

The Snow in My Hands

I've seen them. so dark. Black. And yet fine.
The flower they carry had once been mine.
Get away from me, man of stories. Robe of lies.
Stay far from me. I lie to myself (it's not
hurting). I need help, but not from you or
yor father. No! Jesus Christ. Who's my
saviour? Lose myself in gods death. No! I can't
bear all this pain. I had watched the snow
all day. Falling. It never lets up. All day
falling. I lifted my voice and wept out loud,
"So this is life?"

She is the Dark

A cruel sleep 'cross our land
All withered and dying
As the fall, the victims
They're dying a sad death
In our land, we lay down
And suffer again

A dark girl'cross our land
Is pacing. Is preying
And with her, a fever
A marching black fever
No eyes see. No features
Just black form, suffering

You have her sympathy
You have her tears
She tries only to take
All your fears
The pain she feels
When she drinks your soul
Is hers to suffer
It is her toll
Believe me, she's helpless
When she curses our land
When she swallows light
It's not her hand

Poison awaits when you kiss her
Her heart cries out for you, for me
Untold misery is hers to serve
out for eternity
Out cold. Mankind will stay
forevermore if she gets her way
She can't help it. It's her curse
To sing your pain in her own verse

She is the dark
The nightmares you hide
The pain you feel
The suffering inside
Though she was like you
Through her dark past
But now, the conqueror
Her choirs vast
Oh, please forgive her
As mankind dies
As angels weep
And heaven cries

The Dreadful Hours

Mother will you take me down?
I have become so afraid
Mother please, please take me down
Sorry, your boy is not brave

Child just hold on. Night will soon be gone
Sleep if you can. But watch your father's hand

We do not want you. No-body loves you
Father of the dark. Tonight will greet you

God in heaven, can you hear me
Help me Oh Lord. They're coming for me
Mother warned me. Father scorned me
Oh my God No. Now I hear him

I claim your life on this night
within sight of your own God

The silence, the waiting then the pain
Oh child, sleep will be here soon
Your life has only ever been shame
And so young boy, my hand brings doom

Child, won't you awake. Father has gone
Child, please come awake. Please my tiny son

The Forever People

Read to me
Make your words as pictures
Reveal to me
The forever people

Names become more
More than words
In foreign tongue
Universal doctrine

Remember each one
Named even this day
We'll never forget
Like it or not

Their beloved is theirs
And they are his
Praise the Lord?
Hail the King?

This to me
A figure of tragedy
They are trivial
They are forgettable
A sombre tale
Of mankinds hope
Show me its truth
And with joy
I will follow

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My Dying Bride - An Ode to Woe - Live
CD / DVD 2 Disc Set

A night of classic doom captured at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam

Includes the classics 'The Cry Of Mankind', 'Like Gods Of The Sun' & 'The Blue Lotus'

"Masters of all things dark & haunting... The absolute Kings of Doom"
(p) 2008 Peaceville Records (c) 2008 Peaceville Records
Peaceville is a Snapper Music label
Made in Germany - Artwork:


I know I'm probably quite spoiled to be able to say I attended the concert where this was recorded as well. (the Paradiso is less than 10km from my house) - So for people who are not able to go to one of their concerts so easily this is a great option to see one of My Dying Bride's majestic live performances. Also this is a nice release to see the new member Lena in action. Despite all that, if you're keeping count this is the third live cd and third live dvd My Dying Bride have released, and with the previous live dvd released a mere three years ago, one can't help but get the feeling Peaceville is trying to sell as much compilations and live albums as possible. While the quality of the recordings are excellent, there's not much here we haven't seen before. If you're interested in a live dvd, I'd rather recommend getting Sinamorata or For Darkest Eyes. If you have those already, I think you can safely skip this one actually...

Rating: 7 out of 10

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