Machine Head - Old

Original Version V2 Version Picture LP Version
1. Old 4:08 1. Old 4:08 1. Old 4:08
2. Death Church (Convent Mix) 6:28
3. Old (Eve of the Apocalypse Mix) 6:01
4. The Rage To Overcome (demo) 5:05
2. Davidian (live) 7:25
3. Hard times (live) 2:29
4. Death church (demo) 6:16
2. A nation on fire (demo) 4:41
3. Real lies / fuck it all (demo) 6:48
4. Old (demo) 4:20
total time 21:42 total time 20:18 total time 19:57

1> Old

I am the man that defends all things profane
6000 years is the time that I shall reign
And with a grin drank the blood of holy swine
Impurity made the blood turn into wine

Old man, dead hand
If only their insanity
The lie feeds off their greed
Jesus wept

I am the pain that feeds off your weakness
A sickening born of hate, not of the blessed
And with the time I will crush all things you prey
Destroying all from the known to the arcane


Burn my eyes and try to blind me
Bury me so they won't find me
Try to suck my power empty
Got no crown of thorns on me

So burn my eyes and try to blind me
Bury me so they won't find
Try to suck my power dry
You got no crown of thorns on me


2> Death church (convent mix)

Well I look at justice in a different light
I been to jail, it didn't make me right
Try and conform, but won't be deaf, blind, dumb
Been beaten down, just harder I've become

Death church rising
Hate church rising
Lost church rising
Death church rising

Hey Jesus can't you help me with my pain
Mainline me some religion, keep me sane
Christ suffering upon my TV screen
Send in your money to the faith obscene


Strength, truth and honor, words I strive to live
Your faith's profane, it takes, never gives
'Cause I'm gonna die standing upon my feet
You're gonna die groveling on your knees


4> The rage to overcome (demo version)

This world does not want me
This world does not care
And I am a product of this world
Confused, I'd say that's fair
This pain will never leave me
It's scared upon my brain
Destroying everything that brought this
Just to keep me, just to keep me sane

A hatred burns inside me
Emotion out of hand
But I've the will to focus this
Survive, contrive, command
From pain come a courage
The strength from injustice
The rage to overcome it all
An open mind
With a closed fist

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