Original Version LP Rerelease Version
1. Opium (radio edit) 2:51 1. Opium (radio edit) 2:51
2. Raven claws 3:17 2. Raven claws 3:17
3. Ruin & misery 3:50 3. Ruin & misery 3:50
4. Opium (album version) 2:50 4. Opium (album version) 2:50
total time 12:48 total time 12:48


Opium, desire or will?
Inspiration bound from an elegant seed
Subversion, through smoke I foresee
Erotic motions of lesser gods in ectasy

Opium, bring me forth another dream
Spawn worlds of flesh and red,
little jewels of atrocity
Opium, I sleep in debauchery
And burn with you
when you burn in Me

Opium, we fantasize
as we fuse with your root
You are a strange flower,
we are your strangest fruit

Opium, it burns in me and you
Opium, it burns for me and for you

"Por isso eu tomo ópio. É um remédio.
Sou um convalescente do Momento.
Moro no rés do chão do Pensamento
E ver passar a vida faz-me tédio."

Raven Claws

I remember her as a child

Raven...on and on with her raven claws
Carving...on and on with her raven claws

How she lusts when she remembers
The night of her first blow
She always wanted to know
How far could she really go

Inflamed, a dead-end room
Seduce to consume
Statues with open wounds

The flavour of poison and moon
Still maturing on her blood
She is not your occasional affair, no!
But eternal love, drop by drop...

Raven...on and on with her raven claws
Carving...on and on with her raven claws

How daylight hurts when moonlight bites
She juggles with her invisible knife
A black bird senses danger and flies
Gives peace to a tall figure in the dark

Little silhouette snakes find
a warm nest behind the door
And whip-tongues and skins
of sisters now gone.

Bodyprints cover the velvet floor
Which grows red and red
They know she will hunt and hurt tonight
And they crown her Queen of the Dead.

Raven...on and on with her raven claws
Raping...on and on with her raven claws

Will she weep for them or whip them once again?

Ruin & Misery

In each of your failures
I saw my victory
And each time you fall
A knife tattoos a smile
On my lips
You are now empty of life
And we are drunk with death

Raw models
Ruin & Misery

I can offer you a hand
To help you hold the dagger
A perfect jewel for
Our perfect end

And as we lay, we kissed
Fingers wet with poison
Thinking to each one
There is beauty in death

Raw models
Ruin & Misery

Allow me to doubt
We were lovers who could really share
The only love between us
Was hate

Without hope we could not fear
And silently we disappeared
Hand in hand, we took our lives
And together stopped being
Raw models on a novel of Ruin & Misery

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Line up

Ares - bass
Mike - drums
Ricardo Amorim - guitars
Pedro Paixao - synths and samplers
Fernando Ribeiro - vocals



Recorded at Woodhouse Studios
March 25th - May 11th
Produced and mixed by Waldemar Sorychta
Engineered by Siggi Bemm

All music by Moonspell
All lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro


I guess this is Moonspell's attempt at commercial succes, releasing a single from their latest album Irreligious. Also the radio edit that starts this minicd is a version of the song without the growls. It's still a great song but it does sound a bit boring without the growls, kind of makes it lose it's sharp edge. The song on this cd are still great but other than the soft version of Opium there's nothing on here that isn't also on the Irreligious album so you'd better buy the full album instead.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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