Original Version LP Rerelease Version
1. Winter voices 0:44 1. Winter voices 0:44
2. Far above the trees 6:58 2. Far above the trees 6:58
3. Aeons of desolation 8:57 3. Aeons of desolation 8:57
4. 1100 years ago 6:48 4. 1100 years ago 6:48
5. As the bliss is burning 5:51 5. As the bliss is burning 5:51
6. Land of the phantoms 9:19 6. Land of the phantoms 9:19
7. Beyond the darkness 4:40 7. Beyond the darkness 4:40
8. With mournful eyes 6:22 8. With mournful eyes 6:22
total time 49:39 total time 49:39

Far Above the Trees

Fright calls me from beyond
By the lip of a faceless man
I'm waiting to glide his voice to my
Neverending dark

To feel my body
As the icy wind touches
The memories of ancient ones,
The memories of heroes
Which were redused to ashes under the fullmoon

I fly towards you
I feel the dying grasp
Of your untouched heat

I'm waiting for her voice to show a sign,
The way as the picture of eternal fire and power
To shine my light, because it is I

I fly towards you
I'm waiting for your comfort
In the path of the far voice

Aeons of Desolation

The wind sighed among the trees
The fallen leafs crackled
On the sleeping landscape

It was a sad, still voice
And I hear, only I hear it
The only human being in the night

Among the hungry shadows
Who are smelling the breeze
Which is carrying the secret dreams
Hidden desires
I hear as the wind brings it towards me

And from the impasse it always returns
I hear
Only I hear it
As the naked wind weeps through the night

1100 years ago

'Oh my lord, let us fire up every church
Oh my lord, let us break every bell
Oh my lord, let us kill every priest'
(11th century saga, Hungary)

Witches burn the twelve holy disciples
Christian believers frozen in blood
On the darkest infernal day
On the dawn of eternal funeral
The holy trinity burns on the stake
Faith of our heart, the only sign is immortal

As the Bliss is Burning

The night has fallen black
Whispering voices surrounding me
My being is the only eternal blaze
In the black mirror of shadows
I can't feel the pain
But struggle to a finish
I'm becoming

I hold the blaze in my hand
It makes my eyes blind
And a distant voice calls me
In the drawing of the secret
I can't feel pain
I'm becoming

I broke through the silent darkness
Beyond the treshold a sear bliss was
Waiting for me
It whirled me along, I feel
It draws me deeper
I can't feel pain
I'm becoming

Land of the Phantoms

Wind sweeps through the forest
It sweeps through valleys and mountains
It stops and casts its eyes over the peak
And looks inquiringly when it trances me down

I don't speak and nor do the wind
It's just standing and looking at the landscape
Solitude takes my thoughts
I feel quite well in this way
But my soul is tired

Then it rises and regains strength
It entreats me to fly with
Through valleys and mountains
It asks me to soar before the sun rises
To take advantage of darkness and night

Since then I've been one with the landscape
And it has become one with me too
Since then I've been one with the darkness
Which is a vital element for me

Since then I just stand here and I see everything
As the others are carried from peak to peak
As the wind stain the world
As they sink out honour to the depth of hell

I look around. We have remained few in place
The others have flown away, wither their interest hoping for better
But I see that we're still firm
And like sand, the wind carries the others

Beyond the Darkness

We walk on hidden ways
And live the worn moments of reality
There's no free soaring
The all-saving aim
There's no flotation just painful being and emptiness
But my soul wants to break free from its prison shaped body
For its long agonies to find the ways to dark secrets

Where we must fight great battles
We must walk through endless paths

Where with the help of warning masks of tiny gravels
We reach the last fulfillment to merge into darkness

And just he who doesn't want to see the bliss
He can't see the eyes in which the fire is still burning

With Mournful Eyes

A dazed vibration wakes me
From the confluent hiding of time and space
A new world is born in my body
My pain turns to nothing
On its palely diaphanous horizon
This is the last moment excelling the flight of time
And from the shade of fear
I recognize myself
With stabbering flotation
From the mirror of darkness
The past looks back with thousand faces

And from the distance
An icy hand touches me
An all-defeating icecold hand

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Line up

Gergely Szücs : Trumpet & Synth
András Nagy : Bass Guitar & Vocals
János Barbarics : Guitars
Winter : Synth
Csaba Csejtei : Guitars
Zaltán Csejtei : Drums & Backing Vocals



Recorded and mixed at LMS Studio
Szombathely in January 1996
Produced and mixed by Bertalan Domby,
Ferenc Vida and Sear Bliss
All music and lyrics by Sear Bliss
Photos by Norbert Natas and Attila Halász

Band contact:
András Nagy
P.O.Box 440
9701 Szombathely
(please enclose I.R.C.'s)


Last few years there have been a lot of bands that started playing melodic black not because they're good at it, but because it sells. Luckily Sear Bliss isn't one of them. The kind of melodic black they play is very good, and very different. Most striking is the use of trumpets, which sounds weird first, but actually fits in really good. The songs start long and slow, but during the end Sear Bliss picks up speed and get it a more 'black' sound. Though because of the trumpet it stays very different. I think it's an excellent album, and especially the first slow songs are brilliant masterpieces...

Rating: 8 out of 10

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