1. Faith ways 7:07
2. All my thoughts 5:03
3. Lucifer's shapes 6:52
4. ...On my skin 5:10
5. Luxuria 4:18
6. Ascension 4:19
7. Gloomily dressed 6:14
8. No truth 5:10
total time 44:13

Faith Ways

Faith ways
Faith. What's faith? You'll never know it.
'cause your soul is worn out (by sin)
It just closed your eyes since you did mistake
now infinity is waiting about

You're alone walking in a lake of tears
A breath of pain wraps around you and your blames
Lonely is the existance of your being
Of your nature, of your faith, of your name

How many will fall down
Down from the crying wall
All empty souls coming out
Out from their prison-world (no world)

Kissed by death you'll see just the dark
A veil of deceit that covers your eyes
Once you held out your hands, selling your conscience
To those ones who filled your mind with lies

Slowly raped by sententious commands
In this 'inferno' punishment for you is done
Sadly fading now your inner light dies
Roaming endlessly, your destiny is gone

Feel your life as it's starting to die
The truth is not what you've created
this false consciousness is an easier way
To hide yourself from what you just can't find

Snake shaped knife in your heart
Deep inside by the wings of doubt (remember)
Sin just closed your eyes since you did mistake
Now infinity is waiting about

...And the oppressive fear of knowing nothing
Ruthlessly turns into a certainty
A new kind of knowledge will rise
From the bottom of your enslaved soul now screaming:
...(no return)

All My Thoughts

...And I thought I had always
Always watched ahead
...Though I had walked by the steps of a man
Who knows. Perfectly himself...
Looking on, how the sun rises
And dies within a day
But did I sincerely see
What I am, anyway?

Losing my glance in the vacuum
After so many whys
Finally realized I was wrong... (I know I was wrong)

In my haunted mind I feel
The doubt of existence growing
And surrounded with a dying tomorrow
A vain breath of life crawling
I get closer to nothing
To my enemy's hands
All is covered with an obscure cloak in which
My lifeless answers stand

But someday I'll understand
And see beyond your eyes
I'll know my truth by my awareness
Rediscovering my rise
No more light in my tired mind
No more strength in my arms
No existence bars opposed to our being
Just the satisfied thirst for living

Indeed I'll never know myself
In spite of my strong will
...And yet I thought I had walked so long...

Lucifer's Shapes

Reflection soon
Puts before you
A thousand questions
Temptation and sin
Just what a human being
Condemns through his eyes (but man judges man...)

Giving our life a sense
Why do we go so low?
Perhaps our thoughts, so intense
Make our weakness grow

Always so strong
And unfailing among
The asperities of life
But so weak in front of
What is unknown
Feeble but conscious
'cause to yield is to want
And the desire is all
For those who surrender
Parallel concepts
Touching eachother
In the sound of a silent echo...

A drop of instinct
In the rationality
Of an inner ocean
Or a sharp reflection
Lost in the passion (of a real life)

A derived choice
Or a suffocated voice
Influence our mind?
But without freedom
Just on your own
Are you sure to condemn what's wrong...

...On My Skin

Memories burning in your brain
As you mentally die
Always right or wrong in your deeds, real...
...Belief wasn't your why

Feel your bare thought boiling in pain and
Making your dream no more
Now all this drifting through life is
Faking you to a slow decline
That will
Finish your helpless soul off
(Remember, your disgrace is the strength of another...)

You were tempted to share your remorse
Or to pray for the end
But on the road to your conclusion
Your path steeply descends

Now, giving yourself up to despair, you...
...Feel consumed by the time
Past no longer tortures your eyes, but
All I see is no lack of
Coldness towards your own life

You did never look for freedom
Tied to the schemes of humanity
And your frailties are easy to see
But regarding all my wisdom
In front of this sad reality
No more my life is scaring me...

...And the solitude in its cold embrace
Is silently touching you
Your nerves need frustration...
...An instrument of torture, so pure
Now almost mortal
The oblivion's coils you're in
Another star dying away
The umpteenth sign on my...


The sound of a desperate desire
A call from your own, frozen inside
Primitive, uncontrolled instinct
A wilder need standing by your side
Look at yourself, man. Trapped in your wishes
Reason doesn't act anymore
Only a primordial, corporal necessity
Strong as will in your thoughts

This truth mirrors the lies
You always try to deny
To your conscious mind...

Tough this extreme appetite
Natural outburst of sensations
Express your attitude in your lust
A concrete form of all your passions
Far from every ill-disposed outline
Just as pure as semplicity
Free as only man can be without
His morbid objectivity

Victim of an oppressing innocence
Your unhurt soul starts to bleed
As you realise you're powerless in front of
This reflection of your being

This truth mirrors the lies
You just cannot deny
To your conscious mind
To the whole mankind

This truth mirrors the lies
You just cannot deny
To your pale, conscious mind!



Gloomily Dressed

Here I am, gloomily dressed
To blend in with the night
To be as one with the shades
And let their hidden silence dim my sight

Here I am keeping my balance on the threat of life
Unaware of the solar messages
Attracted by the ones behind the walls of decease
Paralyzed by their invisible voices

Gloomily dressed I think
How much obscure air was in the womb
And in an old man's glance
Now, prepared for my passing away
I can feel your fear of death
Of finding yourself dressed in your own bones

Here I am, gloomily dressed
To perform my anguish, to display my anxiety
In the theatre of shadows
And the night still holds me

New in compliance with my fading existence
The dark is my only dress
That dark in which I can hear the reverb of my cries
And enrich my feelings with lonelyness

No Truth

Nature of something takes you
To generate false prides inside
Never an absolute truth
Along this endless way, denied
Only a mass of dull cries
Mixed into our reality
Confused they're as one with lies

Pain and deceit...
If nothing lasts forever
Feel how uncertain it all sounds
In life through all its shades
Beyond its inexistent bounds
If the doubt overhangs
My senses just can get no truth
If you believe, your faith so strong
Got nothing to prove

No sadness in your hollow voice
'cause life never waits for your choice
No need for all your useless wails
'cause there's no future in your cries...

(Perhaps everything seems to be
But nothing is...
Does existence succeed existence?
No start, no end, no truth...
Perhaps no life!)

Two different essences cause
A depressive inconsistency
Our innocent condition
Always restrains our innate will
A deep sorrow leaves us alone
Entangled into all our fears
Which find their shelter into hate
Or lying tears...

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Line up

Rob Messina - Vocals, lead & acoustic guitars

Adriano Cucinotta - Piano, synths & drum machine

Luca Correnti - Rhythm guitar & voices

Enrico Sorbello - Basses

Andrea Tilenni - Drums



Recorded at "Random Music House" (Rome) September / October 1995
Produced by Giovanni Dolce
Engineered by Gianfranco Tassella and Amelia Rossi Landi
Mixed by Daniele Conte
Mastered by Massimiliano Nevi at Cantoberon Studios, Rome
Front cover artwork by Roberto Messina
Band photos by Carmelo Merola
Graphics by Domenico Tringali

We wish to dedicate "Research" to the loving memory
of Salvo Accordino, (we know you will be always
by our side 'cause inside us you will live forever, friend)


Don't be emberrased if you've never heard of this band or album before... Neither had I. Sinoath are an Italian melodic death metal band, who have lots of keyboards in their music. They sound maybe a bit like Crematory, only more death metal, and the singer has more of an old-fashioned 'shouting' grunt. It's very nice to listen to, only I suggest not to read the lyrics. They're so packed with Christian Morals that they make me slightly sick... But the music is okay

Rating: 7 out of 10

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