In The Woods - A Return to the Isle of Men

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1. The wings of my dreamland 4:16 1. The wings of my dreamland 4:16
2. Tell de døde 10:45 2. Tell de døde 10:45
3. In the woods... 5:39 3. In the woods... 5:39
4. Creations of an ancient shape 7:49 4. Creations of an ancient shape 7:49
5. Wotan's return 11:19 5. Wotan's return 11:19
6. Heart of the ages 6:40 6. Heart of the ages 6:40
7. ...And all this from which was and will never come again... (child of universal tounge) 10:20 7. ...And all this from which was and will never come again... (child of universal tounge) 10:20
total time 56:48 total time 56:48

The Wings of My Dreamland

I will never feel tired
Nor fall asleep
When these wings at first embraced my heart
They would never again leave
once it was my dream
Now it is my soul
Prima Mater unveiled her unknown depths
My kingdom is eternal

Tell De Dde

Tidens sr vil ei leges
re fremfor alt
I kamp med sjel, med styrke og hat
Et knos som regjerer
Tar over sinnets makt
Bak skygger lurer helhet og tap

Vidder falt i tke
Kalde like p frossen mark
Menn viker ddens kraft
I en tid, fylt av sjelens under

Blod of trer flger
En frykt som gjemmes bort
Bak ett slr, gudsforlatt i svart

Sverdarmer svinges
Og stolthet far vre forfedres rot
Vi sverget,
at mot i en feid skal ei svikte
ditt egenmanns blod
Forbli da heller sjelels!

Dd, Tomhet og Svik..
..Blir senket som stl
Menn krever slaget
Menn knuser "tro"
Ja, Menn krever dden
dden og fallet for kristenmannsblod

Hedensk vi alltid vil seire
Og Hedensk vi alltid vil tro
Symbolet vil bres for styrke
Styrken som overgr alt.

Vi har tapt horder
til fiendes blot
Men nr vi str samlet
fortelles det av egenhendig visdom at;
Den som intet vger, intet vinner.

Balder's tegn sr hyt
En ny ra vil stige
Det har blitt fortalt
som i ett eldre sagn
Med feighet skal feighet forvises

Tell De Dde!

In The Woods...

Pagan Myths
From the deep, eternal forests
A true melancholic atmosphere
Haunts this hidden world
Where men for hundreds of years
Have immortalized their cult.
One with this world
This is where I long to be ......

Creation Of An Ancient Shape

See this form of darkness
and search its endless feast
Floating through this storm
immortal histories

Cold and destructive
Wisdom which hailed from the north
crushing all good
With a touch of bare skin
Spread total fear through them hordes

As chaos strikes
and weakness dies

Armed in iron weapons
Die to reach the sky
Brave men into battle
Allfather, greet me in your hall

A creation
All it will rise again
Warriors strive for vengeance
Ancient shapes of creation

Wotan's Return

Sing for me..
To lift above in all these fallen walls,
And bleed for me
In the deepest release.
Travelling through honour
Travelling through strength
Voyage floating centuries keeps the key for wisdom
Feelings for the "lost" winds
Winds which howl reverse
Remote, the fields of oddities odours

But we will still appear in coats of mail,
And still obliterate these "old" origins,
While dreaming, a thousand choirs spell their hail
Towards faithfulness, become one with thee weapons.
Sword and soul

Wotan's Return

HEart of the Ages

The surrounding walls for yet unknown qualities.
Have you ever been gifted to watch upon them?
Or the elements, so oppressive, but still not known.
Was there ever this moment they cared to let you inside?

Mother Nature's son or just a savage diving into
the wilderness, we do adore so much?
There were times of hesitation and of union...
They did enjoy the combination when one hand was
given ingratitude or even?

Will the era come ...? That of, when man shall
become aware of Her ways and his instincts.
Literature may hold the final words for a glorious
reunion, but do gather forces and..
strive for knowledge wide.
Await my gentle coming "journey", for...

...Once, when all those in the circle of four
greets a welcome through the Entrance, I
will be this one who gathers up with them
and then to become their fifth and last
comrade of spirituality.

Forever, and into the oblivion of infinity.

...And All This From Which Was And Will Never Come Again... (Child Of Universal Tounge)

Come with me, yes let us make our journey
Tread over the treshold to enter this world
Far beyond humanity
And if you live to see
-all this and much more-
Will become
a part of your
earthly being
Bathe yourself in
these forgotten
shadows from
the past
And at the last stairs of your
infinite search
you will experience this ultimate

It's so strange, and yet so simple
Written on a piece of paper aeons ago
And in years to come,
I will be someone else
But still the same ever changing

This burden will always be present, leaving
stains of pride within your mind
A pride you will bare of your shoulders
until death ... do you ... part

The entirety I am yearning, I urge for
Where sense is
I passed it a thousand times, left it all
In search for
Like children
stronger and
Behaving like fools
For the sun shall shine upon you
Child of universal Tounge

Conceive this fact as real
and join this
humble presence
Take part
Join this humble presence of mine

When you then become a part and have
gained all imaginable knowledge,
it will become
like a heavy chain around your neck

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