1. The lust 0:29
2. Alcoholic coma 6:07
3. Tracy 8:52
4. Rotting 7:05
5. Sex, drinks & metal 3:30
6. Nightmare 6:44
total time 32:47

The Lust


Alcoholic Coma

Trapped in my room
Sodomizing a bitch
I open a smirnoff
And start to drink

After two litres
I go to the streets
Totaly drunk
And fainted to the ground

Through my veins
United with my blood
The alcohol is running wild

I can't stop
This pleasure to my flesh
'cause it turns me so excited

Now the walls are white
People around me
My end, in a hospital bed
Into the alcoholic coma


In the dark side of our brains
Can be hidden cruel desires
Sodomy, blood, death and sadism
It's so good to turn them into reality

Tracy you hurt me and broke my heart
Don't giving me pleasure acting so coldly
Putting my lust and feelings apart
Tracy I loved you and didn't wanna do it

Your rotten flesh is now so sweet
Too cold you are driving me to a intense orgasm
Licking your body I realize my dream
Why did you force me to kill?

You lied to me
And just now I can see it

You closed your legs
But I couldn't resist

Now I remember that night of lust
When you gave me your last scorn
Was so tasty to see you dying
And your last breath when
You looked to me
With blood in your eyes

Slowly your flesh
Turning cold like ice


People are blind with something
Can't make happen their desires
All from their god stinks
The reason must talk higher

Jesus is rotting
Jesus now died

The heart of sinners
Becomes too false
In their sacred week
They remember christ

Now the sinners are celebrating
His false resurrection

Why do you believe in christ?
Why do you believe that he isn't dead?
Why do you believe in those things?
Why do you believe in hell?

I just can say to you
That your lord jesus christ
Had a cruel destiny
And now you just can cry

Your hope is in vain
He will never come back
Jesus now burns in pain
'cause he found death
Jesus is rotting
Jesus now died

Sex, Drinks & Metal

Inside my freedom
I'm slaved
By those tastes of lust and evil
I cannot escape

I ever hear a voice
A voice that is my sign
Sex, drinks & metal
The destiny of my life!

I'm alive
And licensed to:

Sex, drinks & metal

Some forces tried to stop me
But I destroy them with my hate
'cause in blood I will have my revenge
I'm not worried if it happens late

I'm living in sin
And it's a hard way of life
But in sex, drinks & metal
I will die!!!!!!!!


Behind the gates only death
Burning your mind you hear the bell
The gates are open for your entry
Light of day turn to the darkness of hell...

Skull and putrid corpses
Sads and somber places
And you cry tears of blood
Because you are dead

Now I will go prowl on endless night
Remembering yours blasphemes and lies
I will never give mercy to you
But satanas want your sinner's soul
You will never return


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Line up

Gerald Incubus - Bass & backing vocals
Wagner Antichrist - Vocals & guitars
M. Joker - Drums


To fan information, merchandise, shows, etc.
Write to:
Caixa Postal: 3299
Centro - Underlândia M.G.
Cep: 384000 Brazil
Send one I.R.C. to a faster answer

Recorded and mixed in 16 tracks at J.G. Studios, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Engineered by Gauguin
Photo by Borges
Cover illustration by Kelson Frost
Art by Jim Lee
(c) 1991 Maze Records. (c) 1989 Congumelo Records


Sarcofago is from Brazil, just like Sepultura, and apparently they shared a singer. And maybe it sounds a bit like the early Sepultura (before 1990), but shamefully a lot less good. The production sucks, the songs are mostly fast and monotonous, and they start to get boring around 3:00 and are getting irritating around 6:00. Maybe the old trash/speed/death lovers like this album too, but it's nothing for me.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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