--- Live 2003, Hof ter Loo, Antwerpen ---
1. The dreadful hours 7:47
2. The raven and the rose 6:11
3. Under your wings and into your arms 5:18
4. The prize of beauty 6:20
5. The cry of mankind 6:48
6. A kiss to remember 7:32
7. Catherine blake 6:28
8. She is the dark 8:14
9. My hope the destroyer 6:45
10. The wreckage of my flesh 8:49
11. Sear me 10:10
12. The fever sea 6:23
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1. The prize of beauty 4:34
2. The Blue lotus 7:25
--- Music videos made by fans ---
1. My wine in silence 5:57
2. My hope the destroyer 4:48
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1. The dreadful hours 6:33
2. The raven and the rose 5:46
3. She is the dark 8:33
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total time 2:23:11

Catherine Blake

A distinctive imbalance had developed and its concerns began to irritate the Fallen Angel as he pondered the matter, upon his evil throne of diseased souls. His beloved domain had become overrun with men. Filthy, arrogant men. So vile were men that their torment was truly a pleasure to behold. Their suffering brought joy to the Angels' minions, whose development of torment and spiralled over the centuries, to an almost unbelievable pinnacle of utter depravation. But the imbalance needed to be corrected. The Underworld lacked the souls of sinful women. The female of the stinking species was simply not as evil as the male, which meant that Hell was now unstable. If equality were not found, then the Lord Of All Goodness and Light, would claim victory in the Ultimate War.
A devious and outrageous scheme was needed to prevent this itch from becoming an insufferable rash. The Great Annihilator summoned his demonic hierarchy to formulate a plan to return equilibrium to the Netherworld.
The finest suggestion came from the million-toothed gape of Die-Erorian, The Arrogant Tormentor of Flesh and Depravator of Wishes. An Incubus of vast degradation and suitor to the Throne of Lust in the lower regions of Middle Hell.
A plan that would change mankind for evermore.

Catherine Blake slept fitfully in the summer night, just barely covered by a film of satin sheeting. Her lover slept deeply beside her in a slobbering, grunting state, oblivious to his sweaty existance, uncovered completely by the flimsy bedding.
She murmured gently and tossed smoothly this way and that. Groaned sweetly and sighed with an unconscious passion, neither were aware of. Her luscious eyes twitched behind their lids and her delicate fingers clawed the increasingly moist bed. A subtle shudder caused waves of electricity to lap up her skin and down her spine right to the tips of her painted toes. Catherine smiled, took a fabulous breath of mid summer air and descended into a slumber of unparalleled comfort.

Die-Erorians' visit had been enormously successful and deliriously rewarding. Not only in this darkened house, in darkest moorland in darkest England, but everywhere in the world of womankind. The globe was covered with nights of moaning female whimpers, of screams of ecstasy and cries of passion; tears of satisfaction and wonderment.
Night followed rampant night of delicate, shocked gasps as the Demon Lord went about the ultimate attack on all Heaven and its glories.
His vileness extinguished in the minds of each and every woman and replaced by their wildest fantasies of masculine perfection. He would visit womankind and seduce all of them as they slept, oblivous to the hideous reality of their midnight tryst.
The seed of doom was planted for all of life. Women would be phantom raped in their dreams but would accept the lust with total abandon, giving in to the ultimate sex. A feeling no mortal man could ahve a hope of repeating.
As their guilt began to grow many become tormented and questioning. Desperate ones take their own lives in a world wide cry of overwhelming guilt, having allowed demonic thoughts of lust into their delicate minds. Few slay their men, knowing that dreams can be far more eventful, thus condemning them to a life of total confinement. But most, now that the black seed is planted, ignore men completely and refuse any affections, happy with the knowledge that night will be but a few short hours away.

Motherhood was destroyed by the seed and all brooding instincts were laid to waste. A great rift developed twist man and woman and soon, masculine egotism coupled with a hunger for offspring, drove the dagger of men's minds into the soft flesh of women, and a great violence descended
Mass rape unpunished. Fuck prisons of sadistic impregnation were given lawful recognition and an abuse of women grew monstrous and sickening.

"My Lord, the suffering is unmatched" cried an Avenging Angel, in the white Heavens above. "Why do we do nothing? Surely we must vanquish this vile seed and punish all mankind for this vulgarity and barbarism!"
And still the Lord God remained silent, but watchful. No utterance. No movement. No tears. The King of Kings. The Giver of Life and the Creator of us all, sat and stared at the risen hell on his own lucious Earth.
A Heavenly army, so completely vast it contained every once living being: man, woman, serpent, fish, fowl and animal in all of history, armed with the weapon of Holy Cleansing, at ready to battle all un-godliness, awaited the word of God to go forth. But He remains silent, despite the wailing of his billion avengers.

The blood was oceanic as women swept away all tracy of infancy from the rubble of their wombs through self-abortion and suicidal vengeance. Not a hatred for the unborn, but the disease that put it there. The earth became red through the cutting machines of man as their anxieties and disgust and hatred for the women erupted beyond utter belief and into a slaughtering the like of which even startled the Underworld. The butchery and savagery toward woman soon spilled over to each other as mans natural partners numbers were dwindled. And before too long all hell broke loose upon the earth and all out war of survival ensued as man fought man in unrivalled violence. Everything was killed and killing. Man, woman, child, animals too became the victims of an explosion of incredible bloodshed. A bloodlust so completely brutal in its savagery that even the Great Arch Duke of Unending Darkness became alarmed at the ferocity he had given life to.

And the Lord God of every one of us sat silent. The chorus of agony from the great avengers of all evil, became such, that the skies of earth resounded with a thunderous out crying. And rain poured in a colossus of Angel's tears.

The Creature of all Sins and the Lord of the Bleakest Abode did wonder at the silence of the Almighty. How could the Creator of Life care so little for all that is his?
And lo, did strike the Ultimate Sadist. Through mans utter devastation of all things living and his outrageous execution of femininity did the Lord of Flies choke on his bitter ignorance. The evil which was unleashed could end in only one possible way. All Hell did fill with the filthy souls of the screaming, blood-soaked men. Such a quantity did descent into the Gutterpit of Eternal Discovery that all mansions of Hells horror were rained upon with the weight of fathomless sin.

And with the timing even greater than the most rehearsed of comedy scenarios, did the Great God of Love and Life forgive all women their mindless sins, thus releasing all evils grip on them and crushing the Underworld in a storming shower of one-sided humanity.
The imbalance was too great in the Fiery Pit, even for all the demonic hordes, and such a chaos ensued that the earth itself was almost ripped apart. Such overwhelming torrents of complete evil forced the Satanic Majesty to fell his vast domain of suffering, to skulk the earths darkest regions for many years, in hoping that Our Lord above would forget and forgive his Fallen Angels of this most vile of acts.
But our God was once again silent. Observing his darkened child laying in the miserable corners of earth, he knew that all too soon, he would return again to the ageless equilibrium. And the Great Heart of God watched as his beloved slipped silently back into the darkness below to continue the struggle from his Fathers unyielding hold.

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Line up

Aaron Stainthorpe: Vocals
Ade Jackson: Bass
Andrew Craighan: Guitar
Hamish Glencross: Guitar
Shaun Taylor-Steels: Drums
Sarah Stanton: Keyboards



Live 2003, Hof ter Loo, Antwerpen
DVD Directed by bernhard Kellerer at iMagic Films

All songs written by My Dying Bride
All songs published by Vile Music (a division of Zomba Music Publishers Ltd)


Eight years after the previous one it was time for My Dying Bride to release a new DVD. Quite something to live up to since the last DVD was so full of great material. This one is not as long but the concert on it is recorded in great quality. The picture looks very good and the music is in dolby surround. Of course they play less old songs in this show but "Sear Me" almost makes up for that. Except for the Prize of Beauty video the rest of the material on this DVD is fun to see once but a bit lacking in quality. Still a good DVD and nice because I saw the concert a day before this one, but still I prefer their older one.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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