1. Bequest of the wicked 1:04
2. Eyes of suffering 4:08
3. Deformity 4:41
4. Never forgotten place 4:38
5. Hall of torment 3:44
6. Reincarnation 5:43
7. Victims 5:15
8. Through my soul 5:02
9. The way behind the light 5:42
10. Bequest of the hallow 2:23
total time 42:20

Line up

Lother Först - Guitars
Heins Steinhammer - Bass
Katrin Goger - Keyboards
Gerhard Stass - Vocals
Markus Jüllich - Drums



Recorded and mixed at Commusication Studios in February and March 1993
Produced by Torsten Hartmann
Engineered and mixed by Gerhard Magin
Cover painting by Hermann Hoormann
DeskTopPublishing by Ab.Art Graphix. Abstatt

Lyrics can be obtained from Sylvian Music. Rauheckstr. 10. D-74232 Abstatt


This german band is pretty cool. Ugly as hell (hehehe) but they play a cool kind of death / doom metal. Well, death metal with loads of keyboards. It is even a bit cheerful sometimes, maybe because the songs have got the tendency to stay in your head all day. Anyways, it's very cool, so the only they they have to do now is to Exclude the bandphotos...

Rating: 8 out of 10

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