w e r e y o u t h e r e ?

--- Live in Krakow 31/01/04 ---
1. Intro: Childhood Dream 2:04
2. Balance 3:58
3. Closer 5:46
4. Pressure 6:03
5. Release 5:46
6. Forgotten Hopes 3:44
7. Destiny Is Dead 1:28
8. Are You There? 4:45
9. One Last Goodbye 6:17
10. Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second 5:40
11. Parisienne Moonlight 2:07
12. A Natural Disaster 6:12
13. Judgement 4:46
14. Panic 3:40
15. Temporary Peace 4:45
16. Flying 7:25
--- Live in Liverpool 27/2/04 ---
1. One last goodbye 5:47
2. Temporary peace 4:33
3. Flying 7:31
--- Extra features ---
1. "Pressure" promo clip 4:01
2. "Release" live in London November 2002 7:07
3. "A Natural Disaster" live in Hamburg / Prague 6:43
total time 1:50:18

Line up

john douglas - drums
jamie cavanagh - bass
les smith - keyboards
vincent cavanagh - vocals, guitar, vocoder
danny cavanagh - guitar, keyboards, vocals
lee douglas - vocals



Live concert video recorded in krakow - 31/1/04
Music produced and mixed by les at sewerside studios

Live acoustic performance filmed at the picket, liverpool - 27/2/04
Featuring bacchus string quartet:
dave - cello, neil - viola, marina - violin, matt - violin
String arrangements by danny
Music produced and mixed by enes senussi with danny and vincent
Video footage directed and edited by loz pybus and vincent at sewerside studios
Visuals by daniel turner and adam sloan

'Pressure' video directed by dominic barringer
'Release' live in london filmed and edited by darryl and chris
'A natural disaster' video footage filmed in hamburg, germany.
Edited by vincent
Music recorded in pratteln, switzerland.

Front and back cover photos by caroline traitler
Booklet artwork, menu artwork, design & layout by travis smith

Vision mix: grzegorz kupiec
Vision edited by arthur wojewoda & waldemar szwajda

Sound recording: piotr brzezinski & kazimierz oleksy
Assistant: robert nowak
Sound mix: piotr brzezinski

Pa: prosound - jaroslaw kaszynski
Lights: transcolor - lucjan siwczyk
Tv lights: jeremi grzywa

Stage design: marcin pietuch

Cameras: wojciech kursa, roman piotrowski, piotr kotarba, aleksander trafas, bartosz cichonski, jaaroslav seyboth, piotr polanski, antoni bodziony.
Camera crane: wieslaw grochot, marek fudali

Make-up: ludmila pilecka-paluch, joanna malawska-kopacz
Transmission: krzysztof rzepa, krzysztof synowiec, tadeusz jablonski, krzysztof fic, andrzej terczynski, pawel bedkowski, stanislaw orzel
Stage manager: tomasz dzlubinski

Tv producer: tomasz pomaranski
Tv manager: edward gryszczyk
Assistant: natalia mrozek

Executive producer: tomasz dziubinski - metal mind productions
Assistants: magdalena jagielska, anna kulicka, agnieszka pacyga, justyna szarkowska, wojciech dziubinski
Filmed & recorded at studio krzemionki, krakow, january 2004

(p) 2004 Music for Nations
(c) 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.


7 years after their video Anathema released this DVD. Again they decided to record their show in Krakow, Poland and looking at the recording it seems an excellent choice. The sound is perfect in Dolby 5.1 and the video is one of the best I've ever seen. There are multiple camera's, some sweeping over the audience's heads, some small ones attached to the mic stand and keyboards. But hmmm the show itself.. honestly I think it's quite boring. They only play songs from their last three cds, which are far from their best ones. And I don't get all these stupid sound effects and songs that go on too long and Vincent's Michael Jackson lookalike style. Near the end of the show things get a bit better as they're playing some faster songs and Lee Douglas sings along two songs, but still this definitely isn't something for me. The Liverpool gig is interesting because some violin players are joining, but it looks like it's an amateur recording from the audience. The other two live songs aren't much better and the video clip is as boring as the song it's made for. So despite the superior quality of the main show, I very much prefer "A Vision of a Dying Embrace".

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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