1. The blue 6:13
2. Tranquilized 4:14
3. Cheap vodka 2:15
4. Finger paintings of the insane 6:05
5. Jezebel 4:53
6. Scream of the butterfly 6:14
7. Dr. seuss is dead 6:05
8. Dope feind 5:19
9. Toubabo Koomi 5:02
10. God machine 5:00
11. The morticians flame 4:06
12. What color is death 3:19
13. The bones of baby dolls 6:00
14. Cassie eats cockaroaches 4:23
total time 69:08

The Blue

Across your face I see what you are you wanna kill the sun and
blot out the stars I know you you're nothing you're so small
you're fucking nothing at all laughing into the fire it re-
minds me of you the slit wrists of the sky bleeding into the
blue we twist beneath forever, but do you know what they've
done? Ants in the after birth, we're slugs under the sun I
could not wake the dead man dreaming acid party murder at the
late show mutate me and breed yourselves a savior I could not
kill the dead man screaming, eat my dead cock I have fallen
deep in love with the sky fragments of a sunbeam glaring on a
kitchen knife the leaves will fall as everything must follow
kill your idol come on jump into the void, eat my cold shit
everybody whispers were birds fall dead I smell the yellow
sickness churning inside your head wiping flecks of foam twis-
ting with rabies bloody we run thru these fields of dead dai-
sies how can I ever make you know what you've done ants in the
afterbirth, slugs under the sun I have fallen deep in love
with sky fragments of a sunbeam glaring on a kitchen knife


Sedated and lazy cold skies full of blue the sun burns forever
it reminds me of you on your dead shore on your dead shore the
sand is warm she hides her tears and quickly lets it die I
will make it thru even without you my sky will be blue I live
tranquilized slow motion, liquid universe I'm feeling nowhere
it don't matter where we're goin' 'cause I already been there
on your dead shore the sand is warm she hides her tears and
quickly lets it die their dying of rabies eating their babies
in fields of dead daisies I live tranquilized I'm numb and
unfeeling so I just burn and stare at the ceiling I'm here but
can't hear what you say and I don't think I'd give a fuck

Cheap Vodka

I blew my last five on a cheap fifth of vodka gonna kill so-
methin' there ain't nothin' gonna stop us tonight I know about
confusion let's start a riot let's start a war everybody that
you know is a whore fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it I don't
care if there's gonna be blood we'll be there I know about
confusion turn on all the lights so I can watch it die I'm,
gonna taste some blood before they close my eyes cause I got
the answer, one bullet I know how you feel cut out my eyes so
I can't see this cold thing that's swallowing me we're meat
and that's it so let's fuck it

Finger Painting of the Insane

Turning the knife buried in your stomach I woke up alive black
with stain glistening and new the sunset's coming fingerpain-
tings of the insane come on and sterilize me kneel down and
idolize me suck me fuck me resurrect me rut me cut me and
infect me slice me dice me I wanna die screamin the thoughts
of dead babies wiped away with my semen bleed me feed me and
inject me feel me, kill me then dissect me the pigs will sque-
al their blood will drain finger paintings of the insane slice
the throat of authority imagining infinity greasy smoke bil-
lows into the sky coach roach dreams, the human dust of pain
twitching screaming hide your razor face finger paintings of
the insane bloody mountain momma rockabilly machine kiddy porn
lover with a mouth for disease giddy'up honey my rubber fuck
doll when your candle's snuffed out I'll burn brighter than
before pink poinsttias for emotion that died a chilling war-
gasm that feels like cyanide her pussy bleeds sunshine, rabid
for flesh as each raindrop plunges to its death


Her throat is soft her lips are red her thighs re white her
heart is dead jezabell red rope burns around her wrists her
blood is cold a serpent's kiss do you need love whore? I like
to hear you beg she's crouched down in the corner with her
hands between her legs jezabell broken glass and dirty need-
les, soul erosion truth electric god our superman found dead
in a telephone booth shards of teeth ice pick abortions orgas-
mic death, so warm let's die screamin' black goat semen I
can't hear you whisper 'conform' hearts will stop and brain
cells pop apocalyptic sunshine high she screams bloody murder
as they chop off her fingers so this is how it feels to die
but it's o.k. she was screamin' bout conspiracy talkin' bout
takin' sides I was masturbating just contemplating the cold
love of suicide, hearts will stop and brain cells pop apoca-
lyptic sunshine high she screams bloody murder as they chop
off her fingers so this is how it feels to die

Scream of the Butterfly

A creature made of sunshine her eyes were like the sky rabbit
howls like something old as we twitch to her lullaby the scal-
pel shines in gods sunshine street lights whisper pain down
here ner the position stream our god has gone insane she smi-
les like a child with flowers in her hair with blood on her
hands into the sun she stares she feels it die, I heard her
cry like the scream of the butterfly sunshine a house in fla-
mes she likes it where she gets it but it's never felt the
same surgery in the house of dissection when your candle burns
out I will resurrect you she runs through fields of daisies
yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies who
cares cause the air is free when you get there will you kiss
the dead for me? There's blood on the moon and the summer is
cold there's love in the room but that's getting old there's
blood on my face sittin' on a dead shore a highway of empti-
ness and I', gettin bored there's blood on the moon as we plan
our escape the goddess in blood handcuffed and raped there's
blood in the bathtub murder the king there's blood on the moon
there's blood on just about everything something cold is for-
ced inside her a tear spills down her cheek stillborn songs of
a dead dreamer, hymns of the needle freak with sunlight in her
hair she smiles like she don't care her dreams are liquid blue
I cut myself again and again to remind myself of you

Dr. Seuss is Dead

A cloud of flies obscure the sun a stone is dropped the dream
undone ripples grow and ride the tide the dead thing crawls
from deep inside with its dying sour breath the burning smell
of insect flesh hungry things in circles crowd around tv's
turned up to loud we are the dead next door where the dirty
needles shine and litter the floor taste the light inject the
lord I cut myself again because I'm so fuckin' bored the dream
is swirling, I'm alone where the streets are paved with bone
buidings with a hundred eyes watch me thru the swarming flies
behind shades pulled down tight things are growing without
light hungry things in circles crowd around tvd turned up to
loud the dream sea has been poisoned the stop light splashes
me read innocence suffocated in its sleep dr. sues is dead

Dope Fiend

Why do you love, to lick my wounds why do you love to twist my
pain, why do you love to suck! My life why do you look so dead
kill me I'm a dope fiend do not touch me for I am unclean kill
you television do it for god kill the corpse holding the cre-
dit card screaming insects hail the queen welcome the killer
home hold me close to your dead heart and let the rapist roam
put your bloody hands on me whisper in my ear burning bodies
keep us warm and have for a million years yeah mother fucker
I'm high and I'm thankful just to be alive

Toubabo Koomi

We wanna see some blood we need a new whore we don't give a
fuck we just want some more we want blood I'm gonna fuck the
hole in kennedy's head revolt deface resist push the button
legalize freedom let's shoot the president, rape the queen and
feel the flowers breath again inside this dead machine I'm
wading into nowhere thrill kill avenue, cuttin her slowly
liberty, she crawled to me the lines that define begin to gray
and fade now shove it inside her specto-trippin on I slept the
last mile on our way to endsville spread your legs, don't look
at me cut me rape me make me free breeders screaming dreaming
loveless for the bloodless white sound, oceans of dreams I
won't be another number on the screen shhh: I wanna hear you
scream I won't be another number white sound, dead black scre-
am vomiting this cold mass of hate I'm gonna push my love thru
her skull I have heard abortion stories from the leather nun
holding hands with dead girls hiding from the sun the lines
that define begin to gray and fade now we shoot out the lights
and swallow razor blades I feel nothing for the meat that came
before liberty, she crawled to me playing the whore

God Machine

Strapped into the chair the needle now descents as they lick
their cracking lips their twitching never ends blood beneath
their finger nails, swallow all my pain dirty needles break
the skin now suck hard as I drain sunken eyes, a twisted spine
a whiter shade of pale rockabilly man come to pound the coffin
nails inject my stomach full of cockroach eggs their machine
is coming carried on a million legs waking in the sleep of
reason winter is the forever season lick thy mother's bleeding
lips from this glass of hate we sip fuck the glass we pump the
keg kill conception at the egg her chin is wet with someone's
hate love, disfigure, amputate can you remember how it felt to
be alive? Your god machine is cold and dead your eyes they
cannot cry fuck you deities of dying love we have shot them
down from the skies above screaming convulsing my eyes are
bleeding be silent now and take you beating I wonder how long
you would live with a bullet un your gut I wonder how much
shit you'd talk if your throat was cut I wonder what you'd
sound like begging me to let you breath I wonder how much pain
it would take to make you all beleive

The Morticians Flame

Hunter of tears, relative to pain half of this world is dark
with the stain the stain of unknowing the dead flowe buds, on
smiling lips is innocent blood the corpse of your god can only
rot and grow cold now promise you'll kill me before I get old
I heard you on the telephone moaning my doom a cold woman will
kill me in a darkened room the chain-saw smile of the mortici-
an shines I still got all my fingers but somewhere I lost my
mind I can smell abortion on you I can see thru I take the gun
out of my mouth and point it at you

What Color is Death

The shade of an ice pick sinking into flesh sex-n-sex-n-sex-n-
death I don't want you I want your flesh close my eyes and
dream of death slip away and take a breath rivers running dark
and cool how can nothingness be cruel? Trip with me and meet
the sun this orgasm of light suck the world inside yourself
spitting forth the night I listen to the trees they hum and
hold hands with the moon insects whisper sweet nothings the
solar system blooms the skulls of babies grow within the gar-
den of the soul where the girls run barefoot and all life
lives uncontrolled come on baby let's kick back and bleed with
me awhile never mind the cold black truth that stains the
kitchen tile

The Bones of Baby Dolls

Flower girls play lover grave games in the courtyard I heard
her screaming like a radio mary lou left marks on you she just
screams at the walls the kite string pops I'm swallowed whole
by the sky she smokes the bones of baby dolls techno-lexus
screaming meat heavens cold beneath my feet cyber love the
anti-man we make love... because we can virgins play where the
bayous blue barefoot (and bloody) eatin' mushroom stew
work=pay pay=freedom fuck them all cause we don't need'em
everything's gone dry like bottle glass scraping cross the

Cassie Eats Cockaroaches

I feel the wetness of her tongue that slides across my skin
the viruses crawl over me and feel for some way in cut you
with my cock cassie likes it in her hand cassies dead inside I
came to fuck the open wound so hold it open wide cassie loves
to swallow this bleeding will it stop I left cassie hollow cut
you with my cock take me into the ocean lay me out on her
shore wake me when the sun burns out and we'll run forever
more were all gonna die tomorrow the freaks are screaming burn
it down she can't feel the weather I can't touch the ground
pale and twitching, twisting to the cold dance watching the
room grow old a funeral romance somewhere, someone's, sreaming
that the worlds gone smear me with your blood and let these
dead boys play their grave songs slide acrossthe warm red
floor to meet me lock the bathroom door before they crawl to
eat me cut her throat and whisper that we're going home twit-
ching to the cold dance they suck the meat from her bones

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Line up

Sammy Duet - Guitar backing vocals
Jimmy Kyle - Drums
Audie Pitre - Bass backing vocals
Dax Riggs - Vocals
Mike Sanchez - Guitar backing vocals



Produced by Spike Cassidy
Co-produced by Greg Troyner and Acid Bath
Digitaly recorded and mixed at Side One, Metairie, LA by Spike Cassidy and Greg Troyner
Digitaly mastered at Future Disc by Eddie Shyer and Spike Cassidy
Front and back cover art by John Wayne Gacy
Pogo the clown #15, skull clown #171
All music and lyrics by Acid Bath/Subversive Noise (BMI)

Acid Bath merchandise and info: c/o Rotten Records PO box 2157 Montclair, CA 91763 USA


It's very hard to describe Acid Bath's music. Vocals are varied from a kind of industrial grunt to clean singing, and the music has something from death, trash and funk metal. It is pretty recognizable American I think, but it's all still very vague and weird, and this makes it pretty cool. There are some crappy songs on it, but the cd is so damn long that there are enough good songs left.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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