1. Moonromanticism 2:00
2. Under Dreamskies 10:10
3. The franconian woods in winter's silence 10:55
4. The yearning 8:41
5. Autumn grey views 3:56
6. Ordain'd to thee 11:14
7. A gentle grieving farewell kiss 2:00
total time 48:56

Autumn grey views

Lifeless they fall apart... golden as our
precious art... My love sinks into a thick
grey veil of mist.

Trees... leafless trees... the epitaph of
the sun. What once was green presents now
grey and trist.

A gloomy grave... a foreseen death...
a symbol for our pain... drowned in a
flood of autumn rain.

Silhouettes of light astray somewhere
in the clouds. Ravens traverse, involving
withering shrouds...

Lyrics in plain text format

Line up

Markus - All strings, all vocals and percussion
Andreas - Synthesizer

Nadine - Flute (session)



We, the members of Empyrium, would like you to look upon this work as an expression of the
overwhelming beauty of nature... that so strongly inspired our art.
Thus, we decided to fully dedicate our work to our mighty mother earth.
Only those who cultivate the fruits can harvest them.

Save the Planet!

"A Wintersunset..." was recorded and mixed at the R+A Studio/Münnerstadt during the first
January week anno 1.996.

Produced by Empyrium
Engineered by Andreas Beck
Executive producer: Prophecy Productions
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel
Paintings by R. Reichert
Design by Omega Graphics
Bandphoto by Stefan Other

All music and lyrics by Empyrium


This cd is a very nice digipack with very nice music on it. Empyrium play a kind of doom metal combined with death and gothic parts, sounding mostly like Moonspell on "Wolfheart" with more keyboards and less guitar. I think it sounds very good, but near the end of the cd it starts to get a bit boring. The two members of Empyrium still look very young on the bandphoto, so maybe they just need to get a bit more experienced and then they'll be up there with the big bands.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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