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Before you mail me, please read this:

I am not in a band!
I, Zenial, made this website, and I am not a member of any of the bands featured here. I can't play a single note on any instrument and my singing qualities are even worse, so please don't mail me with stuff like "Your last album sucked!" or "Hey, when are going to tour Mexico?"

I only put bands on my page that I like.
So there's no point asking for a Megadeth or Hammerfall or Marylin Manson page. I won't do those.

I don't have tabs
I don't have any tabs of any songs, so please look for them elsewhere.

Help is greatly appreciated
It's a lot of work to keep this page updated. So if you can help, if you have an albumcover or lyric or any other info that's not on my homepage, it would bring me great waves of joy if you'd email it to me!

So, knowing this feel free to mail me, just push the button: