1. Eremophobia

Stranded on the shores of life
with this constant fear I bear
Don't leave me here alone
I've lost everyone but you
In silence agony prevails

I can see it
The glow in your eyes is dying
I can feel it
You are growing weaker
with each passing day

I fear the day when you leave,
when you leave this world
Solitude can solely crush
this mind so weak and frail

I have seen
the withering of our hope
I have seen
the frailty of our lives

I cannot take this but have
nowhere to go from here
Swallowed these words of farewell
No, I just cannot let go
In silence agony prevails

In pain you shiver
Weary and hollow
Ravished by despair
The end is near

2. Led Astray

As rain shadowed our sun
Sunless days bewildered us
Darkness swallowed
the ones we cherished

And yet
we waste our years
searching for the ones
we're about to loose

We spend our whole lives
waiting for the last goodbyes
Sorrowed hearts led astray
by fears we can't abide

Fear keeps morphing
into a new affection
devoid of hope
All life will eventually
come to and end

3. Ghostlike Existence

For as long as I remember
I have been just the cold air
you breathe

No one will hear
No one will see
my ghostlike existance
I am the one among the shades
Despair that suffocates

Social isolation
Alone I sleep
Alone I wake
Social isolation
Alone I live
Alone I'll die

Lost in these downs of life
Alone in too deep

No one will know
No one will feel
my ghostlike existence
I am the one among the shades
Despair that suffocates

No one will know
No one will feel
my ghostlike existence
I am the one among the shades
Despair that suffocates

4. Far Off Innocence

I knew this day would come
but I kept deceiving myself
What was real, what was not
Who cares anymore

Ghost love
Hollow promises
Lust controlled chaos
Almost lost everything
for living through you

Never really trusted you
and now I can't even trust myself

Blame me for all
Tear me apart with your
so called perfection
Pretend to be
so fucking innocent

No more pathetic excuses
Let's be honest for once
Here we are both
far off innocence

Here we are
too far off innocence
We can't return
These lives cannot be reconciled

5. Walk Through Hell

With burning scars
beneath your skin
you have stumbled
upon your deepest fear

With broken wings
you have struggled
against the storm
that drew you near

Sometimes it feels like giving up
'cause all these
shameful wounds won't heal
Sometimes it feels like letting go
and the worst is yet to come

Scorned by perfection
Abused by trust
Again and again
Time after time
you rise, you fall

Torn apart by hope
Misled by dreams
Time after time
Again and again
you walk through hell

Betrayed by desire
Deceived by affection

Trust you had is gone now
What you feared has come true

One lifetime was not enough
to get you through the dark years
One aeon has ended here

6. Longing for Sleep

Another life has ended
Sorrow's wearing your name
Cannot tolerate the loss

Much has changed
since the rain fell down on me
I'm losing my will to live

Cannot sleep within these walls
where I'm alone
Cannot sleep with these memories

I am longing for sleep
to ease this pain
Cease it just for a while

Don't want to see
this world through tears

7. The Ruins of Me

I am hollow
I am hollow

Hiding pain behind a smile
Keeping secrets from the world
Growing old with sorrow

Take a closer look
through these darkened eyes
After weary years
strength no longer dwells in me

Take a walk
among these ruins of me
See my withheld despair
There's nothing left of me

The ruins of me
I am hollow

Couldn't light up the blackest sky
In this world I am forlorn
Couldn't feel the warmth of the sun
Deep down I'm dying inside

Couldn't show my weakness
Couldn't shed these tears so bitter
Now I'm drowning deeper

8. Tear-Stained Heart

Never learned to live without
without failing in the end

Never learned to be the one
the one worth holding on to

Tear-stained heart
Clean yet heavy to carry
but still I would rather
suffer from your last touch
than forget the days before

Tear-stained heart
Without it I cannot live
With it I'm not enough

Again life's embrace was but
another path to dead end

Enter my tear-stained heart
Feel my pain, see you in me

You took the most of me
I hate what I've become
I have nothing left to give

9. Silent Hours

Drink away this season so dreary
One more and the pain is gone

Drown those emotions so painful
Conceal from the caring eyes

But when the day is done
silent hours will hurt
hurt you more than ever

When the day is done
lonely hours will wear you down
'til all strength is gone

Razorblade in your hand
reflects no tomorrow

Blinded by tears
You're gonna lay down the pain
on your closest ones

Inhale the silence
with your last breath

It rains 24/7 in my dreams
Silhouette of you
standing there still

Every night a dream repeats itself
Cannot reach you before you drown

10. Drown

Let my heart grow cold
Cherish my decadence
Drown pain drown
Drown pain drown

Without the sun
I fear what I may become
What do I fill
this emptiness with?

Let me drown there
where I fear no more

Raise a glass to nothingness
Wounds healed with a poison so sweet
Let me fall into the sea
where I feel the pain no more
Let me fall into the sea
where darkness conceals the pain

Chained to scars I bear
How deep will I fall?
Drown pain drown
Drown pain drown

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