Tengger Cavalry
The Expedition / Cavalry in Thousands

1. Cavalry in Thousands

In thousands the cavalry marched on,
along with the neighing of horses
Our banner covers the boundless welkin;
our drum thunders across the vast earth
With the guidance of mountains from afar
Sense the will of great nature
Urging our horses like lightning,
through rain and storm we ride

2. Expedition

Plain is assailed with wind;
ridge is filled with snow
Ancient road is clothed with dust;
it is the pale ashes that give directions
Steeds chase the shadow of the moon;
camels shake the peak of the mountain
To a distant land my heart is bound.
Leading to the glory of the expedition

3. Black Steed

Night, growls the heaven,
screams in the clouds,
in which we see no friend
Coldness, freezes the earth,
blows the gale, in which we hear no echo
Black, gallops, crashing the mist,
leading our way
Steed, surges forward, piercing the haze,
bringing light and warmth

4. In the Storm

Blizzard, tears yurts apart;
Gale, rends lands into pieces
In darkness the sheep stand hopeless,
with crying ponies galloping
Only strong will makes us stand and strike
Raising our hands and protecting our land
Eternal hope is held in our soul;
a fearless mind is the gift of the storm
In the storm we stand;
in the storm we strike

5. Khan

The night of autumn shall fall,
May the great rivers be frozen
Sorrowful rain,
Erodes the lands
Broken armor and shattered bows
Who will remember the derelict walls of glory

6. Hymn of the Wolf

In vast deserts they howl
In solitary haze they appear
In torrential rain they march on
In deep winter they run
Grass and forests tremble beneath sharp claws
Dark moon rises when the time has come
Silver wings cast legends to remote fields
Standing in the gale they chant for welkin

7. Dance of Horse

8. Homeland Song

Tired horses sleep in the grass
Exhausted sheep rest on the mountain
In fatigue we stare at the distant rivers
Seeing the bluish waves flow to my homeland

9. White Pony

10. Leader Wolf

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